Kiss The Witches thread, Vol.1

A win is a win. Kudos to the team and particularly Chris Williams for gutting it out vs. Evil Incarnate tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,


Argos Suck!!

That is all!

There were still too many breakdowns by the offence but the defence did play much better. There has been improvement each game so as long as that continues we can keep a healthy optimism.
We play Montreal next week and need to play more consistently on offence but we can beat them.
2-2 at the end of July is ok

I'm happy with the win...But even with this win the various reoccurring weaknesses on this team became evident...

The defence,as a whole played better,that doesn't mean they played well,though...I am not impressed at all with our D-Line and the secodary is worse.If they're not covering properly they're taking stupid penalties because4 they aren't covering properly.All of that is exacerbated by the weak pass rush by the D-Line...

The offence is a different story and I can see signs of improvement.I can see the timing coming around between QB and the receiving corps.,but the O-Line is still a concern....

There's no question that Williams was the MVP of this game. In getting three TDs three different ways, it's like he was carrying this team. They did seem to rely quite heavily on him, as after that 21-0 lead, the offence was not getting far at all. It wasn't until the 4th quarter that the offence got back into it. And the defence was holding up quite well, forcing several 2 and outs in the first half. That was, until our offence started getting several 2 and outs. But they got into when they had to.

Here, we'll read what Ticat fans have to say about this win. But what I'd really like to know is what Darren Gill would have to say about it. :slight_smile:

Nice to get that first win, and it couldn't be against a better opponent.

A look at the statistics indicates that the defense wasn't getting it done, but there is a lot to be said for how the defense played based on the score of the game. I know I have been quite critical of the defense, and again witnessed some room for improvement, but I thought they played well considering the situations they were in. Once the Ti-Cats were up by 21 points, the defense played a little softer until the Argos were in the Red Zone. As much as this eventually let the Argos back in the game, it worked out in the end, and often the Argos had to settle for field goals.

There were two big differnces in this game, the scores on special teams and the Red Zone offense. The Ti-Cat offense consistently scored from the Red Zone, while the Argos frequently settled for field goals. The fourth quarter touchdown drive was a thing of beauty, and put the game away.

Hopefully this will take some pressure off of everyone, and the team will continue to improve. Nice to see the defense finally get an interception, and another sack. The DBs missed a couple more picks today, and while the pass rush was a little weak at times, it was effective at others.

This team is showing some signs of promise, but still has a way to go. Tonight was an entertaining tough battle with lots of big hits. Looking forward to 3 more games against the Argos this season.


Toronto romped into the red zone how many times and walked away without a touchdown... The defence was bending but not breaking.. Mind you when it takes 10 players to take down 1 running back, one tends to believe that D needs more time on the tackling dummies.. People can carry great weights on their shoulders but cut out their legs and their not going anywhere but down.

That's a very good way of putting it.

A somewhat lucky win, but I'm thrilled to get it.

As much criticism as the D is getting here, the O wasn't much better stat wise

Burris 12 of 27 for 181 yards, but the coup de grace was his 3 TD passes

Walker 17 carries for 66 yards. 3.8 avg,

Team offense 292 vs Argos 400+, Boyd rushed for 168 yards!

But, A***s suck, and the Ti-Cats are in 2nd place, playing for first place next week at home.

Yes the offence needs work - more roll outs for Burris would help with the pass rush and help the O line.
The defence was much better, but still needs a lot of work. Better pass rushing would help loads. I thought the constant shuffle of D linemen in and out was good to keep the hoggies fresher, but was that the real purpose?
The coaching was marginally better: the yellow flag came out on time for a critical play; the offence was flat for the 3rd quarter, and the defence not much better. Great inspiration in the locker room coaches! Coaches finally realized to combat pass rush you need quick short passes and option plays between the QB and backs. Now maybe they could think of roll outs for Henry. We need to keep him healthy and unbattered.

Over all good improvement, but more needed for next Saturday.

Don't forget the defence was on the field WAY too much in the second half, which is when Boyd got the majority of his yards. Two straight games now we really limited some good quarterbacks in Lulay and Ray. Hopefully Peach is ready to go next week.

On a side note, how about Ronnell Brown running down the field with Williams and throwing #6 to the ground with one arm on the missed field goal return.

Totally agree. And I think it's an even bigger deal when it's as hot and humid as it was. I'm glad the Cats came away with the win, but I'd prefer for the Cat offense to make opposing defences run around all night with their tongues dragging on the ground rather than vice versa. I was immensely relieved when Burris finally started making some things happen with his feet.

On a side note, how about Ronnell Brown running down the field with Williams and throwing #6 to the ground with one arm on the missed field goal return.
Glad the Cats scored, but I'm shocked Brown didn't get called for an illegal block there. Looked to me like he blocked him in the back.

There are always things to improve on, but I'm excited about the win. Even though they were stuck on the field to long, I think the defence really stepped up tonight. The offense still isn't as consistent as they need to be, but I think as Burris and the receivers continue to improve their chemistry, things should really open up.

Also, hats off to Bakari Grant for the monster way he fought for the ball on his TD reception. And Chris Williams does so much for this team it almost sounds redundant to mention it. And Rey Williams looked possessed out there tonight.

Glad the Cats scored, but I'm shocked Brown didn't get called for an illegal block there. Looked to me like he blocked him in the back.

No where near as obvious as when Rey Williams was tackled on the Argo touchdown

Teddyfay wrote:

[b]"Glad the Cats scored, but I'm shocked Brown didn't get called for an illegal block there. Looked to me like he blocked him in the back.

No where near as obvious as when Rey Williams was tackled on the Argo touchdown"


So the refs evened everything up

It was said after the game that in the 26 games over the years that Burris and Ray have played each other, Burris is ahead

The Boatmen s game plan was sure built around stopping Chevy every time he got the ball there was six or seven Blue Teamers all over him they knew if he got into the open he was gone. When Hank kept giving Chevy the ball in the third quarter Ham kept going two and out I was wondering what frig were they doing, it looked like Ham was waiting for the Boatmen to close the gap. A close rivalry with Tor and Ham should sell a lot of tickets, something very strange about that game. :wink: But We'll take it. :smiley:

To me, it looked like Brown hit him from the side, knocking him off balance, and then as he was falling, Brown "helped" him to the ground with a hand on the back. Yes, I thought he was going to get called as well, although we would have ended up with the ball in their end even with the penalty.


That's what I thought I saw on the replay this morning. Didn't look like an illegal block to me....

Boudreaux's hit on Pre, on the other hand.... :oops:

Defensively we played much better. Dline is getting better rushung the QB but still could not stop a runner. Please, carrying 8 or 9 defensive players and still driving on national TV was an embarassment. Defensive backs are getting better and we got our FIRST INT of the season. Offensively after the first quarter decided they did not have to play anymore. Sorry the line is terrible, protection and opening holes are almost non existent. The QB and the receivers have to get on the same page, I do not know who was responsible for the dropped or missed passes but 12 for 27 is a high school football record. Fantuz, I like you but missing a bread basket drop over the shoulder into your hands is almost inexcusable. You need to go to confession! Special teams played well, much better than last week. Other than the fact that the franchise player ran back a punt and a missed field goal for TD's we lose the game. I'm happy we got the win but we were damn lucky in getting it. Time for the offense to show up for four quarters, and please explain to me why we did not kick the field goal at the end of the game. Points count in a tie.

Thanks for pointing out that the D being on the field too long is a reason it was not so impressive in the second half. Like I said earlier, the D was doing fine in the first half, then the time of possession numbers kept getting more one-sided in the blue team’s favour. But the offence got it together when the lead was reduced to only two points in the second half and got that TD where Grant redeemed himself for fumbling one away in the first half.

The offence has had its moments when it looks impressive, but we have seen too many two and outs by it. An interesting fact is that Luca Congi has not had to attempt a field goal in these past two games. That’s right, Congi’s last FG attempt was in week one. Seems to say something about how the offence either goes all the way or simply cannot get very far.

Ronnell Brown has impressed so far. And wasn’t he a backup in week one? If so, it looks like that mistake has been corrected.

The D line still has been criticized, though I think Drew reported that Peach is expected to play next week. As for the other line, it would be good to have Hage back on it again.

And of course, the Williamses have been among our best players so far.