Kiss the Guelph Witches Thread, Vol 1

A gutsy wiin by the team, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. I will be watching it on my PVR tomorrow, so I’ll launch the thread and add my two cents later.

Oski Wee Wee,


We win...The mosquito ridden loser's lose...


But we beat a bunch of "not ready for prime time" losers...

I think the D really stepped up in the 2nd half.. .actually after Simpson ripped off the 75 yarder, they effectively shut him down.
Since everyone is saying the Skeeter have a ferocious D due to their sack count.. I guess OUR D is turning into a stellar defense as well... we pretty much matched them sack for sack....

I think this is a stepping stone and believe if the D plays like this next week, we CAN beat Saskatchewan.

Side note..
It was fun watching the D shut Welder up, he had to resort to attacks on the front office after that 2nd half, with his constant "don't worry be happy now" posts, seeing a they have been the brunt of his "bitch and whine" campaign.

Poor "Yes Man"...


I'm not sure I heard Brown's name mentioned once all game - at least not after he was listed as one of the starters to watch. Have to say, that's what I like to hear about our DBs. Absolutely nothing. Often a sign that they've shut down their receivers to the point that the QB never throws their way. Is that the case here?

That's my thought too.. if you don't hear from them then they are doing their job.. .unless they grab an INT

That used to happen a lot with Chris Thompson also. It would be nice to have at least a couple of good shutdown DBs.

Brown was named Defensive player of the game on CHML, so I'd say that is indeed the case.


Lots of positives today. Tighter coverage on those short passes, pressure on Pierce, offense moved the ball when they had to.

If we improve little by little every week we should be in good position by the end of the year.

Need to concentrate on not giving up the big play, snatching the interception when we have a chance, improve the pass protection and run blocking.

Man, I thought Austin was going to blow a nut in the last 10 minutes! :lol:
Good win and I am sure Austin will reduce the errors eventually.

"Good" win? I dunno More like an ugly, but with an 0-2 start, a win is welcome no matter what it's quality.

Looking at the highlights of all the CFL games so far this year - all "ugly" wins. Maybe it's the early season inexperience but all teams except maybe Sask look ugly.

I'm impressed with what Coach Austin is preaching and how the players are responding after the 0-2 start to the season:

“The thing that our guys need to focus on is (finding) the process for them individually and as a team to improve,? said Austin. “Eliminating mistakes, getting sound at playing faster, playing harder, playing more aggressively, and not worrying about the outcome, but worrying about their preparation and effort.?

Time has taught that time should certainly be taken before jumping on any new Ti-Cat bandwagon, However, while continuing to take my time, I am, so far, quite impressed with how Mr. Austin handles himself and his team.

Also, as one who has been critical of Samuel Giguere since his arrival, I want to acknowledge his great adjustment to the ball on the TD catch and also his actions in the end zone. I was pleasantly surprised by both. He celebrated his TD like a pro and with his teammates.

Well we got off to great start and avoided too many mistakes and penalties.
Our defence was good for the most part . Our pass rush was much improved and good blitzing.
Markieth was out of position a few times and showed a lack of foot speed on the last simpson touchdpown. markeith did however blitz well on a few other occasions . Patrick was too easily outrun by simpson ...jamal had a great game as did breaux andd mccollough and harris and hobbs and the entire dline.

I think norwood really showed he has nose for the qb and has been our best DE this year so far I think marhsall showed a good push too as did moore and bulcke ..

maybe Stephen gets a shot at safety for import reasons

the oline let too much pressure and it might be sue to woht playing right tackle ...not sure what to do there

burris was the player of the game and showed a lot heart running passed muamba and straight arming guys ..I got that 10 yard run when we needed it the most to seal the deal .

grant and gant were great tonight and lets hope gant is ok to play next week .

some pretty good play calling especially on the delhunt td....what a catch ...burris had at least 3 dropped passes and a couple penatlies otherwise his stats would have been crazy

walker showed some signs iof speed with screen passes etc ...I think we should try a draw play

overall good game with little penalties , good execution and lots of energy especially on the dline and pour receivers and smiling hank