Kiss The Witches EDSF Thread

Because the line of scrimmage was a few inches outside the one yard line.
Although I haven't seen a replay of the previous play, so I don't know if it should have been the 1 or not.

It was scrimmaged at the 1 because Gable was stopped 6 inches short of a TD on the previous 2nd down play.

Palmer: The TSN panel discussion is nothing more than blah-blah to fill time. Rod Smith is a good moderator and Schultzy often comes up with some reasonable thoughts. But the other three are usually so far out in their pre-game predictions and half-time comments...they may as well stay home.

        As far as I am concerned there is ALWAYS far better analysis right here on this forum than the TSN panel has ever contributed.

Yeah, I know you are right mr62cats, but it was like having a tooth pulled. You keep sticking your tongue in the hole to see if it hurts, and it always does. Then one day, you just stop!

"Great Shot" Grover

Probably an "unintentional" off-sides? Or TCs drew them?

I agree with this, even though I thought Masoli should have started against Toronto regardless of Mathews' status. While part of Masoli's modest numbers today were due to a conservative gameplan, I think Mathews' ability to throw into small windows would give us the better chance next week if he's ready.
safety: I can't believe you are suggesting that Mathews should start next week! Masoli did more in today's game than Mathews has ever done. All Mathews has showed me is that he may eventually be a good pocket passer. Masoli, who looked awful last season, has shown he can make plays, carry the ball and pass. He is much more agile than Mathews and as we saw today...he is a pressure player.
Penalties by the Blue team played a big part in the win today. But I think Austin/Condell would be nuts to not start Masoli against Ottawa. He has shown he is the best of the three backups so far...and responded well to the game plan. The only change that's necessary right now would be if Zach was ready to play.
How do you suggest that Masoli did "more" in this game than Mathews ever has? And exactly how has he shown that he is the "best" of the 3 backups so far?

Hey rockfish: Masoli is 1 for 1 (100%) as a starter, 0 for 1 in relief. Am I right in saying Mathews is 2 for 5 (40%) as a starter and also 0 for 1 in relief? Stats don't lie? :lol:

Seriously, Masoli is what we have right now. The season lives or dies on him as our QB. Doesn't really matter what we think of him, he is what we got! And to be honest, I think most of us are a little surprised to be heading back to Ottawa.

Go with your heart, not your head. GO Cats!!

You hit it right on the nose Palmer. I don't mean to be a naysayer but I am. I'll be hoping and cheering like everyone else and would love to be proven wrong ( like yesterday) but our chances are very slim.

I just watched the play and it looks like the spot actually was outside the 1 yard line, and correct, even though Chris Cuthbert said it was inside the one.

In this freeze-frame, the arrow is pointing at Gable's knee, which is down at the 2, with the ball somewhere between the 1 and the 2.

He then fell forward and the umpire (the official in the picture) originally marked him down inside the one.
But then the official on the near sideline comes in and spots it outside the one.
So the defence is allowed to be over the goal line.

Well done, thanks for posting

It does appear that the guy beside the official on the sidelined is holding the down marker (yellow vest) at the one
but that is not the official marker

It looked like Gable's knee was down before he reached the ball toward the goal line. Hard to tell exactly where the ball was, and there were a couple of different spots by the officials, but I'm thinking the official spot was just outside the one yard line.

Indeed. The chains on the near side would tell the official spot.

The marker on the far side would be the first down marker, which on any down and goal is kind of meaningless. My guess is that the marker is just being held - nowhere in particular. But notice the linesman's foot placement. His right foot is just outside the one yard line. Typically, the linesmen's feet are placed on other side of the neutral zone. Another indication that the line of scrimmage was not at the one, but just outside it.

Masolis sample size is pretty small to be judged on. He's very lucky Austin put him back in after a terrible first half. Jacory Harris sure didn't get the same opportunity. All I know is that Mathews is a much better passer than Masoli. He's had good passing numbers in multiple games and won a player of the week. Even with the comeback win, I doubt Masoli's performance win player of the week. If Masoli starts, of course I will be hearing for him to succeed. I just think that Mathews is a better choice if healthy.

The expression on Climie's face may have been the same as the one one his face after Ozzie kicked that game winning FG in the 1998 EDF game. (As you may recall, Climie was playing for Montreal at that time.)

But yes, there is nothing like see so many "experts" predict that you'll lose, and to prove them wrong.

It did look like maybe Waters should have just fallen on that. Was he thinking that he could try to get a TD? I'm not sure. It was a nice try, but recovering onside punts is our thing. :slight_smile:

The defence certainly did look better. And a player who I thought improved after a bad game by Stephen. It's like he was trying to prove that that bad game last week was an aberration. He, like Masoli and Medlock will be a free agent in February if his does not extend his contract here soon. Were these players motivated to do well with that in mind? Or maybe this just being playoff time was enough to motivate them. But whatever their reason was for doing that well, I'll keep enjoying this win.

According to Suitor's commentary in the video below, Climie was one of the three fielders in the end zone for that kick (hoping to punt it out to save the single if it were missed). I can see Terry Baker (#10) is on the left, and I'm pretty sure the one in the middle who caught the ball was Ben Cahoon (#32 at the time); Climie (#82) would be the third man (on the right), though I can't make out his number clearly as they lined up.

Stay for the shot of dejected Climie at 5m17s, and a reminder why it's a bad idea to dogpile the kicker after he makes a big play:

rockfish wrote:

“How do you suggest that Masoli did “more” in this game than Mathews ever has? And exactly how has he shown that he is the “best” of the 3 backups so far?”

  It was me who wrote that quote......Masoli QB'd the team into the eastern final!  NO interceptions or fumbles!  Are you saying that is NOT "doing more" than Mathews has ever done?

I meant more in a game, not more as far as the importance of the game, which Mathews didn't have a chance to do because he was injured.