Kiss the playoffs goodbye

Don't know what the heck happened tonight. The defence couldn't stop anyone tonight. The minor team i coach, 13 and 14 year olds would have been able to move the ball on this defence. The offence completely dissappeared in the 2nd half. From what they were saying on the radio, Condell was calling the plays in the first half, with all the razzle dazzle, getting Joseph on the move (when i feel he's at his best) and then Paopao takes over in the 2nd half, it was quite obvious the difference, which is another reason why Paopao should go, i've stated this a dozen times before and i will continue to say it until he's gone. he shows no emotion what so ever on the sidelines.

Jeez all the threads here have 0 replies. Where have all the people gone who said the Gades will be 11-7 or whatever it takes to beat out the western team now?

why did paopao take over the offence in the second half?

Ottawa still hasn't played Hamilton, correct? I don't think the playoffs are out of the question. Home-field advantage might be out of the question ... we'll have to see if Montreal can get back to the Als of old. But when you look at the teams Saskabush has to play, and the fact that Winnipeg is NOT that good, well I think the Gades could be in the mix come November ... and I really, really hope they are!

He took over because he realized that we were putting up points in the first half, and i guess in his books, that's not what we're supposed to do.

Their all at the same bar the disgruntled Rider fans are at!

K they aren't out of the play offs yet. Especially with the Tcats and Als faltering too at the moment. But they may not be the team to be worried about.

Bombers, Sask and Calgary are the teams to be concerned with now...