Kiss The Torpedoing Witches Thread, Vol. 9

A fantastic win for the Cats! Love Zach talking some smack there in the postgame interview!

Our defence locked up the Montreal deep passing attack for most of the game. Period!

Superb special teams play -- with Banks' returns and the onside recovery were phenomenal!

The offense finally clicked late -- Grigsby played very well in the run game.

We are a big step closer...



Worth the re-post:


:D :D :D

Top 10 Reasons We Won

  1. We finally established a running game. It mattered when we needed to kill the clock. And it probably dampened their pass rush throughout the game.

  2. Shutdown defence. Our D wanted this one, and never let up in their intensity. Tight coverage, good tackling. Key play, of course, was pouncing on that lateral pass in the second quarter.

  3. We outcoached them. Montreal's whole game plan seemed to be to hope that their long passes were successful. Our coaches had the guys ready to play.

  4. Ball control in the third quarter. Montreal needed to score with the wind, but they couldn't even get a first down. I believe we had possession for something like 11 minutes.

  5. We beat them on special teams. From the onside punts, to the fumble recovery in the first quarter, to Banks' steady performance, to sure tackling all night long. And my favourite, Montreal's decision not to have a guy stationed right on the sideline for their onside kick attempt.

  6. Montreal wasn't "unstoppable" after all. They thought they couldn't be beat, and were already booking restaurant reservations in Vancouver. Overconfidence looked good on them, and mixed nicely with the fact that we needed it WAY more than they did.

  7. Our receivers are a bunch of tough mothers. They hung onto the ball for some clutch catches in traffic. And Speedy B can run the tightrope up the sidelines as well as anyone.

  1. Our QB wanted this badly. He put his body on the line with all those runs in the second half. Whatever it takes.
  1. We won the coin toss, giving us the wind in the fourth quarter.

  2. The refs let them play. Our guys avoided the costly penalties, and didn't let the penalties throw them off their game on the crucial drive to the Banks TD.

(Bonus) THIS. IS. OUR. HOUSE!!
6-0 at Tim Hortons Field

AMEN to ALL of that! This is the most complete game that I have seen the team play all year. Even though it took the offense a bit of time to start clicking again after that interception in the end zone, they did get rolling and execution was good to excellent on all fronts. Crompton had a lot of overthrows and I like to think (although I didn't see replays to confirm) that the DL was getting enough pressure to put him off his throws.

ABSOLUTELY GREAT GAME!! Found I could actually relax a bit in the fourth quarter because they were playing well enough and keeping the Larks off balance. WAY TO GO TEAM!! :rockin:

When was the last time this team has a regular season win that was this significant?

I thought that the defence and special teams had to do a great job for this team to win, let alone win by eight points or more. And they both certainly got the job done very well. But I had my doubts about the Fantuzless offence that was missing two RBs. It was great to see them prove me wrong. I don't think anyone is going to question the decision to bring in Grigsby now. And yes, we do have plays in the playbook that involve handoffs to RBs. :slight_smile:

I would say Collaros did quite well aside from mistakes he made while pressured, and Banks, Tasker, and Grant got the job done with Fantuz out. And I think the offensive line did a good job.

The defence, of course deserves credit, as they kept the Als out of the end zone until the game was out of reach, even when you consider that point differential thing. But they were kept off the field for quite a while. In that 3rd quarter, our offence had possession for 11 minutes of it. Wow. And that was partly because of that punt recovery by an onside player, in what was a good job done by special teams.

Time to enjoy the week off as we sit back find out who the opponents will be two weeks from now. The players and fans are already enjoying it, I see...

I'm not surprised the Als offense scored a TD so late in the game.. .they were afterall WELL rested in the 4th...

:lol: :lol:

7 and 0HH buys a plane ticket to the west coast.

I can't wait for the TBD game on November 23. Feels like Christmas in November.

A total team effort. Although a little weak in the first half the offence really showed up to play in the second half.

I wonder what Jock (itch) Climie feels about his vaunted birds being manhandled.

Boy this is sweet.

Thank you to the only named starting QB in team history who never took a snap in anger. Yes, Bob Young (who claimed he was going to be the starter in a famous April Fools prank on this website) has pumped millions into this team. It now looks like his patience is on the verge of paying off.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Tasker with clutch catches all game and Banks, both were outstanding playmakers against a tough “D”
Grigsby, and Bakari with some nice plays
Collaros, what a warrior!!
Great team, great game

Can someone on the Cats' team please place the 'y' beside Hamilton?

