Kiss the 2022 Witches Vol.IV

Well it's not called that in Edmonton or Ottawa the last few seasons . :dizzy_face:

I still think we need to work on our return game. We need someone like Speedy
out there to challege our opponents.

I agree . We've got reliable guys like Ungerer or the White "brothers" but our burner Woods 111 is on the injured list . Maybe Godwin WR or Redd WR could do the job . They are both on the practice roster .


One thing I noticed in this game was how Zach worked in the pocket. He's learned how to make defenders lunge, he does a little stutter step, almost like an Ali shuffle, that draws the defender to commit to the tackle and then he steps back. He doesn't panic and run. Something he's learned with age (or I just didn't see it before).


He's a matador . Wayne Gretzky did it in hockey . In his hay day he seldom took a direct hit . He wasn't a big guy in a big guy game . I agree that Zach has learned the hard way but he is so much better for it . I wish him good health and a long career . :+1:


As I posted in another thread, more plays had Evans rolling out more than in any previous game I can remember this season. In past games he was often trapped in the pocket under pressure with our then questionable O line. The O line was vastly improved against the Bombers but the roll outs also helped IMO.


This is quite the chart. (Note: yellow is good.)

Ferguson: Keeping up with the quarterbacks -


It looks like the right side of the field was used a lot more than in previous games. Nice to see the ball spread around like that.


I think they tried to move the receivers around a fair bit to take advantage of the two young guys in the Bomber secondary.


Absolutely love the chart....lots of yellow and NO blue.

Can almost sit back and picture the touchdowns...

... thats when Tim white caught the TD in the flat, that's when Dunbar caught the TD pass went over the defenders out stretched hands

Holy macral, Diondre Smith wide open down the right seam...blown peg coverage TD ticats

And the best of all .... when Ungerer caught the contested TD to cap off the best drive of the season and put the nail in the Peg's coffin

Oskee wee wee

(Sorry, I'm still enjoying the win)


You must use Corktown for the forecasts.

It is the closest to THF.

On your phone you simply cannot beat the "Hyperlocal Weather" app. It is the most accurate and reliable forecast I have ever used on any device or platform.

I want to close this thread since it's game day, but I also want the hyper local weather app - Can't seem to find it on my phone. Maybe someone can DM me? Thanks!