Kiss the 2022 Witches vol.VII

I just want to clarify something regarding wind strategy last night, but I have to clarify the fact that this is second hand information, because I was having a conversation during the Coin Toss last night, therefore was not paying attention to the result . . . the next thing I know, the 'Cats are preparing to receive the opening KO.

I was listening to the 5thQ in the car after the game, and Rick Zamperin stated the following in response to a comment about "wind strategy" (paraphrasing):
" I am told that the TSN broadcast team was reporting that the Tiger-Cats won the toss and elected to receive the opening KO to start the game. This is not correct. Ottawa won the toss & elected to defer to the 2nd H."
I cannot corroborate this information myself, but perhaps someone else can, because a lot of people are commenting on the choices that each team was making, and if they watched the game on TV, they may be forming opinions based upon information that is wrong.


It's kind of how the Cats played under Al Bruno in the early/mid-'80's...They would look horrible in July and early August and start to turn it on as the playoffs approached...

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If that happens, and hope it does, ( and assuming we win next week to seal it)...That would mean we go to Toronto to play the Argonauts in the East Semi-Final...

Rip the Argos heads off in front of their 10's of fans in the playoffs two years in a row...

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And now a question about team strategies, during very windy games:
If Team #1 chooses to receive the ball at the start of either half, during a game with a very significant wind advantage, why would Team #2 choose to kick into that wind, thereby guaranteeing great field position for their opponent to open the game (or 2ndH) ??
I understand the teams' desire to have the wind in Q2 & Q4, but if it has already been decided that Team #2 is kicking off to start the half, why not take the wind, rely on your cover team to pin the receiving team deep in their own end, and hope that your D can hold them to a 2 & out, which would then give Team #2 excellent field position on their opening drive??

But time after time, I have witnessed the exact opposite . . . Team #1 chooses to receive the opening kick, and in spite of an aggressive wind, Team #2 chooses to kick into that wind. That makes no sense to me. Apparently this is what happened at the start of the game, but not at the start of the 3rdQ (Ottawa chose to play with the wind in Q4, at the start of 2ndH).

My understanding is that they needed to submit their depth chart before the Hamilton game and so had to put in their best lineup in case BC lost and they still had a shot at second place. They still may rest some of their players within the limitations of the set lineup. But I suspect they would not want to go into the playoffs on a 3-game losing streak so best win this one and rest their starters in the last game.


Good point about those Bruno led teams in the 80's . Usually always dreadful in the first half of the season and gangbusters in the second half of the season .

For example I present exhibit # A...

1984......started off 2 - 8 - 1 / finished off at 6 - 2 .........Grey Cup finalists
1985.....started off 1 - 6 - 0 / finished off at 8 - 3 .........Grey Cup finalists
1986.....started off 1 - 5 - 0 / finished off at 10 - 4 - 1...Grey Cup champions


I think it's because they want as many plays with the wind as possible and so want it in the 4th when because of the stop clock in the last 3 minutes there is probably time around 2 or 3 more plays than in the 2nd Q. Not much of an advantage in IMO but coaches seem to think so.

Looks good! Too bad Logan is out though. He and Carey are an explosive tandem.

I watched and listen to every coin flip, last night the Red Blacks chose Heads , the coin landed Tails , then some low voices were heard ,not distinguishable, almost like some disagreement on what the call was the mikes were not picking it up , reminded me of a high school coin flip ,you lose and say oh no we chose tails ….What I heard was we won the coin toss ….”tails”
More than one confusing moment in communications lat night …..


After the coin toss the ref looked at the Ottawa captains as if to wait for their choice and then clearly said "Oh no, you chose heads" (which made me and my friends laugh) at which point he turned towards the Hamilton captains for their choice. The 'Cats won the coin toss. Rick Zamperin got some wrong information.


Is there a chance that, in the confusion you've reported, the TiCat captains, when the referee turned to them, thought Ottawa had already made a choice and so chose to receive?

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No. He looked at Ottawa, and the Ticats objected. What Pope is saying 100% is correct.

Hamilton won the toss and deferred.
Ottawa chose end.
Cats took the ball.

Cats took the ball in the second half.
Ottawa took the wind in the 4th.


I think that's the way it was when I first started caring about the Cats in '63!

My wife sent a tart note to TSN about this. We got an automated reply back saying they had received our email. That seems to be a new thing this year. I also noted that they are only giving the 1st game 2 3/4 hrs instead of 3 hrs. It went off our TV with 50 secs to go!! GRRRRRR!


it was only the week before that we missed the start of the Cats / Stamps game because they Didn't change from the 1st game to the 2nd game.

no rhyme or reason with TSN.

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The O and D lines were solid last night. STE stepped up and showed his full potential. Play calling felt improved, but still some headscratchers. Small is a gem.

I said it in the other thread about QBs, but my big disappointment/ frustration last night was with Dane Evans. Every pass is a fastball and too many balls in the dirt on second down. It's like he's overwhelmed. I'm not optimist that will get better. He was only under average pressure last night. No doubt he could use a big physical receiver or two - but he has the best protection of his career and is still running for his life. I was relieved when Schiltz came in. His passes have more wobble but he has a better pocket presence, or at least he did in the few plays he was in last night.


Watched the warm up, Shiltz passes were ahead of and in the hands !

What a catch by Geno Lewis for Montreal late in the 4th!!!

That was about as maximum an effort a guy can make...

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I agree...

I suspect it's time to admit that Evan's is basically a very good back up who can be a spot starter if necessary but not a number 1 QB. For the very reasons you've mentioned. I think he thrives in an environment that allows that pressure to be taken off like it was for the last two seasons here. Masoli was the assumed number 1 and Evans would come in as the relief valve. I'm not sure he has the mental make up to be a starting QB...


Looks like we're going to Montreal in 2 weeks assuming everything works out tonight...

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