Kiss The Westbound Witches Thread, East Final edition

Brandon Banks just put together perhaps the greatest Tiger-Cat playoff performance EVER! Absolutely amazing!!!!!

The special teams were, as was the defence! Duron Carter can have his mouth clear customs on last time.

Zach and the offence did enough. Nic Grigsby was great on the ground and Luke Tasker was clutch. Kudos to the O-line for winning the LOS battle most of the day.

A solid game by the coaching staff -- apart from the first Als drive, the team was able to respond and deliver.

A well-deserved win for the club and for Ticat Nation!!

Oski Wee Wee,


This thread should aptly be named the

"Kiss my ass Carter and Green, WE kicked your ass" thread

Banks and Grigsby!

November 2:

“[The turnaround] is going to be a great TSN Grey Cup documentary, I can tell you that,? said wide receiver Duron Carter, who scored the decisive touchdown and hauled in a career-high 11 balls for 181 yards Sunday. “Highlights, low-lights, all of it. We feel great. We feel pretty much unstoppable.?

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Right story - WRONG TEAM!!!! :lol: The unstoppable Larks are completely stoppable and they can't complain about a chintzy missed penalty call THIS year!!! Ticats beat them soundly and also had to beat the refs on a few calls! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

After the 1998 EDF game, you knew that we'd be talking about what Ozzie did for years to come. And after this one, I expect that we'll be taking about what Banks did. Two punt return TDs, on returns where it looked like he would not be able to get very far. The first punt return TD gave the team the lead at the half, a lead that the team would not give up. And the second was the one that really helped seal the win. Some might say he should have had a punt return TD hat trick, but one got called back because of a penalty. But he also got us 35 rushing yards on three carries and caught four passes for 33 receiving yards. So he has to be considered the MVP of this one.

On offence, Tasker continues to be Zach's go-to receiver and continues to be reliable. And it's a good thing he was, because although Fantuz was in the lineup I didn't see him out there much. And Grigsby is showing why signing him turned out being a good idea.

And what helped the offence put points on the board were interceptions by our defence. 14 points were scored after turnovers, after the INTs by Breaux and Harris.

Well, actually, it's our turnaround that be a great TSN Grey Cup documentary. (And I see that Tabbiefanmcb beat me to pointing that out.) :smiley:

What turnaround? I didn't hear anything about a Ticats turnaround mentioned by TSN.

I don't even know what to say… what a game. How did the crowd noise translate on tv? Cus i can assure you THF was an absolute madhouse today. Still smiling from ear to ear, what a great time to be a Tiger-Cats fan.

Banks stole the show today, absolutely love that guy, cannot wait till next Sunday, lets bring the Cup home with us this time around.

That`s OK Bob Young Fan - great minds think alike - Right! :smiley:

It was LOUD - although when the Larks took the lead or scored it always seemed to get a bit quieter for a while.

Good going. Austin did thank the fans for being loud and proud too. :thup: :thup:

I wonder if Brandon Banks has a dad that was an NFL great!

TSN (dickhead) just said that Hamilton has the longest Grey Cup drought. I guess Winnipeg isn’t in the CFL any more? :stuck_out_tongue:

That was fun! Great game! Great crowd! All the credit in the world to everyone especially Banks (obviously). But well done Grigsby too - punching it in when we needed you too. Here is the view I had from my (very) high upper west seat of one of his touchdowns.

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LOL.. I just said the same thing here

A number of thoughts:

Getting to the stadium around 11:15 and sitting in Section 103 I noticed a Ticat player tossing a pee wee football with a very young boy (5 or 6 perhaps) and having a great time. Males never grow up, they remain young boys at heart. The most important game of the year coming up and here was this player just having fun. I'm not sure who the player was (he didn't have his number jersey on) but I really enjoyed watching this special moment between those two individuals.

Speedy B is something truly special. I hope he is signed long term by the team, but would understand if he leaves us for the big payday down south.

This was a total team win including their ever faithful 13th man. They helped the other 12 players dominate Montreal.

Although SJ Green had a monster game himself I'm sure he would have traded that for the win.

Baby Carter and (Bear aka Jonathon) Jonny (-on-the-spot, in the) Woods certainly have eat their words. What a couple of d-bags.I think Baby really shot himself in the foot today. What NFL team will take a chance on a player who, in addition to not performing very well, took 2 very selfish penalties which really hurt his team's chances?

That's all for now. If I think of any more pearls of wisdom they will be shared.


Yup my spouse and I also were discussing that. I wondered if they meant among the four teams vying for a Grey Cup berth but if they did, they should have qualified it. :oops: As it is, they totally ignored the fact that Winnipeg has a longer drought by a few years than the Ticats! :oops:

Some shots I took today at Tim Horton's Field.

My first view of the West Upper Deck Concourse area - great view of the escarpment

The view downtown from the concession area on the Upper Deck on the west side

O Canada

Yup - it is Hamilton!

Player Intros

Beyond the patio that construction area will be an ice rink in winter, splash pad in the summer

Next play was a Grigsby touchdown

Desperate smokers at halftime - lol

Sun came out hitting the east stands as viewed from the tunnel entering the Upper Deck section I was in.

Wave those towels

They are actually fairly nice shammy like towels that they handed out 20,000 of - here with my sister Sheila

Another great memory today was of the allwets fan with his cowbell going up and down the stairs in Section 103 after Green's third TD (lowering the Cat lead to just 3 points) calling for us Cat Fans to cheer for his team. I really wished I had a chance to see him after the game. :wink:

btw, in the old days (and hey, I'm an old guy now) this interloper would have had his lights punched out. Nothing can touch the old days for vigilante justice.


They need to give out the towels more often. Everybody seemed to be using them. Great sight.

Grigsby is a stud. I don't know where we'd be without him right now.

Pat, thanks for posting that video and those pictures. They gave me an idea of what it was like to be there.

Here are a few more pictures from the game: