Kiss the 2023 Witches vol.II - TWO Streaks for the Price of One

First of all, I hope that Matthew Shiltz is OK, but it certainly didn’t look good. My initial thought was torn quad or hamstring. I saw him sitting on the sidelines still dressed, but you never know.

All of a sudden we have a 2-game winning streak, and enough has been said aobut Edmonton’s woes.

This team had 18 net Offensive yards in the entire first quarter. That’s embarrasing.
McAllister looks to be a keeper.
Special Teams were not very good - too many stupid penalties.

George Jr, who is now known as Kenny G, had a pretty poor game, IMHO. Two dropped INTs and he got burned a few times.

Our Secondary simply cannot tackle. This just makes me shake my head.

The clock management - if you can even call it that - at the end of the first half was simply unprofessional. I know thay were originally playing to run-out the clock, but after that big run by Butler, there was no sense of urgency to make full use of the clock and have a good attempt at a TD. Instead, the team was rushed, and had to settle for a FG.

I would have benched Ternowski after the kickoff. A WR should have no problems fielding a kickoff, even if he “wasn’t ready” to do so. He’s on the frickin’ kickoff return team, and you have to be prepared for the football going anywhere. This was an inexcusable mistake from someone who is now a CFL veteran. I don’t care what his passport says, he’s a liability on this team, taking a roster position from someone who might actually be able to play football.

I’m not going to lie, my wife wanted Edmon to win for two reasons - to break their streak, and the hopes that El Presidente gets his arse kicked out the door sooner. She dislikes him even more than I do, and that’s saying something.

So now it looks as if we’re in the Powell Era. They’re going to have to find a QB with a pulse willing to play in the CFL, which could be difficult these days.

I DO want to give a shout-out to Kats - probably the easiest Pick-6 he will ever score… lol


We HAD to beat Ottawa and Edmonton…and we did!! Good job guys!!


Sounds like it must have been an absolutely horrendous game for the Tiger-Cats.



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I also was remiss in not recognizing Butler’s work tonight.
With the derth of stats available, I think he had a 100-yd game. The man simply would not be taken down.


Finally a final score that flatters the other team.
Not perfect , but many good things.
Running game! What’s that now?
The defense continues to get timely sacks and turnovers.
I think we’re still an average team, but that’s an upgrade from terrible.
With a very short week, and only two days of practice and traveling out west with a late kickoff
I’ll take it


Short week, travelling across the country to play a team that desperately did not want own that loss record, I have to give them total credit for getting it done. Special cudos to Powell who came in cold and got a TD.


Another predictably incompetent gameplan by Condell.

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Totally agree! Considering the late game time start and short week, the Ticats looked decent and made some great plays.
That turnover on the first play was their only turnover of the game. Ticats are starting to win the turnover battle and that often leads to wins.
Did they make mistakes - yes - but fewer than the other team and fewer than they did in the first few games. They are beginning to become the team that I was hoping to see but they aren’t there yet.
There’s still over 2/3 of the season to play so they have time to be good - they just need to keep improving each week.


Nothing to write home about!

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They won as a team against a weak opponent. Ted Laurent still getting it done. Matt had a good game. Defensive backs need to get better. Who’s next.


They WON!! as a team on the road, out west with little preparation time with our second string QB, then our third sting QB……give this team a little credit.

Can we not just get some pleasure for a few minutes before we start to rip the team after a win?


Fingers crossed
that Shiltz is okay!

That being said
McAllister looked okay in relief,
That TD pass to White was pretty darn good


Butler and McAllister willed this team to victory with big contributions from others along the way.

We have an excellent running back. We ran the ball. Good things happened. Let’s hope we stick with this.


I would add Katsantonis on defence had a great game with that pick 6 and some crushing hits


I had a BAAAAADDDDDDDDD feeling about this game.

I almost turned it off before the clock hit 14:59 in the first quarter. The stat line at the end of the 1st was abysmal.


I have to say that I turned out pretty pleased. Butler had a great game. Schiltz played alright (hope he is ok). McCallister is electrifying (stupid holding penalty). Very short week against a desperate team. Good offensive game plan (can’t remember the last time I said that).

I’d have preferred the team keep their foot on the throat of the Elks, and not let them back in. There are still some things to work on (time management - coughcough; penalties), but there are signs of things that could be promising. If the Oline can get fully healthy, and we can cut the mistakes…well…you just never know.


Fully agree. I enjoyed the game. Toronto at Montreal tonight. Then we play Toronto for the real test.


I think you meant to write “Powell…in relief”. McAllister was phenomenal.

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Why do we give up so many yards and points when we go into our so called


The only thing a prevent defence is good for is preventing victory.

in all honesty, a prevent defence is supposed to give up yards. You give them all the underneath stuff and ‘prevent’ from being beaten deep. Unfortunately, if the tackling sucks, you give up a lot of the underneath stuff that gets broken for even bigger plays, and points.