Kiss the 2023 Witches vol.III - Costly

This was BLM’s first game off the IL, and he certainly looked like it.

OF COURSE he had to get injured on the second-last play of the game. Idiotic play-calling and execution, he could have simply fallen into the back of the line, or a quick kneel. Heck - giving up a Safety and punting the ball would probably have sealed the win.

FIVE interceptions, and three of them were completely his fault. Two were underthrows or floating balls, and the third was him being baited like a rookie.

Timmeh was responsible for the other two. The first he put forth zero effort, and the second wone hit him in the chest. He reminded me of Craig Yeast and his “alligator arms”.

The idiotic penalties are still a thing. I counted at least three Misconduct penalties, one of which extended a drive after we had stopped Ottawa. That one was on Edwards - a serial offender.

To me, the game balls go to Godwin, Duke, Kats, and Sayles.

We had eleven minutes of posession in the first quarter, and ended the game with a ten-minute deficit.

We had 12 rushes for a total of 24 yards. That’s embarassing.

We hae proven that we can beat Ottawa and Edmonton. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s all we can beat, since BLM’s ankle injury looked BAD. It’s probably Powell’s team fom now on.

People seem to blame Condell for everything under the sun. The O-line was it’s usual incompetent self, with pure pylons at Tackle. Yes there have been injuries - to high-priced and underperforming Veterans (CVZ, Saxelid, Figs) who can’t seem to stay out of the trainer’s room. I can’t comprehend why this team can’t put together an Offensive Line to save it’s life. No depth, no ability to find replacements, no nothing.
As @Crash mentioned in the PBP thread, Condell utilized quick throws, slants, WELL EXECUTED bubble screens, everything you need to do with an O-line that cannot seem to block. Still, the Offence only scored one TD.

I think it’s time to wave the white surrender flag on this season.


I’m surprised you even mentioned WE WON!!


Nice try.

Should include Carney on the good-guy list.


Very true.


When you fail to coach for 60 minutes and do stupid things, they pile up.

The penalty. The taunting penalty backed us up from the 4 to the 2.

The play call. There’s no need to run a forward QB sneak on that play. A kneel, or a QB fall down is good enough.

Personel. If Bo doesn’t run sneaks at mid field why is he running this one? Fresh off the 6 game.

Every single time you run a play it puts every single player on the field at risk of injury, not just the QB.

This lack of attention to detail puts not only games but players at risk, and it’s more infuriating to me than any loss.

There was absolutely no reason for that injury to happen and it’s squarely on Stein and Condell for not coaching for 60 minutes.


This one has potential to lose a lot of locker room confidence in your coaches

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Agreed. Hell even Casey Sayles said in the post game “I thought we were gonna kneel uhhhh sneak there”



Look …

This was a game between two mediocre teams and it showed…

We won but we lost…

The Defence probably won this game for us and played pretty well all things considered. Got decent pressure for the Front 4. The Secondary actually covered and tackled well for a change. Best game of the year so far for the D!!

The Time of Possession stuff really shows that we caught Ottawa flat footed with our “game plan” but they clearly made adjustments that we could not match. This is also a running theme with this coaching staff on the rare occasion we actually get a lead.

By the way, it is now entirely possible ( if not probable) we never see the good side of .500 until next year now…

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I wsa remiss in saying the Offence only scored one TD.
I forgot Duke’s earlier in the game.


Be thankful the truly stupid coaching was Ottawa’s. Even the most casual fan would recognize that Crum would have won the game had he been given instructions to run the ball himself.

Never mind this year. I wish someone would calculate our combined won-lost record during the full Bob Young era. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that stat.


We won. It was ugly but we won.

As others have already pointed out, the last 13 seconds were incredibly puzzling and frustrating. Who’s idea was it for Bo to run a sneak instead of just kneeling down? That’s a firing offence and a colossal mismanagement of assets.


Four sacks from our two DEs Carney and Crawford. I’m thing we didn’t miss J’Davis so much tonight.

Looked like a great defensive game plan overall. We largely stopped this kid that a couple other teams could not.

On that last OTT drive, anyone who hates the Washington “prevent defence” got their wish with the all out blitz on the screen pass. Maybe there’s an in-between.


Play call aside, is it just me or was that a dirty move by Santos Knox?

Yards gained were irrelevant. He played it like it was third and goal on the last play of the Grey Cup. Grabbed Bo, pulled him back and rolled over him. When do you ever see that on a sneak?

He wasn’t even trying to strip the ball, which actually would have made a difference.


Pretty impressive game by Carney and Crawford also Katsantonis with the perfectly timed 20 yard head start safety blitz was just exciting to watch

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The defence only allowed 12 points and I think 9 of those were off of the Bo interceptions.

There were a couple of defensive breakdowns but overall Washington’s gameplan is what ultimately won us this game.


Agreed. I wasn’t as impressed with Kats dropping back in coverage and ceding the first 5 yards of the end zone to Behar. He’s lucky Sayles made the play.


It was the dumb ass after the play penalty that left them where Ottawa had opportunity to score a safety on that play.
If that happens then:
After a safety touch, the options to the scoring team are to:
(a) Scrimmage at their own 40-yard line,
(b) kickoff from their own 30-yard line or,
(c) Accept a kickoff from the 20-yard line of the team who conceded the safety

And a good quick run back would have left Ottawa an opportunity to kick a field goal to win.

However - Hamilton never considered they could run around the end zone and give up the safety after running the clock out or put in a backup QB to run the play.