Kiss the 2023 Witches vol.VIII - Even Steven

This was a good win by the team. Really, their first blowout victory all season.
BLM looked sharp until is stupid Intentional Grounding penalty that resulted in a Safety. We likely would have given up one on the next play, but it was still stupid.

Game notes:

  1. There was a great tribut to George Reed before the game. SSK also labelled the 34-yd-lines with “GR”. Very classy, IMHO.
  2. BLM looked good until the IG penalty. Hit recievers in stride with crisp passes.
  3. Shiltz played well in the next two series - hit Godwin in stride for a deep gain.
  4. Shiltz coughing-up a horrible INT after the ST forced a fumble on the kickoff…
  5. Near the end of the first half, we were in the Red Zone again, and Shiltz got rid of the ball on a rollout. The trailing SB on the route tree was WIDE open for at least a FD.
  6. Giving up a TD on 3-rd and 3 with 0:34 left in the half is pathetic.
  7. There was another Formation penalty with only 6 players on the line. How does this happen this deep into the season?
  8. The Kommand Kommissiariate is making up calls again. If a QB ducks and there’s incidental contact with his helmet, then there should be no call - period. That was NOT a “forceful blow” at all. It’s a complete joke, especially since nobody seems to know what DPI is any more.
  9. I don’t care how myuch mony Kats wants, but the team should open their wallet for him long-term.
  10. Butler is a beast. My nomination for MOP for Hamilton.
  11. To further that, I nominate Kats for MOC and MODP.

As others stated in the PBP thread, this sounded like a regional SSK TV broadcast rather than a National broadcast. TSN had better get rid of that idiot who hasn’t been able to take his SSK jersey off since he retired from playing - his homerism is as unprofessional as it can get, and is turning the station into a laughing stock.


Basically dominated the whole game.

Hope is a strange thing.

And hey, Bo gets credit for the win.




impressive win, lets see Bo play like that a whole game now. Shiltz is the best Back up in the league and he needs to get credit.


Giving up over 100 yards on the ground isn’t good , however, I noticed the front 4 on the D Line did get relatively consistent pressure off the Ends and we got solid play from the DT’s tonight. With Wynne coming back and Davis seemingly playing like he should, this bodes well going forward as it will relieve the Secondary of being constantly pressured especially as the weather gets worse.

Butler on the ground getting yardage the way he has is also EXTREMELY important over the next few weeks as a solid ground game takes pressure off QB’s to constantly make accurate passes in bad weather…Kudo’s to that also has to go to the O-line who drive blocked extremely well tonight…


400 passing yards, 148 rushing yards. Last few games we were able to rush in the 4th quarter and gain yards when the defence knows we are running the ball. Godwin has been clutch all year and I am not certain people realize how good he has been. Need 5 more wins this year. :blush:

Edit, and no sacks


No sacks and didn’t allow the opposition a snap in the red zone for the second consecutive week


We are clicking as a team, and we are not the same team we were at mid season.
I love the play calling tonight, and I love the game plan of putting BLM in for one quarter.
The defense has played very good for over a month now.
It was a fun night.


As bad as this D looked, particularly the Secondary, earlier in the season the turnaround has been nothing short of spectacular.

The O-Line probably played its best game of the year tonight as a unit…


Second consecutive game I’ve undersold this team. I ought to stop and smell the roses for a bit.


At the same time I oversold Sask. They’re terrible.


Shocking they were more than competitive vs BC .


Best total team effort win this season. Saskatchewan is just plain bad…really bad. Can the Ottawa Redblacks help out the 'Cats on Monday afternoon?


Well ya better start smelling something . :grinning:

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This team can emit a variety of odours.


Agree that it was the best overall and most dominant win of the season. Montreal totally dominated the OTTRBs in Ottawa from what I heard last week (didn’t get to watch the game) so I don’t have much hope that they’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat on the road but stranger things have happened. If not, maybe Edmonton can knock them down a peg next week.

Yup that is one thing that they are consistent at . The thing of it is though is that you never know when and where these odours will be released .


That game could have been very close if Ottawa didn’t throw a pick 6 in the redzone.

An upset wouldn’t surprise me, but i suspect Edmonton has a better shot at pulling off an upset against MTL

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  1. Once the game is in hand, we need to take Butler (and other key players) out to guard against injury. Butler is going to be crucial if we’re hoping to go on a playoff run, let’s not get injured in garbage time.
  2. Our O-line coach called a great game!
  3. Bo looked good, Shiltz looked good.
  4. O-line played great allowing #3 above to happen as well as Butler’s big game.
  5. Kats, what a hell of an interception!
  6. Orlondo challenging early in the game on what looked like an iffy challenge, need to hold on that for key plays later in the game, thankfully didn’t cost us, except…
  7. A few plays after the blown challenge, Saskatchewan player caught and fumbled imo , but of course refs made the wrong call and we had no challenge left.
  8. Strategy with d-line seems to be rotate in the abundance of talent we have at that position now. Fresh players every down allows sustainable pressure on opposing QBs, bet this will be the plan against Chad.
  9. First time in a long time we’ve seen a ticat game that entertaining

So as it sits right now so far this season…

Against Tor / Mtl … 0 - 6
Against everybody else 8 - 2 including wins over all 5 Western teams
Go figure ?