Kiss the 2023 Witches vol.V - Sweep

We have successfully beaten the worst team in the League, points-wise, all three times we play them this season.

Tim White had a heck of a game tonight. I just wish he put as much effort into every game - it’s the most infuriating thing about him.

Bayless played well in place of Duke, but he loses points on the OPI penalty.

The D made a huge stop on the goal line, and Ward missed two FG attempts. The margin of victory was 3 points, so…

Simoni had a HUGE strip of Crum with 39 seconds to go to help ice the victory.

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Tim White is the hardest working man in show business. Just gave a great post game interview too.


Credit to Stein and the coaching staff for having this team (seemingly) ready to play on unfair and unheard of rest.

Still a long way to go but this team can seriously look at themselves as “in the playoff mix”.

Beating Ottawa 3 times doesn’t make you a contender, but it gets you 6 points.

Hopefully this Defense was just tired, but still incredibly concerning.

Have to take the good and accept an ugly win on such short rest.


I have never seen Tim White take a game or a play off…. ever.

He is by far our best guy on offence.


Huge win but it comes at a cost. Guys like Butler, Wynn and Leonard went down. Hopefully nothing serious.


Great win on three days rest!!
Not perfect (run defense for example), but wow!!
Can’t complain, even if it was Ottawa.


The idea that there was even a discussion about him vs Dunbar is absurd. Not even in the same league.


Ah, but you only have the evidence of your eyes and your ears. You do not know what is in his heart.


Who said there ever was?

I did. There were people saying Dunbar was worth Tim White money and we should have signed both.

Not a fan of Powell, yet, but he played great. Defense is porous as ever but rose to the occaison at the right moments.


Didn’t have an opportunity to watch the game, but it looks like Simoni rose to the occasion as well…


There never should have been a question.

As for Dunbar, I could have sworn that I predicted he would have a better season than Duke, but I couldn’t find the post.

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4 turnovers for us and a goal line stance. We can build on that.

I believe Figs and Murray are making a substantial difference. Powell had time to settle down and make the reads and throws. Butler made some great blocks on the blitz too.


At the best possible time.

He was invisible for at least 1/4 of the season in large part from quarterbacking and was pouting. But hes happy hes getting the ball finally and hes entitled to that.


Dunbar is the 3rd highest paid Rec in the league. It was always a ridiculous contract no matter what Duke did.

Dunbar 12 GP 38/520
Duke 10GP 36/510


Colour me surprised. Good win, team.


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Make watching tomorrow’s games even better ,with this win.


And the big question. If Shiltz is feeling just fine this week, can you really sit a QB who was thrown for 600 yards and 6 TDs in the past two games?