Kiss the 2021 Witches vol.VIII

We finish the season at 8-6, but, to me, it's a very unimpressive 8 wins.
Ottawa twice;
Montreal once;
Toronto once;
A depleted Saskatchewan once;
A BLM-less Calgary once;
Edmonton once; and
BC once.

Dane played OK, but he DID look rusty. Masoli likely played "well enough" to start next week.
The team has to get a grip on the bad penalties - the ones after the play's over.

BLM played, it was our 2 quarterbacks who didn’t.
Watford won 2 games, so 2 Masoli-less and Evans-less victories.

All you can do is beat the bad teams. That’s what makes them bad and you good.

2 freak endings away from 10 and 4.

One missed convert away from 11 and 3 maybe.

Masoli was on pace for 450 yards, so, yep, good enough.

So, the bounces didn’t go their way this year, but here we are in second place with a winning record, just like in 1986 and 1999.


That’s your opinion

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The only thing truly significant, meaningfull from this game is no one important got hurt.


Huh? I think that’s a fact.

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There is room for diversity of views.

I think I get it


Can’t admit to that. I don’t want to be disciplined or punished.

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Gotta love those alternative facts. :slight_smile:

So, the Ticats beat every team in the league except Winnipeg

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Great, great… There better be female necromancer smootching next week, when it matters.

That's right, we beat 7 out of the other 8 teams at least once this year.

I wonder if Montreal and Saskatchewan don't count their final regular season games as actual losses.

Well, at least everyone can now agree that the relentless QB debate has finally been settled. Right?

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There was nothing shown tonight that should change anything.

We have a bunch of people that think Evans is the better QB and should be leading this team into the playoffs.

We have a couple people that think Masoli is the better QB.

And we have a boat load of people that either kinda admit Evans is better, sometimes, won't admit it out loud because of pride, or don't pick a side at all and will then say "I told you so" in a passive aggressive way no matter what happens.

And none of their opinions matter.

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Suitor just gave benefit of the doubt to a tackler who hit the QB as he started his slide. Because you know, it was too late for the guy to let up.

Sometimes you just know who is dirty and who isn’t.

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Oh no, are you trying to say that there are some people who might not agree that the debate should actually be over?

If you think tonight showed anything to end the debate, you're likely in the big minority.

Did Dunigan just say that Bo Levi Messiah might have a “dead arm”?

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He did. TSN mailed this week in all around

Nothing would end the debate. But I would think it ends any speculation on who starts next game. Many thought it was already decided anyway, and today’s performances did not change the coach’s pecking order.

Perhaps other topics will actually be discussed over the next seven days.