Kiss the 2023 Witches vol.I - First Time for Everything

To start off, I’m absolutely gutted my Masoli’s injury. To my non-professional eye, it looks like an Achilles, making it his third season-ending injury - on the same leg as his ACL tear. I wish him nothing but the best for a speedy recovery, but it might be about time to consider hte fact that he has young girls, and it would be nice to actually be able to walk with them in the future.

That being said, I feel the team was lucky to win. Once again, a backup no-name (sorry Crum) was made to look like an acomplished CFL veteran against Mark Washington’s Defence.

Game stars for me are Simoni (finally showed up), Thurman, Butler, Sindani.

Liegghio reminded us why he was cut this year, with an illegal kickoff followed by a missed PAT.

Too many penalties. Three were time-count violations - AT HOME. There is NO excuse for this. Then there were the dead-time fouls that are, to be frank, EXACTLY who this team is, after four games.

Maybe it’s the migraine, but I’m not thrilled by this win. I’m happy that we won, but it wasn’t due to good play. All that being said, they don’t ash “hoe” just “hoe many” and we can finally say “one”.


This thread should be called kiss your sister. I like a lot of players on this year’s roster but I’ve had enough of coach uh-oh and his bumbling assistants,



Hey - my sister is pretty hot.
I kid. I don’t have a sister.
But my cousins…


Step-sisters are where it’s at.

Or so I’ve heard.


Love is love.

The team won in spite of itself. You take the victory and build from there.



Totally agree that while the victory is great, it sucks to see Masoli go down with yet another serious injury. No one likes seeing that.


The defense stepped up.
Before people poop on the win, imagine if we lost.
I was still cheering like crazy
Simoni, nice to see you again.
Lot’s of fun.


McAllister showed some burst and speed he could be exciting.

When Simoni gets some confidence and swagger from actually making plays and isn’t just talking he starts making more plays,tonight he showed that for the first time this year.

James Butler, Duke Williams and Chris Edwards all very good free agent pickups so far.

I love when the Teddy bear does anything so it’s cool seeing him making a couple big plays this year.


I wonder how OT would have played out.

Would have been a major momentum boost for OTT to tie it up.


Rain would’ve started up too by then, would’ve been interesting


Yes. That last RB drive, with a rookie QB, should never have made it to our 2 yard line so easily. That’s on Mark Washington in my opinion. One missed tackle, and we would have gone into OT.


Well, technically they still would have needed a 2-pt convert.

And there are a lot of plays that are one missed tackle away from becoming a TD. Kind of hard to be angry about all of them.


I’ll take the win. Agree it was not pretty.

The team we beat is not very good - but neither are we. If we can improve in the coming weeks, win the games we should win, and we get some injured players back - who knows? I’m not predicting anything - just want to see us win some games for now. Baby steps.

Nice to see great performances from
Simoni and Thurman. Butler ran hard and McCallister could be an intriguing player for us - let’s give him a few games to see if he can consistently perform at that level.


Barely beat Ottawa, but it’s a win.

3 officiating calls I don’t understand.

  1. Touchdown called incomplete even though he was in the endzone. I’m guessing because he was fighting for the ball with the Ottawa player.

  2. Our player pushed their receiver out of bounds and got called for PI?

  3. We’re on offence and pass appeared to go incomplete off our receivers hands oit of bounds, but it was ruled an interception by Ottawa? Wtf?

I was at the game and all these plays were far from us, and the last two didn’t have im stadium replays, so maybe I’m missing something. But all these plays left us crusing CFL officiating again.

  1. Agree. That should be a TD. Once he hits the ground the defender can’t rip the ball out.

Also. That is an automatic review by the command centre, Stein should not have had to challenge a potential scoring play.

  1. Agree. The official that made the call actually pointed at Ottawa, but the head official called it against Hamilton. That looked like OPI to me.

  2. It was a catch, fumble by Smith that bounced off the defenders leg for Ottawa possession


Wonder who sent in the hitch pass to McAllister for the TD. Sure havent seen it in Condell’s playbook before.


I had said the same thing, scoring play supposed to be reviewed automatically. And it cost us our challenge.

Ok makes sense about the catch/fumble/ oob. It was so quick, couldn’t understand what happened.

The PI, I need to see a replay on that.

Officiating needs big time work.


We’ve seen it, they just never block and execute it properly. The other two receivers out there got on their guys and held their blocks long enough to get McAllister free. It was the best play of the game.


Missed the game last night. Away on vacation so I appreciate all the posts.

But just reading the stat sheet our kicker was 5-5 with a 50 yarder.
I see he missed a PAT and kicked one OB but that looks like a solid night/I take that every game.

And the 4th string QB threw for 149 yards with two picks and no TDs.
That looks like we defended him well enough.

Not fair that I am giving an opinion based on the game sheet though.

And the one injury I fear more than any other is the non contact Achilles. No amount of training or prep can avoid that. I too feel for Masoli.