Kiss The Witches EDSF Thread

Speedy Banks - :thup:
KIck return yards - 4 for 111 yards, longest 46 yards
Punt return yards - 6 for 87 yards, longest 42 yards
Rec. - 3 for 21 yards

Medlock - :rockin:
FG - 3 for 3 including 47 yard game winner with zeros on the clock
XP - 2 for 2

Running game

Gable - :thup:
15 rushes for 89 yards
Masoli - :thup:
12 rushes for 58 yards and 1 TD

@BYF From what Austin said in his post-game scrum, pulling Masoli was partly to let him see what was going on with the TO defense, but also to talk to him about what needed to be done and their plans for the remainder of the game.

Re: tweets - I saw one from Bryan Hall which in effect that that the team was NEVER underdogs in their own house! Ain’t it the truth.

I’m really glad that they ended this season at home the way that they began it - with a BIG W. And both losses were to the blue team! :lol: :lol:

I appreciate it. I hope, and believe, the Argos will thrive at BMO. I want to be able to hate them and their fans again. The last few years, I admit, I have had a hard time hating Argo fans, because of all they have had to go through.

Next year, Argo fans, I promise – I will hate you again!!

"If we had gotten a big lead on Toronto, I think they would not hesitate to have put Trevor Harris in, and then we would have been doomed." :roll:

Are you kidding me? Have you seen Harris in his last few outings? No bigger threat than Ray.

Hey I'm with you. Classy move by the team from the Big Smoke and I'm sure that the Ticats organization would have been as classy had the shoe been on the other foot (which fortunately it wasn't).

Was down to the Royal Winter Fair this past week and parked right by BMO where renovations appear to be underway.

Both teams should be congratulated. The Argos overcame a lot of adversity this year. This game could have gone either way. Another thread talks of Masoli beating Ray, but while Masoli played well under the circumstances, it was the Cats' special teams that made the difference.

Yes I'm with you on that. It was a total team win but special teams really stepped up their game today. Speedy had the best game that he has had in some time. Medlock was just his usual reliable self. Waters struggled - to our advantage - but he has had an injury plagued season and was kicking into the wind which, from what I heard got stronger later in the game. Many were ready to toss in the towel in the 3rd quarter when we not making any headway and the game seemed to be getting away but the score was never that far out of reach. I'm really happy for our guys who have worked SO hard all season in spite of all the setbacks.

Argos did overcome a lot of adversity of a different kind with home field never a certainty late in the season. They also have a lot of new players which is where our team's unity in being together through tough times over the past three years and their playoff experience made the difference IMO even if we were starting with our 4th stringer.

He still has Collaros like numbers. He’s younger, more mobile, quicker and with greater arm strength than Ray. Ray had no ability to stretch the field, something Harris would have no trouble doing. We were lucky that the Argos are so short sighted…

Love this tweet that I saw after the game: :smiley: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Bryan Hall ?@BryanHall95 4h4 hours ago
Let's do this one more time! For the record We've NEVER been an underdog in our OWN house! Y'all keep making y'all picks and we'll play!

safety: I can't believe you are suggesting that Mathews should start next week! Masoli did more in today's game than Mathews has ever done. All Mathews has showed me is that he may eventually be a good pocket passer. Masoli, who looked awful last season, has shown he can make plays, carry the ball and pass. He is much more agile than Mathews and as we saw today...he is a pressure player.
Penalties by the Blue team played a big part in the win today. But I think Austin/Condell would be nuts to not start Masoli against Ottawa. He has shown he is the best of the three backups so far...and responded well to the game plan. The only change that's necessary right now would be if Zach was ready to play.

Austin has announced Masoli will start, and I'm going to cheer him on. Despite my comments about Mathews, I think most of the criticism Masoli has received from the fans has been unfair. If he leads us to the Cup, it will be a tale for the ages.

It will be very difficult to win in Ottawa. We’re even more banged up now while the Redblacks are nicely rested. It makes the win this week even sweeter.

Don't see any point in people chipping away at Masoli He did his job for the second week in a row and this time the defence held. Good old fashioned win all around, score enough to beat the opposition. The real bright light was Medlock - I don't know if we would have survived an overtime?

If Mathews is ready to go, some split time like the Argos did with McPherson, or the Esks do with Snow is probably a good strategy. The test will be in holding Burris. If he has those wide open receivers, it could be a long afternoon.

Good to see the apologies from the fans who called down the OL and Masoli.

