Kiss The Witches #5 (maybe on the cheek)

For an otherwise anemic offense, Wes Hills again stole the show for me. Strong and purposeful running, with just enough shimmy.

Please quickly build an offense directly around him as we head into the stretch.


One highlight people at the stadium may have missed: Simoni drew a penalty against SSK tonight.

Yes, Simoni Lawrence, from the sidelines, dressed in street clothes, was still able to drive one of the Shaqs mad for a split second.

And simultaneously, an entire province.


Simone can under the skin of the the opposition on or off the field.

Bad refereeing we have to deal with; the objectionable conduct penalties are our own fault; at one time we helped Sask get out of a huge hole with compltely unnecessary penalties..backed up at 1; it appeared it was one penalty after the next....a good team will kill you in these cases.

Hopefully we can win next week and get two monkeys off our backs....road win & winning at McMohan.


I was aware of that - wondered if Simoni was getting in a bit of trash talk to get back into shape - but then he might have ended up with the penalty! LOVED that the Sasky player was penalized for going after Simoni - or whatever he did to get draw OC.

That face mask penalty taken by Adeleke I think, early on when they had them stopped, eventually resulted in Sask making it to the end zone. VERY costly penalty.
Hills was definitely a beast and only got stuffed once or twice maybe. Defense really did play well when you consider they really only allowed that TD. STs cost us the other one - allowing an opposing player to get through to the punter. Kind of hard not to score when you only need 13 yards to get to the end zone!
Offense was disappointing after the last couple of games when they seemed to be clicking much better (aside from Hills running game of course). They had a few good plays and seemed to be getting it together on that last long drive in the fourth. I'm just glad that they won.

That would be ideal - but they'd have to play like they did against Winnipeg to even have a chance. I'd love to see them do it!


Nice to see the team win the type of game they normally lose. It was certainly no classic but the defence held tight when they needed to and the offence put together a huge time consuming drive in the fourth. Regardless of whether either team deserves to be in the playoffs, Ticats went out and won this one.

Seven sacks and Wes Hills, Wes Hills, Wes Hills. Offence still needs to find an intermediate passing game. Way too many drive killing incomplete long bombs. But they found a way to get it done. Next week will be far tougher.


Weird stat: SSK punted three times in the second quarter for a total of 40 yards. Not average, total. Two punts travelled less than 10 yards.

Question: on third and 23, when they punted the ball 8 yards, if one of their onside players had recovered it would it have given them a first down?

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I wondered about the play where their punter was the first to touch the ball(it bounced off him) causing a mad scramble. Why wasn't there a 5 yard encroachment penalty on other Sask players in the 5 yard circle?

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No. Sask is terrible.

If the first player to touch the ball is onside, no yards cannot apply.

And they do not have to advance it for first down yardage.


Week 4 2019
Montreal 36 Hamilton 29
William Stanback
22 carries 203 yards 3 TDs

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Not that play.
The one with 2 seconds left in the half.

I though for sure that would be no yards, 15 yard penalty and FG attempt.
Instead it was awarded to Sask. Punt went barely beyond the line of scrimage after the negative bounce. First touched by the kicker and then recovered by Sask. It would not have been recovered in 1st down range.
I have no clue why that was ruled the way it was.

I think the call was that the Sask kicker kicked the ball a second time and it bounced off a TiCat making it a fumble recovery for the Riders . I've never seen a play like that before .

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And I am suspect it was the correct call...might find out this week.
Could have cost the team an important 2 points.

One other thing I guess i mis-heard.
I thought #45 got a disqualification and 15 yard penalty but he kept playing.

And did Johnson get kicked out in the 4th after his 15 yard penalty?

Massively huge win for some of us!
Now on to CGY!


I'll add Vosean Joseph, a name rarely mentioned, for his 4 STTs, 3 DTs, and a QB sack.


That's the play I'm talking about.
The Sask kicker was the first to touch the ball. Once that happens no yards is negated.

The ball crossed the line of scrimmage, it was first touched by a rider player onside, (The kicker) . Legal.

The dribble kick went into a Ticats player - causing a "fumble" and it was recovered by Sask. Legal.

And on this Thanksgiving weekend we should give thanks that it was Andre Proulx because any other head official would have not only screwed it up but it would have taken 15 minutes. Andre's language barrier may have affected the delivery of the explanation but for what happened it was a relatively quick resolution, and more importantly the correct one.

See rule:

1. Team A attempts a field goal and it is blocked. Team A player then kicks the ball along the ground (a dribble) across the line of scrimmage downfield. Credit the Team A player with an own team fumble recovery (as a dribble is considered to be possession due to the intentional directing of the ball downfield), and a rushing gain to the point of recovery by either Team A or Team B. If Team B recovers the ball, charge the Team A player with a subsequent fumble and credit the Team B player with a fumble recovery and return.


AP was mediocre when he was younger, maybe he needs to retire

I am all over this guy. So strong.
Players crumble when he gets an arm on them like I have rarely seen before.


They've got to find a way to keep Joseph in the line-up somehow with Simoni slated to return next week .


There must be some loopholes to take advantage of this rule.

Could a QB on second an long get the ball, run close to the line of scrimage and punt the ball 2 yards to himself for a 1st down?
Or does it have to be a 3rd down?

Still again on 3rd and long it might be easier to recover a 2 yard kick than to make a 1st down.