I still can't believe that Austin actually had to challenge the ruling that the player was down before the ball came loose on the fumble recovery. Oh well.

That was a good point made about penalties. This team has been criticized for taking too many of them. But today, the team took only four penalties and a total of only 45 yards in penalties according to this: ... 0141108004

It was good too see Zach gain both passing and rushing yards for us. He was doing so well, and I sure was nervous during the two times when he was slow to get up. McGee was warming up at the end of the 3rd quarter according to this tweet that incorrectly said that McGee would be in: ... 7913622529

And maybe Montreal was overconfident. There was all that talk about their second half of the season and the number of consecutive games they won. Well, the winning streak came to an end as the Ticats winning streak at THF continues. A six game win streak at home is this team's longest since 1966 according this this post on the SP: ... ntage.html

So this Ticat team completed a great turnaround of its own this year. As Milton tweeted:

You could not have predicted this on August 31. #Ticats will finish first and get first-round bye. #CFL #Als
[url=] ... 6490799105[/url]

Yes, please.

And I'd like to see that 'y' here too:

Then again, seeing "Hamilton" listed at the top of teams in the division after each of those teams have played 18 games may be good enough. :slight_smile:

I share your thoughts and shared your feeling in the 4th. Many, many years ago that was nice familiar feeling. Wonderful to have it come back today after missing it for so long.

A big SHOUT out is necessary to most underrated player on this team.

This player gave it their all today in exactly the right spots.

Who am I referring to?

Why the 13th man of course.

Not only did the 13th man get loud when the Cats were on D, they didn't wait until the huddle broke and the birdbrains lined up. By being loud while they were in the huddle led to much noted confusion at times from some of the players as to where they were supposed to be and what the play was. This a huge factor in today's team victory. Unfortunately those responsible are an unpaid unruly lot who infrequently get commended for a job well done.

Thank you 13th man from one of your own today (happy but hoarser).

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Keep this up on November 23 and I think you'll punch your (spiritual) ticket to Vancouver. The team will be very proud of you. They have been all year by their centrefield salute they perform prior to each game. Always remember, even if no one else thanks you, the other players on the team really believe in you, heart and soul.

Hard to believe that this is the longest home winning streak by Hamilton in 48 years...

Does any one know how many TD's have been scored against us at THF?

Yes. But, what's really hard to believe, for me and maybe a few other posters here, is that 1966 was 48 years ago! Other than winning the first 6 straight at home, '66 was the 2nd bad, if you could call it that, season in an 11 year span that saw the Tiger-Cats in the Grey Cup 9 times.

Watched the post-game video of Coach Austin and am glad to hear that he's leaning toward a straight stretch of days off for the players. I'm guessing Monday through Saturday off, then watching the semi's together, holding planning meetings for the final on the Monday and an extra day of light practice on the Tuesday, followed by the usual 3 days and walk-thru. The 12 straight games, after their second bye week, I'm sure has been tough. A lot fans, here, don't see finishing in 1st place as being important. To me, it's always been the greatest team accomplishment , to be proud of, and the benefits of the time off, if it's planned well, most often pay off with a trip to the cup.

7 -- TOR got 1, SSK - 0, EDM- 3, BC - 2, OTT - 0, & MTL, today, -1.

I remember it being said that IWS was not an easy place for visiting teams to play in. Well, it's starting to seem like it was an easy place to play in compared to THF.

Seven TDs in six game. Averaging just over one TD per game there.

And opposing teams are averaging fewer than 13 points per game there.

I think it was said that during Montreal's winning streak, they were giving up no more than 17 points per game. So much for that. As I said before, it was good to see our offence do this well. And look who is congratulating who here:

What was said here? Maybe something like:

Crompton: "We'll meet again in two weeks, Zach."

Banks: "I wouldn't be that sure..." :slight_smile:

Seven TDs in six game. Averaging just over one TD per game there.

And opposing teams are averaging fewer than 13 points per game there.

I think it was said that during Montreal’s winning streak, they were giving up no more than 17 points per game. So much for that. As I said before, it was good to see our offence do this well. And look who is congratulating who here:

What was said here? Maybe something like:

Crompton: “We’ll meet again in two weeks, Zach.”

Banks: “I wouldn’t be that sure…” :slight_smile:
Players are usually good sports and have sometimes crossed paths before (although I doubt these two/three have). They recognize and appreciate good performances by their peers and most don’t mind saying so. Nice of Crompton to congratulate Zach on the win.