Kiss the Witches - Meaningless Game #1

Ti-Cats beat the Als 43-17.


I agree with everything you said, other than the final score.

I'm a big Collaros Fan. He needs alot more exposure. I still prefer him over Masoli.
I hope they don't trade him or cut him. I still see him as our future.
If the Arbows get thier hands on him we will be in alot of trouble.

Good game by all three phases but still some hiccups along the way. The larks are such a tire fire that it didn't hurt the Ticats though.
Masoli seems to need at least a couple of series to get rolling with the offense but eventually he did start looking better.
Happy to see Collaros on the field, not happy that he got a whole total of one series though! >:( >:( IMO he should have started the second half and had at least one quarter. Maybe in another game that could happen. Larks come flying in for a visit in a couple of weeks so even starting Zach would probably keep a lot of fans happy.
D just kept on doing it`s thing although gave up a little too much in the fourth quarter.
Speedy like sticking it to Montreal - no wonder he hadn't had a return TD all season! :wink: :o
Allen is proving to be as reliable a kicker as Castillo so far. The weather has certainly been in his favour so we'll see how he fares if it gets wet and windy.

A fun game to watch - the outcome in my mind was never in doubt And they get to do it again in a couple of weeks in front of the home crowd! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I agree completely. Collaros has proven to be a mobile enough QB in the past and is a more accurate passer IMO. There's no reason he can't run the offense (assuming Jones returns) as well - or better - than Masoli and he's under contract for next season - JM isn't. I still think that one or more of those losses to TO, Sask, or even Calgary could have been wins if JJ had put Zach in when Masoli wasn't hitting receivers accurately. I`d HATE to see Collaros back in double blue! >:( >:( >:( >:( :cry:

Nothing game against a nothing team. I agree Collaros still number one Masoli still misses too many open men especially sideline patterns. I think Collaros will be traded in the off season. Have to wait to see what management will be here.

My feeling is if JJ is back at HC next year, Masoli will continue to be his starting QB. And Manzeil will
be #2. This is what JJ wants, very mobile QB’s for his run and shoot offence. He’s not big on Collaros.
And if Collaros is gone, I’m willing to bet anyone he will find his way back to TO.
And we will see Grey Cups coming out of TO for a few years after that.

Five thoughts on Brandon Banks:

  1. Player of the week-worthy? I didn't watch too much of the other games so I'm not sure who else stood out. But two TDs of 60-plus yards isn't that common. He was also denied a 47-yard catch when the MTL player grabbed his arm and got called for DPI, setting up the M Jones TD on the next play.

  2. That's five seasons in a row - 2013-17 - with at least one return TD for Banks. I'll bet that puts him in some pretty select company - perhaps only Gizmo? Now at 11 for his career.

  3. He is now ranked #20 in the league in receiving yards at 742. Not bad considering he had less than 60 yards at the end of August after 8 games.

  4. If he repeats today's 129-yard receiving performance in each of the final two games, Banks finishes with exactly 1,000 yards. Bit of a longshot, but then his whole career seems like a longshot.

  5. Last week they said no other Ticat has had three consecutive 100-yard games since 1996 (Mac Cody). I wonder how far we need to go back to find four in a row? I'm going to guess Champion or Winfield in the late 1980s.

Five random thoughts on everything else:

  1. We played well, but it's hard to gauge how well given the opponent that appears to be in tatters. It was good to see the team continue to play hard even with a big lead.

  2. I wasn't so sure about Jones' use of the challenge, given it still would have been second and 10 from the 14 if the incomplete call had stood. Of course, I was all in favour once we won the challenge!

  3. Also on the 1,000 yard watch: Saunders at 977 (hope he gets to play again), and Tasker now at 926. I say they both get there.

  4. I think it's a fitting tribute to the bizarre schedules the CFL has been putting out in recent years that HAM and MTL never played a single meaningful game in 2017. In other words, they did not meet until both teams were out of the playoffs. I'm willing to bet that has never happened before in the history of the CFL, for two teams in the same division.

  5. It's interesting to see that no two teams in the league have the same number of points right now. From CAL down to MTL, the point totals go like this: 27, 22, 20, 18, 16, 15, 12, 10, 6. And it's been that way for a while, more or less.

There's no such thing as an meaningless game. We're on to Ottawa...'nuff said :slight_smile:

Were are the fine lads that wanted to get rid of Speedy and Zach. ???

Still posting regularly about getting rid of Zach. I don’t see why this game would change anything.

Not really embracing their previously stated views on Banks.

Stats Junkie?
8m8 minutes ago
Here are the passing stats from week 18 of the 2017 #CFL season

Masoli Efficency - 130.1 8)

I loved the dominance and the win, but it just felt kind of empty to me.

I feel the same, Oskie, as if the season is over, but we have a duty to continue. Kind of like breaking up with your girlfriend, but you have an obligation to attend a friend’s wedding together.

I love my team. Happy for the win and a convincing one, although against a train wreck that is the Als.

I just couldn't watch it knowing that we won't be in the playoffs. First time in five seasons.

Yes, it does feel empty.

Worse will be this week's game. While I will be cheering for the Ticats, I won't be terribly upset if they lose (as long as it's close), giving the Redblacks a chance to take first place over the Arghos.

I see what you mean. Let's see, Collaros lost how many in a row! Finally came in for a series and continued to throw 2 yard hitch pass. The guy is finished. He lost his ability when he blew out his knee. Never been the same guy since!

If we beat Ottawa, we'll finish with a winning record on the road...

If that's the play he was ordered to run, then that's the play he has to execute. Football 101...

Agree 100%. The CFL has schedule has always been odd, especially given majority of teams are the sole tenant in their stadium so no scheduling conflicts like the Argos used to have with the Jays.

Never understood why the ticats only played something like 3 home games all of July and August....but it seemed more balanced this year. Having 9 teams makes things difficult as well with 2 bye weeks now.

But it seems extremely ridiculous that you don't play a division rival until the final few weeks of the season. I'm guessing the CFL was hoping for the opposite, that the games would have big implications for one team needing to beat the other in order to get into the the game against Ottawa this week would have been had we beat Calgary.