Kiss the 2022 Witches Vol.II

This "win" certainly felt like another loss to me.
The sae frickin' things that have plagued us all year continue to rear their ugly heads.

Game thoughts:

A Thursday night game without a 4K broadcast is a kick in the teeth for those of us who pay for it. TSN is cheaping-out, since the next 4K CFL broadcast is on Saturday. Not even for Friday Night Football - the so-called "flagship" show.

First Quarter:

Tim White is a net liability. Two targets, two incompletions, one of which SHOULD havebeen a fumble. Hopefully the last game he plays or us.
Not challenging the MTL fumble that was ruled a completion was a big mistake.
D-line playing well sacking Harris twice in a row.
Still no running lanes for anybody at RB.
Domagala's punting has reverted. His stats were padded in the dome in Vancouver.
Our secondary got even better with the return of Brooks.
We completely lost the field-position battle on the punt exchanges. MTL has been covering well, but the short punts from Domagala...
And the punting woes continue. No hang-time, no directional kicking, no chance for the coverage team.
Dane overthrows Don Jackson who had a clear path to the end zone. He made that pass all year in 2019.
Schilz in with a big run and UR penalty add-on. Then a good play by Jackson gets us to the 5. Will Dane come in to start the second quarter?

Second Quarter:

Still no Dane. First play - failure. Second play - no score. TD with our third-string QB. Cue the controversy...
Is Dane benched? Way to play with the confidence of your starting QB. Does Khari want "his (old) guy" at QB?
Dane back in. Musical QBs.
Poor play call and execution on that pass to Dunbar.
Domagala simply cannot aim a punt towards the sidelines. Explain to me how he continues to cash game cheques.
Micah Johnson is finally earning his pay with two sacks so far. His FIRST two, actually.
Timmeh continues to be a net liability. Can you cut a player DURING a game?
MTL misses a 51-yd FG attempt with 8 seconds left. Of course, we commit a Holding penalty on the return. Dane does a pair of Tim White Kneels to end the half.

Third Quarter:

Looks like we finally took the wind in the 4th for once.
Dane back in.
The WR screen finally worked. Dunbar with a great run after the catch for a TD.
I noticed that we kicked off from our 45-yard line. Was this due to a penalty that TSN forgot to announce? Yup - an UR penalty that TSN failed to announce.
Dane back in.
I absolutely HATE a running play from the shotgun in short-yardage. Thsnkfully, Don Jackson outpowered the LB that caught him behind the LOS...

Fourth Quarter:

Schilz in. Why?
Wildcat formation. Why?
Great catch and run by Dunbar, until he gets hammered and caugh=up the ball...
I can't understane why Orlondo continues to allow Mark Washington to leave the 7-12-yard underneath zone open in the second half of football games. That is Trevor Harris' bread and butter. It could cost us the game.
Schilz in. Why? That experiment failed when we needed a drive.
The ONE TIME Domagala makes a good punt, and the coverage team poops their pants.
Stopped MTL on downs. Need a long drrive.
WTF isn't Dane playing?
Dane saves Schilz's ass on that conversion.
Can't even get a second First Down. Two running plays up the middle that went nowhere.
Second and 23 - and the D allows the FD. Tall WR over a shorter DB. Again.
Sloppy Defence in the second half.

A horrible game by the blind zebras. Thankfully, we got a last-second INT to seal the victory.


Argos are going to sweep us. This team has issues.



I would say that the brass is now of the opinion that Evans may not be full time starter material...

But, quite honestly, the front office has not given him much to work with...

D played pretty good but was gassed out again late. A good team would have beaten us...

We have to face the facts, the Front Office has clearly written this year off and does not expect to fix things until the off season. That's assuming a sane person thinks this team can evaluate talent and intends to fix issues that have been glaring for a few years now...


Letting big leads disappear is going to kill this team when it counts if that annoyingly frustrating character trait is not somehow corrected.

Actually this bad habit has been killing us since last year's Grey Cup game. And continues into this season.

It goes back to hte 2019 GC game...

Saved by the.......injury spotter?


Not giving Evans more control of this team is a mistake.

Put in Shiltz for a couple of plays to change the look and give him a pass and a run but that is enough. Do this 3 to 4 times in a game. Leave it at that.

The defence played very well. If Dunbar doesn't lose the ball on the hit the game isn't close.

Brooks was lights out. Great to have him back.

The refereeing is an embarrassment. We shouldn't need to burn challenges to cover for their mistakes! How do two idiots not see the bobbling of the ball right out of bounds, not see the hold on Trevor's late 4th quarter run or see the DPI on Dunbar? These jackasses are going to cost teams games. Disgraceful.

It's 2 points. Badly needed.

Time to bury the Argos. I'll feel much better after that.


We won. Our defense is great.
Evans has a confidence problem and now the coaches have lost confidence in him.
Late in the game with a field goal needed to secure the win and he's on the bench. I said before the series that this is when Evans fumbles. But Evans didn't come out. Apparently the coaches were thinking the same thing.

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We just got physically whipped in the '19 Grey Cup on both sides of the ball...there was no lead to give up...


A win is a win but very troubling as again we have another 4thQ collapse of both offence and defense that was saved this time by the injury spotter.
I see why we keep Domagala. He's our best special teams tackler.


I forgot to mention that every FG and PAT attempt was successful.

You know it's been bad if I have to say that...

2 and 0 against the east.
That's what's most important this year.


The Montreal receiver, Weineke, did fumble, but he recovered it himself. He reached his arm out and pulled it in.
I had a 4K broadcast here in Vancouver.


They certainly don't make it easy. Evans play was spotty at times, I find that when he's pressured that his passes are 9 feet in the air, not always, but more than 50% of the time. At this point in his career, I don't know if he can break the field down enough to manage it, maybe why Coach O takes him out so he can get a better perception of the defense. Other times he looks great, that 90 yard drive was brilliant. As in most of their games this season, they were one play from winning or one play from losing. Penalties not killing us, they hurt but has shown improvement. Defense played exceptionally well except for the marshmallow mode they went into on Mtl's TD drive. Happy for the win but it was not satisfying. Slightly improving overall, long way to go.


Special teams is now a bit of a concern. Domagala i think made the tackle on 3-4 punt returns. He's pretty much the last guy back, so that's 3-4 TDs our punter had to save.


Good news is Dane Evans did not turn over the ball by fumbling and bumbling. He didn't have a single blocked pass.
Although he was throwing the ball a little high and sometimes timing was off.Think in 2nd qtr he overthrew a reciever that was wide open over the top.
Our Oline & FG kicking was great.

Montreal was beating themselves with undisciplined penalties (one of thecreasons Khari was fired) a good team would have beaten us.
Trevor Harris had some great passes; our D line just just overpowered their oline for some timely sacks.

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The hustle by Domagala was impressive when he made that TD saving tackle. If I recall he made a similar tackle late in the game against Ottawa also.


Did you notice who was the best Al’s defender? Ty Beverette! 8 tackles with 3 on special teams, and most were at critical moments…


There was a Montreal 5 yard penalty with about 45 seconds to go and first down. Orlondo accepted the penalty, but it remained first down.

With 45 seconds to go, why didn't he decline it and get to second down? Instead Montreal gets 3 cracks to throw deep (because that's what they're going to try and do with with 45 seconds left).

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