Kiss the 2022 Witches vol.VII

This game was almost lost at the coin-flip.
If not for an inspired run by Shiltz, we are probably looking at an Ottawa win.

Dane had a bad game, but the strip wasn't his fault, nor was Dunbar's fumble. It took an iffy overturned call to allow an INT.

Somehow, the team won. Despite the idiocy of taking the ball during a wind storm.

It was a sloppy game, and very few players distinguished themselves.

Still, it's two points in the standings, and SSK needs to win out, and Hamilton will have to lose next week to cross over.



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Happy for the win but pissed at Tsn.
what a joke for switching feeds with under 2 minutes left!


Honestly I don’t really no this team ? jeckel and hyde this season! We will see in Montreal hopefully successful!

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I'm glad we won, but...

This Offence is not a playoff calibre Offence. Outside of STE (mostly in the 2nd half),calling the Offence inconsistent would be an insult to rampant inconsistency. It isn't going to win us much against better teams. Seth Small, other than that miss in the first half, was nails in terrible kicking conditions.

However, that Defence stood on its head when we really needed it, especially in the 4th quarter. Some of the Secondary play was a bit iffy, but, that front 7 probably played its best game of the year.


The stars tonight


They did announce where one could watch the rest of a game - a pain for sure to have to switch over as one can easily miss plays but I don't think any plays were missed. Earlier there was an interruption that resulted in a missed 2nd down play by the Ticats.

Maybe seven seconds notice, as a play was about to start. Gotta be pretty quick with the remote. (I wasn’t quick enough.)

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There were interruptions all game. It was probably the wind blowing the transmitting antenna off-bearing.

Believe me it's even slower with a streaming box but I don't think I missed anything.
Regardless they won and got the 2 points which is what is important.

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Of course, the best way to avoid this is to NOT schedule overlapping games. There are three days in a weekend, so this should never happen with 4 games per week (at most).

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I was about 10 minutes behind on my recording so by the time i knew they switched it was already over.

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Ouch. Sometimes I watch that way too. Would have to try to “rewind” from live TV to the right spot while somehow averting my eyes just enough so that I don’t see the ending.


Glad we won but a little lucky. TSN turning point was the Ottawa challenge on the dpi which resulted in Ottawa getting the ball on an int in the 3rd qtr. When the ref announced the call on the field was overturned, several Ottawa defenders went in the direction of the ticat bench to talk some trash which I think inspired the team.


Maybe they were trying to honour their fallen teammate Acklin, who would have been trash talking our bench like a 13-yr old boy if he had been playing.


The Ticats are now winning the close games that they lost earlier this year.

Great, clutch performance from Shiltz off the bench. It may be his rodeo going forward if Dane Evans broke his hand.


Schiltz was only in there and only able to set up the game-winner with his 25 yard run because of Evans' hand injury. Sometimes, things just work out that way but if you're relying on things like that, those things favour the other team about half the time.


Love the way this team has performed in situational football as of late. Would take that over those 300 yards passing games any day.

Loved we got 177 yards, Is Tommy Condel still calling the plays?

Didn't like all the injuries Evans, Jackson etc

We are getting experience in playing high wind games and seem to come out on exactly the kind of experience a team needs to play in November in Saskatchewan!


Thought Small’s 90% FG success rate might be in danger after that first miss. Turns out he is just hanging on. But one miss next week knocks him into the 80s (unless he also has nine good kicks).

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Great to get the W, but this team... who are they? They beat Calgary, Sask and Winnipeg (almost hung 50 on 'em) and yet need a last second FG to beat the 4 win Ottawa's. It seems we have the west figured out but can't handle our own division.

Frustrating team, clearly they're capable of being dominant, but just as capable of playing terrible football.

Dane seems to be reverting back to bad habits/tendencies.

Small was cash, some nice runs from Shiltz and STE.

Playoffs are a bonus this year, we're lucky to be in, but I'm not expecting much in November.