Kiss the 2021 Witches vol.VII - Heart-Attack 'Cats!

Playoffs secure.
The complete inability to convert a first down late in the game almost bit us in the ass.
Masoli had a pretty good game.
The team had the usual 3rd-quarter slump.
We seemed to ignore the intermediate routes, giving up 8-10 yards every pass, it seems.
Whatever. A win is a win. Against a lower-ranked team.

Did we cover the spread?

According to 3DN, we were a 6.5-point favourite, so, yes.

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Finish the freaking game gentlemen. Enough of this nonsense. All three phases crapped out in the fourth quarter- offense, defense and special teams. You nearly blew it again!?! TAKE CONTROL.


We have a disturbing tendency to let opponents convert on 2nd & long.


DBs playing too far back.

I'm actually thinking our defence is by design. The DBs didnt' seem to be getting beaten deep, so they may have been playing off the receivers to help prevent that.

Watching BC against TOR last week, it looked like BC was fixated on the deep play. Perhaps our strategy was to try to stop that?


Cheers: Masoli full of confidence . No pick streak. Jackson. O-LINE could have been a train wreck ( start respecting Gibson).

Jeers: Why take foot off gas and let BC hang around. Defense raised eyebrows. Bertolet.


But that still allows the offence to make completions underneath all the way down the field. At some point, you have to stand up & stop them. Why not do it while they're still in their own end?

That's the difference between playing to win & playing not to lose imo.

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The cocourses must have been packed, because the stands looked less than half-full.
BC has the same clock-management issues the Ticats do. As Crash pointed out, Hamilton snapped the ball TWICE IN A ROW with time on the play clock. That was at least 25 seconds that could have been run down.

Just curious. It looks like it seems to happen when we play at home. Others?

Not to mention we got really frickin' lucky on that onside kick

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In a way, it forces more plays (more chances for a mistake), forces the opposition to burn the clock, and you don't give up quick scores.
It's infuriating while watching the game, however...

Nobody in a deeper position. Reinebold HAS to fix that.

I know what you mean, but the secondary is supposed to be one of our strengths, let them play man.

Although Rolle definitely had a tough game tonight

Not many YAC against him. Seemed to me he always made the stop after a reception.

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The Cats may make the Cup, But they do not possess the killer instinct to beat
the Bummers.

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The O moved the ball and was generally productive...The O-Line seems to be playing better as a complete unit.

Masoli had a relatively good game passing with this caveat...STOP OVERTHROWING GUYS WHO ARE CLEARLY OPEN!!!

The Front 8 of the D played a solid, but not spectacular, game.


The O cannot seem to cash in when they get in the red zone. Settling for Field Goals isn't going to cut it in the playoffs.

As the weather gets colder and worse, we need to feature more of a clock control running game and a short, controlled passing game. This was missing at key times tonight.

The Secondary really needs to tighten up the coverage. It's clear that Delvin Breaux was a shut down DB and the replacement are...not...Also, enough of this quasi Prevent D late in games. If we're going to lose, I'd rather lose with our best D formations and not where we give up tons of free yards.

We've played 3 weak teams in a row and have padded our record in front of the playoffs. We need to prove we can win against above .500 teams now...


I...WANT...THE...ARGOS ( When it counts)!!!!!

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Twice in a row and went out of bounds twice.
Mind boggling we continue to do these things.