Kiss The Guelph Witches Thread, EDSF Edition

I have to confess, if I had to see another Troy Smith pump by Suitor, my head was going to explode! LOL

An amazing drive by the Cats late...WE GOT IT DONE!! CJ Gable was clutch on theTD!

In the OT, a great drive and LeFevour was BIG!

I will have more later after I stop hyperventilating!

Oski Wee Wee,


OMFG... that is all!

That was ugly....That was frustrating....That was exhillerating (sp)...That was incredible!!!!


X2 !!!!!!

Montreal fans must be on suicide watch. Four times they outplayed us this season and only won once.

But hey, I'm not complaining.

Time to pack the Rogers Centre, folks.

This was a good one in the game thread, so I'm reposting it here. LOL

Glen Suitor: "See how Troy Smith passes the remote to Deron Carter? LIKE A HEISMAN WINNER!"


Hats off to the Defence. The O only had to make 2 drives to win the game. The Defence saved the day.

DEFENSE wins championships and ours certainly deserves a trip to the next round where there will be NO wind, rain, slippery turf - just a boat full of Argos to sink!!
GO TICATS!!! :rockin:

Well, Smith can quit smiling and go home where there will be NO TSN announcers to gush over him!!! I really don't care what they say about him.
If Ticats earn a trip to the GC - win or lose - they MIGHT finally notice what a good team has been built here by Austin!! 8)

Totally agree. I don't like winning on a bad, or missed, call but, I must admit, I can live with it much easier than losing that way (I have an elephant's memory of the '83 Eastern Final) in the playoffs. And, in this one, it might have stolen the game from MTL then, but it left them on an equal playing field for O.T.
Then, the "D" and Dan won it for the Cats.

After that crucible that is Alumni Stadium, in those conditions, against that defense, next week is going to seem like a breeze…

What was with the play calling in the first 3 1/2 quarters? 0 points with the wind in the first half. And the Cats had the wind for the long quarter. Also, 2 quarters with the wind and not one long pass to stretch the field. Not one pass with a ball flight of more than 20 yards WITH THE WIND!!!!! The Als just sat on the short and medium pass game and dared the Cats to throw down field. And the coaches call the 4 yard out on 2nd and long all game. Unbelievable.

wrong thread. this isn't burn the witches. you're welcome. :wink:

I don't feel badly about no PI being called on the TD pass when the Als got away with the same thing earlier on that pass to Fantuz in the endzone which would have been a sure TD. Looked to me like the Ticats defender (forgot who is was now!) was just jumping to try to intercept the call and collided with Carter. :slight_smile:

Who cares?? The Ticats won under difficult weather conditions against the Als who will be crying all offseason that THEY should have won! :roll:

So proud of the teams gutsy performance today. It just wouldn't be Tiger-Cats football if we didn't make it interesting.

Let's go sink the Boatmen and get rid of this annoying Grey Cup drought.

Anything can happen, goddamn this week is going to suck. I can't wait.

post game: Major Pant Load (aka Climie) says "Troy Smith outplayed Burris". According to the stats it looks like Hank has the edge. See for yourself.

Smith 14 of 26 for 142 yards, one td and one int.
Burris 23 of 36 for 204 yards, one td and one int.

Certainly not stellar numbers for Hank but clearly better than Smith. Statistics are for losers anyway. We won the game, improbably at best, and now get to go on the road, hopefully to make the second item in my signature come true. If it does, I can't wait to hear Major Pant Load's excuse for why we should have lost. :twisted:

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:



Couldn't have said it any better myself.