Kiss the 2022 Witches vol.VIII

Ottawa goes unwinning at home for the season.
All three QBs contributed during this game.
Our backups looked good against an injury-riddled Ottawa team.
LaPo explaining right now why we couldn't stack the roster with PR players. Makes perfect sense.
Dunbar makes 1000 yards EXACTLY. Good for him.


Bring on the post season. :beers:


Just had a feeling that this would be a win - the most relaxed I've been all season during a game! Of course it helped that there was nothing on the line, but I wouldn't have wanted them to go into the playoffs with a loss.
The team played disciplined football - not too many penalties and no dumb ones aside from that little last-second scuffle. They gave up a few sacks but I don't know that that was completely the fault of the OL. They're going to have to play at a high level to beat the competition next week. Larks looked like a very motivated team today but the Ticats will be as well when they get to the ESF. Time for a W in La Belle Province!

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Hands up everybody who honestly thought that when we were 3 - 9 with 6 to go that we would end up 8 - 10 and play-off bound after a four game win streak to close out the season ? Counting hands , counting hands , still counting and I see not many in the air raised ( including my own )


Shows you what happens when you replace 4/5 of an Offensive Line with actual, capable, professional football players instead of the experiments the brain trust running this team attempted.


You can count me in that group...

I still don't think we're a good football team and the weak East and a couple of bad teams in the West is why we're in the playoffs, however, we seem to be playing well at the right time when it counts. As I've said before, this team seems eerily similar to the Al Bruno coached Cats in the early '80's. I remember the 1983 playoffs and going into old Lansdowne park in Ottawa ( the last game played on real grass at Lansdowne...) and pulling off an incredible win right at the end of the game ( Johnny Shepherd leap), only to lose a trip to the Grey Cup the next week in TO ( on an absolutely terrible PI call!!!)...


I definitely had serious doubts that they'd make the playoffs and the way that they were playing, I figured that would be for the best so that they didn't embarrass themselves - which of course could still happen. I think they can play well enough IF they can keep from turning the ball over as they did tonight.

I think we need to start Shiltz in the semi and bring in Evans if Shiltz dosn't move the


It looked like Riley may have a serious enough injury to, perhaps, end his season.
While I didn't hear a report on it, my guess would be a separated left shoulder. :frowning_face:

When did he get hurt?

I could be wrong on this but I believe it was sometime during the 3rd quarter .

I can’t recall another season where the Cats turned it around the same year. It helps that the Riders crashed and burned.

Its nice to see another team (especially one that was supposed to compete for the cup) crash and burn other than the Ti-Cats.

Interesting season...we beat some of the best teams in Winnipeg & Calgary and swept the worse in Ottawa....its those in between teams that we had trouble with.

We keep our win streak alive against the RBs and no team has any significant win streak against us. (First time in a long time)

I thought the back of his leg got rolled up on but I could be mistaken. Don’t remember him coming back in. Tough break for him and hope he’s ok. He’s been a real find there, along with the pickups of Kelly and Beard from Edmonton. Probably the biggest reason for our turnaround.

Anyone pay attention to how Kemp looked tonight? They may be forced to use him on the left side if Riley stays out.

Think my prediction in your poll was 6-12. Glad to be wrong but the real fun starts next week.


4 of 5 is an exaggeration.
Revenberg & Woodmansey were always penciled in as the starting Guards.
Seems they have achieved some stability along the O-Line.
On to Percival Molson Memorial Stadium . . . hoping for a miracle.


Well I predicted 7-11 and came up a bit short
Time for another 3 game win streak! :+1:


Riley’s injury - could be an ankle twist or knee but he was able to walk off and put his own weight on it after. Don’t believe he returned.

That's a great action freeze on the 3rd quarter play where Riley was injured.
As you can see, the back of his right leg was rolled up on by a RedBlack, but Brandon Kemp, from the other end of the TiCat OL, accidentally hit Riley from behind with his helmet into the back of Riley's left shoulder, while Tyrone's left arm was fully extended outward. He did walk off, with no sign of a leg injury, but with a staffer holding his upper left arm.
If you have the game recorded, there is point later where you can see Riley at the bench wearing a thin, strap type sling, crossing his body from his right shoulder, to support the weight of his left arm. That point is with the 0:43 showing as the remaining time in the 3rd quarter and the point, there, to pause the video is at a close-up of Coach O. facing to the right of the screen. Riley is just left of the coach and you can see the thin black sling crossing his back. I think it's clear that the injury is to his left shoulder area. Perhaps it was a dislocation, which had to be popped back in.


Good eye on that one. I'm not sure who the backup is (I SHOULD know) but if he misses time...