Kiss The Witches #5 (maybe on the cheek)

So we won. But not much happiness in the game thread


For instance: Should either team make the playoffs?


TEAM HAS TO KEEP WES HILLS! I do not know what they signed him for but Bob Young, Mitchell do not be cheap and sign this guy! Its been two games yes but he looks like a beast so far! But knowing this management they will probably let him walk!


Positives: Wes Hills, Defence, Offence line, Small
Disappointment: Dane Evans, catchable passes missed


Feels more like french-kissing your sister, if you ask me.

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Glad we won...Outside of Hills on O and the pressure from the defensive front, this was a terrible football game by a team that was playing for its playoff life.

So we have a shot at the playoffs??? Big deal...

We're a bad football team that seems to be the best of the bad teams in a 9 team league...5 wins and 10 losses...And can't win a game on the road...


Hills is a beast!

D-line had a great game.

Too many long pass attempts. We have excellent ball control offence with Hills. Just keep the drives going.


Definitely relieved that they won, as it means we might actually make the playoffs. And once there, who knows?

Could someone please explain the illegal procedure call on Kelly to start off the third quarter? He looked like he was lined up close enough to the line, but maybe that was just the camera angle.

Have to admit, the wording of the rule is interesting.
"Players of Team A whose facemask is in line with or in advance of the Centre’s backside, and is on their own side of the line of scrimmage, and are formed in a single line when the ball is put in play, shall be considered scrimmage line, or 'Line Players'."

Boys, Boys.....

Let's have fun. It's not a full moon so no need to show fangs.


But that is part of the fun! After all "Eat Em Raw" right? :slight_smile:

I love the look of the two zeros in SSK’s summary for the second half. We have posted that scoresheet ourselves this year.

Other than the one TD they allowed with 6 minutes left in the first quarter, the only other score our defence gave up was when SSK was spotted the ball on our 13 from the blocked punt.

Was this our best defensive performance of the season?


PENALTY : LD at point from which pass was thrown. If the pass was thrown from the Goal Area, a safety touch score shall be awarded to Team B, subject to the right of Team B to decline the score and accept the play as it terminated.

so that intentional grounding should have been a safety.. the cfl needs to send their refs back to refing school


Fajardo's feet were in the end zone, but the ball was outside when it left his hand. It's always about where the ball is, on scoring plays, on first downs, on ball placement, on onside kicks, etc.


I think you're right .it looked ,like a safety live

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I'll tell ya what, as an Als fan, I am not looking forward to seeing Wes Hill again if MTL and HAM face off in the playoffs...

Edit: Credit to Mark Washington and the defense, too.


OK, but I understand Stanback will be playing. So I guess it would be beast vs beast?


Would you trade for him straight up in exchange for a freshly recovered Stanback?

That would be a very interesting matchup! But (and this is also in response to @ExPat ), the difference here is: y'all are great against the run and we are awful against the run. So in the end, whether it's Stanback or Hill is less relevant than the fact that my Als cannot stop anyone on the ground. Part of that is due to our undersized LB corps, particularly mike backer, where we're starting Awe, who's about 200 lbs, compared to your typical 230-240 lbs. LB.

Edit: On the subject of a trade, I might consider it, except that I haven't seen Stanback in action yet, so I don't know if he's lost a half-step or not.


My recollection is that Stanback has underperformed against HAM is the past, even when he’d been playing great against other teams. Bring him on, I guess.

But maybe leave E.Lewis at home.


I know Mark Washington is not anyone's favorite person in the Cats forum, but his unit has been stout against the run consistently, and yes, that includes Stanback. I'd love for my Als to run all over you. I'm a realist, though. And no, we won't be leaving Geno Lewis at home any time soon. :smiley: