Kiss The Guelph Witches Thread, Vol. 6

That was another nail biter!

A great job by the defence and special teams to bail out the offense today. We need to fix our blitz protections against the Als for the next meetings.

Lauther was super! Davis made a big conversion block which proved critical. Jones made some tough catches and King made some big hustle plays. A sign of a good team is when new guys step up each week and pick up the slack.

Oski Wee Wee,


Ugly win.. but they say good teams scratch out the ugly ones too.. soooooo

Go Cats Go!!

Go Stamps Go!!!!

So far I am 2 for 2 in the VGCC


I had my doubts as the Cats made a rook look like a future hall of famer once again. Hopefully they don't do that again. :slight_smile:

Any team Like Argos, Stamps, Saskatchewan even the Lions and this would have been a massacre of epic proportions. Defence was mediocre at best, O Line is terrible, I can't believe the loss of one man can cause the ineptness I saw today on the o line. Burris is definitely having confidence issues whether he was under pressure or not. All you guys out there say it was the o lines fault are kidding themselves. That is why Hank makes the big bucks, not saying he has to be perfect but at least show he is in charge and tear a strip off his line once in a awhile. Make some decent passes instead of second guessing himself all day.

Let's hope they got this one out of there system because if they haven't next week's game will be long and painful.

Some random thoughts:

  • Difference this week was special teams. Great coverage; 4/4 on field goals; blocked convert; fake FG for a TD; and most importantly IMHO, the fumble recovery on a botched punt return deep in Montreal's end, at a time when we had lost all momentum.

  • Congi must be having mixed feelings right about now.

  • Why is it so impossible for us to come up with an answer to a blitz? Didn't we practice screen passes this week?

  • Despite the last drive, I thought the defence came on strong in the fourth quarter. Important progress in comparison to recent tendency to collapse.

  • One of Burris' weaker games of the year. Often he carries the team on his back. This game showed that when he's not doing that for whatever reason, it takes a total effort from the rest of the team to get a win.

  • Still, Burris' low points this year have been much better than his worst games last year. I'd also argue that he has not had as many high points (several 4-TD games in 2012). But I'll take "steady and generally very good" over "inconsistent and sometimes great".

  • I imagine if this was a Montreal board, many of us would be complaining about how one-sided the penalties were in the game. Personally, I'm quite OK with it.

  • That Als receiver, Carter: does he have a famous relative or something? I didn't notice whether the commentators mentioned it at all.

  • Chip Cox is still a d!_k.

One more: We now have four players who have (technically) thrown TD passes, and only two of them are quarterbacks.

[quote=“ExPat” -------- That Als receiver, Carter: does he have a famous relative or something? I didn’t notice whether the commentators mentioned it at all.---------
His Dad was interviewed live during the telecast of the game.

Agree 100% Point By Point! Can’t say it better myself so I won’t … (For now that is … lol!)

So, what are Jones’s and Fantuz’s QB ratings? No incompletions, no interceptions, 100% TD passes.

Austin didn't have to play Lauther. Nerves playing in his first game in front of family could have been disaster.

But the move paid off - huge. Credit where credit is do. Nice move , coach.

Guess I should have made the sarcasm more obvious. Now that you mention it, I did hear it 3 or 8 times.

So how many receivers this year can say every pass caught was for a TD?

(answer - 2: LeFevour and Beswick).

Horrible broadcast - Black and Forde got so caught up with Carter, Cox and Neiswander you’d think it was blowout .

[quote author=“ottawacat”]

His Dad was interviewed live during the telecast of the game.

Wasn’t sure ExPat. I’ll have to go down in the record book as missing it.
Bye the way, has Burris’ age ever been mentioned?

I probably missed it, but I take it that Joel Figueroa was injured? I suspect that was one of the biggest reasons that Montreal was able to get as much pressure on Burris as they did...

Right Figueroa was out with injury so Dile (thank goodness he did not take any penalties!!) was in his place. We definitely miss Fig when he is out of the lineup.

On the other end though, King, Barnes and Rodgers did well enough for their first defensive start. King was definitely flying around and making plays!

King made a couple of monster plays. Great to see him stepping up like that in his first defensive start. :rockin:

My personal game balls ...

Special Teams & Overall = Brett Lauther. Great debut. Give the young man the "actual" game ball and let him leave it with his folks in Truro before he flies back to Hamilton tomorrow. Kid has a big leg and he was spot on accuracy wise.

Defense ... Torrey Davis. Blocked PAT was clutch. Was a beast in the middle and manhandled Messam.

Offense ... Onrea Jones. Juice made tough, clutch catches to extend drives at key times. His catch on the onside kick off to seal the win also leads me to give him kudos even thought that wasn't technically on offense.

Special Mentions ...

Marc Beswick ... Couldn't be happier for a more deserving guy to get the TD on the fake FG. Captain on teams. Vet. Leader.

Hasan Hazime ... Motor always going. Playing valuable time in rotation. Getting better every week.

Louie Richardson ... The wedge breaker ... Human mayhem missile ... Critical fumble recovery that turned the game.

Overall ...

On a night where the stars & main contributors for this team so far this season were "off" or "limited" for whatever reason ... Grinders, role players, back-ups, the not-so-flashy guys ... came through and got the W for the guys who usually grab the headlines.

Some may say an ugly win ... I say it was a thing of beauty ... A real team victory ... The star players won't always have bad nights & will come back strong ... but to me it was a thing of beauty to see the "unsung" heroes come through & carry the team & secure the victory!!!

Yes it was an ugly win but they can’t all be gorgeous. Best thing about yesterday is the team got a win even though Hank didn’t his A game.

A win is a win. But just like I thought we could take a lot of positives away from the loss to the Stamps, there are more than the usual number of questions to take away from this win. Montreal’s third string quarterback threw for nearly 300 yds. Sacks were 5 to 2 for Montreal. If everyone gets healthy we will be a lot stronger next time we meet Montreal, but I expect they will be better too.