Kiss The Guelph Witches Thread, Vol. 8 (Postgame Analysis)


Offense and defence both came up huge tonight! I am concerned about Lauther's kicking though. Your thoughts?


We posted at exactly the same time, Russ... lol

Time to start Congi again!! Fortunately we only tried one FG and didn't lose the game by a point or two in which case that missed FG would have been MUCH bigger!

Whew x2!!!
Great win nevertheless. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This coaching staff has done wonders. Rebuilding…and now in first place in the East!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Indeed! :slight_smile:

This team played hard tonight and was full value for the win!

Great win by the Cats.. once again, they thwart 4th Q comeback attempt by the Argos Suck..... they absolutely dominated the clock too.. great job by the offense to give the D plenty of rest!!

I highly doubt Lauther will see the field again…

That was close…It’s probably a good thing we got Ray in his first game coming off an injury because the Argonauts are going to get better…

Offence played pretty good,but,there were a couple of things that happened that had we finished this game would never have been in doubt…

The Defence played well,but,that last drive the Argo’s scored on was 92 yards and they were driving on that last one before the INT in the End Zone…

I don’t think we’ll catch Toronto because their sched. is a lot easier than ours down the stretch,but,if we win 1 of these games against Montreal we’ll pretty much lock up a home playoff game for the East Semi Final…

Great game!
Highly entertaining.
Good to see the Ticats make progress from last year’s 6 win campaign to an 8 win campaign and counting.
Should be their first winning record in a very long time.

Gable earns the drum stick Happy Thanksgiving all. :thup:

The sad thing is that this team has left two winnable games on the table in the last 5 weeks...

Both the road BC game and the road Calgary game were games we should have won...

i feel bad for the kid lauthier but we need to adress this prob fast cuz when playoffs roll around we need a kicker heres hopin the got a jersey ready for ozzy ive got zero faith in lauthier

Not quite 1st place yet. If they win one more than the blew team of their last 3 then 1st place is the result. Currently 2 points down. We do own the tie breaker of course.

I was really impressed with Gable tonight. Not only did he run hard and make extra yards after extra effort but I noticed he really wrapped up the ball with both arms when he was about to be hit. No chance of a fumble when you play like that.

(the seldom used) :thup: :thup: :thup: (the wife doesn't like it when I whip out the third one in public) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Haven’t been any complaints about the refs over the last 3weeks. I think we have been getting a few breaks

Interesting,isn't it?...

We win/no problems with the ref's..

We lose/ref's screwed us...

It never fails...I always think that if people are blaming the referee's for a loss they looking in the wrong place.The place to look is the team that lost the game...

That, but they have gotten a few favourable calls

I think the difference in this game ,may have been all those undisciplined penalties by Toronto in the first half.

Gable is outstanding. 22 touches for 164 yards.

Special teams have dropped off considerably since last year and need fixing soon. (Kicking and kick/punt returns)

Coverage is good and the punt game is ok,

mike: You are correct. We are still 2 points behind the Blue team. Got too wound up in the last few minutes of the game.

Regarding the interception that sealed the win ...

Given that it was a third down play, clearly the right thing to do would have been to knock the ball down rather than intercept it. That would have given us the ball closer to the 40 (forget where scrimmage was) instead of the 20, at a time when Toronto still had a chance if we couldn't string together some first downs.

HOWEVER: I'm glad we intercepted it, if only to knock that annoying Zero off of Ray's stat sheet. And Gable made sure it didn't matter where we started from.

Now, just imagine how much sweeter it would have been if Rico could have squeezed that ball in the first quarter to end Ray's streak in real style.

I'm calling my ticket rep in the morning to see if I can get some of my money back.

I paid for the whole seat but I only used the edge of it.


Great game to be at, finally convinced my wife to make the trek to Guelph and she had no excuse with the weather. Great day hiking on the river trail there and being at a fantastic football game in a super venue for a temporary home. Nice work again Guelph! And team of course! :wink:

I think the Argos could move to Guelph if they can't find a home in Toronto. Ok, stadium would need some major upgrading but it seems like the university there and city are people that can be worked with as partners.