Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol.1

A monster fiftyburger!

Quick take: Ticats dominated in all three phases. Collaros played very well, Banks was money, and the defence was as ferocious as it has ever been since the days of Montford. Wow!

Oski Wee Wee,


Give me a witch and I'll kiss her. :cowboy:

The last time this team put 52 points on the board was the 2011 EDSF game.

The last time this team put over 52 points on the board was the Touchdown Atlantic game earlier that year, which you may remember as the Marcus Thigpen Show. He had three TDs that game.

Collaros: 26/33 for 354 passing yards, two TD passes, and zero INTs.

Fantuz: Caught eight passes for 73 rec. yards after caught that pass for a two point convert. He's doing a great job making it so that the offence doesn't miss Tasker as much.

Grant: Redeemed himself after fumbling one away, getting over 100 receiving yards and a TD reception.

Banks: Gets another punt return TD. How many consecutive games has he had TDs in now?

Medlock: Was perfect on FG attempts and on those now-more-challenging converts.

The defence: I don't think there was a single standout performance here, and it may have been against a backup QB for most of the game. But after getting three INTs, two of them for TDs, I would say they did a good job.

This team made it so that we can be quite sure that it would not have made much difference if the opponents had their starting QB in for the entire game. I hope the same will be said after that game in Montreal two weeks from now.

Well it's late and since I saw the movie today I'll just post this for now...

WAY TO GO TICATS!!!!!! THAT'S THE WAY TO EAT 'EM RAW" GREAT JOB!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Seven, I believe

It's amazing how much shorter the kiss the witches threads are compared to the burn the witches threads.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zach looked cool and in full command. Fantuz solid catches. Ford's running at the end of the game is just what we could have used against Calgary. Was he that good or was the BB's defense that tired and resigned??

The defense. WOW!!!!

All I can say is WWWWOOOOWWWWW!!!!

And to think we were missing some important starters.

If this team can keep it going...and then those starters come back.....

Ford's play was a huge surprise. Finally, a tough, up-the middle running game! Exactly what we need to mix up our offence. :thup:

no kidding.
The Cats were missing important cogs such as Tasker, Gable, Murray, Bulcke, Norwood, Figueroa, Watt, Gaydosh, Grigsby, McDuffie, Madu etc yet still managed to excel in all 3 phases.

this team has depth up it's wazzoo.

a nice luxury but Austin will be pulling his hair out attempting to decide who remains on the active roster when these players come off the IR, many of which are 1 gamers.

Let's face it, this was an unusual game with our Cats scoring so many points. But what concerns me is the fact that Winnipeg scored 26. In most games, this is enough to win the game. Without the outstanding and unusual play of the offense, ( or the terrible Winnipeg defense) this game could have been much closer.

Hi Tangledweb:

Compared to the situation when he first arrived, I believe Kent Austin will be enjoying the fact that he will have a choice, rather than be forced into decisions because of the circumstances.

As they say, "A nice problem to have".

If the Cats didn't have such a huge lead, I doubt the Bombers would have scored 26. It's a case of the defence letting up a bit because the game was well in hand.

my coffee taste that much better this morning.

dontcha just love the smell of victory in the morning 8)


Even better when it's such a convincing one!!!

true true.

there something really special about stomping on the Bummers though. its just as satisfying as embarrassing the Arhols imo

No, I will have to disagree.

For me, it's WAY more satisfying kicking blew team butt!!!!!!

Even in the post game, CLimie, Stegal et al. could only talk about what went wrong with the bummers for 5 mins and -0 cred to the Cat's nearly perfect performance :lol:

Can't wait to lay a smackdown on the Als in 2 weeks and listen to climie give 100% props to the ball boys and ushers at Molson stadium for why the als lose the next game to the Cats :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that Grant’s fumble may have been challengeable as I’m not convinced he had possession of the ball. I will watch my PVR to confirm. More later…