Watched the game at home with my family. Being the biggest Masoli supporter, I was disappointed by his halftime numbers. We were 50/50 split on whether Masoli should continue starting. I reminded them of the game we played against Edmonton when Reilly had under 50 passing yards and they won, so even at this rate it wasn't impossible, but I thought he'd improve anyway. I didn't really like the game plan. Masoli did well last week throwing the ball downfield, and even though I understand they wanted to establish the run, I thought Toronto fully expected the run game. They loaded the box and we (for the most part) only ran and threw short passes. It wasn't working.

When Harris came in, I wasn't happy about the decision. At the time, I thought Masoli was done and his chance was over, despite me thinking some of his downfall was the playcalling. When he came back in, things sparked up again. Being pulled for a minute seemed like it helped him refocus. OH, and guess what? NO FUMBLES? (By Masoli, or anyone else on the team for that matter!)

What Austin said about Masoli afterward was good to hear. I'm happy for the guy, going from 2 to PR to playing in the playoffs. His fall from grace, and later emerging from the ashes story will become a new chapter in Ticats history (especially if we still win the GC - can you imagine?). That story echos the Ticats this year. This whole year has been about being a top tier team who loses their star player and becomes, in many people's opinion (not mine! lol), a bottomfeeder. Not one editor on picked us, and on panel, only Stegall picked us. And now here we are, on our way to the East Final for the 4th time in 5 years. ((I would've loved to see Jockstrap Climie's face when we scored the last second field goal, I love when he's wrong. :lol: ))

Gable had a great game too. The stats on paper don't really tell the whole story. This was his first game back from injury where he's looked like himself.

Oline looked much better this week. I said Lewis was the weak link, and replacing him with Dile sure helped.

Medlock... what can you say? Money. He's the best placekicker in the league, no doubt. I listened to Austin's post-game interview and it's obvious he has a lot of faith in Medlock. A 55-yarder to start the scoring? It was only 1 off from the playoff record for longest FG - and it looked like it was good the moment he kicked it. The fact that he played so well against Waters, who missed 2, was a huge factor in winning the game.

Banks didn't have a return for a TD, but his returns were consistently good. That's been one of Banks' letdowns this year - he's always a threat to return one, but when he doesn't find the hole he doesn't get too far. He changed that this game and it was encouraging to see he doesn't have to go all the way to be a threat. He gave us good field position all game.

The only special teams flub was Waters almost onside kicking it to himself. Thankfully Waters had a bad game all around and couldn't pick up the football.

D played much better than the last game against Ottawa and the one against BC. Though early on they looked a little too loose, and drew consecutive PIs which gifted TO their first TD, they got better as the game continued. Laurent played really well, showing why he's definitely in the top Canadian talent in the league and I'd say he's our best. 1 of the 2 sacks he got, he literally carried the O lineman with him!

Finally, I hope Sinkfield and Norwood are going to be ready to go next week. They're two of the best players on the team this year, and like Masoli, they have proven themselves after being on the outs. Austin said Norwood isn't looking good, but I heard Sink just rolled his ankle and that could mean he'd play next week. I'm glad Simoni will be okay too. The hit on him when he got injured was low. Actually, the Argos went low on everyone all game. Hank should feel lucky he's not playing them next week.

Did you hear Simoni pre-game (or was it half time...)? He was asked about testing Ray's arm and he said something close to, "We're not going to test it, we know it's good. He wouldn't play if he was still hurt and worried about getting hit, he's a professional."

Subtle jab at Burris...? :lol: Loved it.

Good post LadiesFirst! You must frequently enjoy watching TSN panel, can probably count on one hand the number of times that Climie is right.

I have given up on the TSN panel. I used to tape it when I was at the games, but quit. Seems the only time they talk about Hamilton is to tell us what's wrong or to run them down. IMO, TCs struggling week to week with injuries and now going with 3rd and 4th string O-lineman and QBs should be one of their high interest stories and a feature story of the 2015 season. That nonsense with Michael Sam in Montreal and the sage of AC becoming the head coach was embarrassing.

I have no respect for any of them, and they have no credibility with me!

Great post LF , agreed on all of it.
Gable who had 89 yards rushing got 71 of those yards in the 2nd half.

Great post LF , agreed on all of it.
Gable who had 89 yards rushing got 71 of those yards in the 2nd half.


Why wasn't this called offside, we needed the "blue blob" to call it!

Well said…thank goodness we won the coin toss and had the wind…Cheers to the Cats !!

The threat of the quarterback running is a major bonus in this league and we had it with Masoli...well done but I see us needing our super "A" game to beat Ottawa but Cheers to everyone.