Kiss the 2023 Witches v.VII - Cow(town) Patties

Orlondo replaced an ineffective QB for one who could actually throw the ball downfield and complete some passes. The same guy can also run for a FD too.

Shiltz, when healthy (which I’m not entirely certain he was the past few games even though he dressed) is a better option than Powell. At least today.

This game almost put me to sleep. Honestly, the high point for me was the announcement of Green Day being the GC halftime show. I couldn’t get excited watching a mediocre team beating a poor team.

Kats is a keeper. Apparently the announcers agreed with me with their comparison to Hitchcock… lol





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Thank God for CHML’s coverage of the 4th quarter because Cogeco was hacked again . Scrambled screens were a joke and an embarrassment to the CFL . Thanks to the local radio station for keeping us up to date with the big win


Glass half full…

  • 7-4 against teams not named Toronto
  • D has looked really good the last bunch of games against teams not named Toronto (zero TDs against tonight)
  • stayed with the run game even though it wasn’t effective early and it was great late
  • Shiltz was a huge upgrade from Powell

Glass half empty:

  • We can’t avoid playing Toronto in the playoffs
  • the O was very pedestrian in the second half (hopefully some #1 reps for Shiltz this week is the spark plug)

Will we see Bo next week?

Gotta love Alberta teams in the basement this year…



Its time for the combo of BO and Shultz from here in.

Cats still have a shot at second in the East . :heartbeat: :+1:


It’s time for another fun and crazy fact : If both Calgary and Edmonton both miss the playoffs this year it will be the first time in history that both Albertan teams have missed the playoffs in the same season . Rather hard to believe in such a small league but we could be seeing history here this season .


Yes Pat, it’s possible. There are 3 games left, but…

We play Sask and BC, then Mtl
They play Ott and Edm, then us

And then we need to win 1 more than Mtl (and likely have to beat Mtl at home)…. Tall order.


No pressure on Ottawa and Edmonton . The Als are not the Argos . :+1:


Cats could win out. All those teams are beatable.


This really is a mediocre team that wins on any given Sunday. It’s getting interesting!

I believe our number to leapfrog Montreal is 5. That’s 5 total Ticat wins and Alouette losses.

There’s no scenario where we can finish 2nd without winning in Montreal. If we win our next 2 and they lose their next 2 we’re 1 game up heading into the finale. If we lose the finale we’re tied and they win the tie-breaker.

So, we need to win the final game, but before then we need 1 of 3 scenarios (ignoring the possibility of ties) to play out:

  1. Ticats go 2-0, Als go 1-1
  2. Ticats go 2-0, Als go 0-2
  3. Ticats go 1-1, Als go 0-2

I don’t like our chances, but stranger things have happened.


Further to this… if Montreal wins and we lose next week it’s all over as far as playoff seeding in the East goes and our last two games are meaningless. I don’t love that scenario.

Alternatively, if we win in Regina and Montreal loses at home to Ottawa we are back in control of the two seed “just” needing to win out to finish second. Of course, even in that scenario, Montreal is also in control of their destiny and would also finish second if they won our. Strange but true.


The only game that really worries me is when the Lions are in town . I know we have beaten them once in their home park but that brings in the revenge factor plus the fact that they are in a neck and neck battle with the BB’s for 1rst place out West . That game is going to be tough for us but not unwinnable if we play mistake free football .

As for Saskatchewan and Montreal ? It won’t be easy but we can take both of these games if we put our mind to it and put the pedal to the metal for all 4 quarters in both games .


Both Hamilton and Montreal have winning records on the road and losing records at home.

A home playoff game is nice but if we end up on the road in Montreal I think we’ve got a pretty good chance of winning out there.


Yes, TAYLOR Powell was SWIFTly replaced and the Cats went on to win the game.

Going to Sask is never easy
BC is a very dynamic team
We haven’t beat Montreal

We’re an inconsistent middle of the road team, we probably won’t win out or lose out.


Looking ahead, we know we play in Regina, home to BC, in Montreal, against Montreal somewhere, and if we beat Montreal then in Toronto. Side note: It feels weird knowing the two teams in the East Semi and the host of the East Final with 100% certainly before September is over. Not, it’s pretty obvious what will happen, but absolute certainty. Strange.

Anyhow, of those five games, the only one I’m confident in the outcome is the last one. I know, never say never. Maybe Big Fig is healthy and Bo finds Darrell Walker to send us to the Grey Cup, but I wouldn’t even bet your money on the Ticats beating Toronto in 2023.

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