Kiss the 2021 Witches vol.VI - Tigers feasting on Elk tonight

We look like world-beaters against "marginal" teams. A few notes I took during the game:
Dunbar, Jr. and Tim White seem to be the future.
Apparently it's OK to run over a receiver without looking for the ball.
Cariel Brooks is a pure beast. PKD count: 2
Kicking is still a thing. Other teams (Winnipeg) have solved it, why can't the Tiger-Cats? Shanked kickoff AGAIN.
How a guy can throw absolute DIMES all night can't seem to complete a screen pass is beyond me.
Dylan Wynn sack count: 2+
Suitor is BY FAR the worst colour commentator in sports. ANY sport, in ANY country.
Acklin refuses to suffer the "sophmore jinx".
The stands actually looked LESS full than BMO Field.
James Wilder, Jr should be suspended. Again.
The complete character assassination of Simoni by Suitor is close to libel.
Kameron Kelly deserves a 3-game suspension for spitting on another player.
ANOTHER missed FG from 32-yards by Bertolet. And ANOTHER miss later. In the NFL, he would be released before the game's over.

Interresting comments from the broadcast crew about Masoli playing better now that Dane's off the 6-game.

Typical late 3rd-quarter offensive lapse.
Our QBs better start practicing drop-kicks, because out Kicker is useless. Even worse - he's taking up a roster spot.
We seem to have found a running game.
I LOVED seeing them run the ball down Edmonton's throat int the 4th quarter.
With 44 seconds left in the game, we FINALLY got a Speedy injury update. What a joke for a "professional" broadcast crew.

Good game Jeremiah. :facepunch:t2:


Well done Cats! I will leave the criticism to others.

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Bertolet was apparently injured. Not that that addresses his misses outside of this game.

3 games for Kelly? Rather harsh don’t you think. He didn’t injure anyone.

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No chance. Maybe 1 game.

He's a grown-ass man who made the decision to spit into another player's face.

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I agree, but I wish it would be more.

He can appeal, and appeal will be scheduled for February.

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Well, if you follow soccer, you don’t even get punished. See the Canada Panama game.

I won't say anything about soccer players from that part of the world.
In Honduras, the Canadians had baggies of human urine thrown at them.
We're better than that.

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Kelly puts himself before the team. That can be critical in key games. Good player but needs to understand there is no I in team.

Before I judge anyone, I want to hear their version of what happened

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You actually think there's an EXCUSE for horking a loogie in another person's face?

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Was Nic Cross a scratch in this game? Thought he was Kelly’s backup. They had Adeleke over there in the second half.

We’re you there? How do you know it was in his face?

Well, from the camera angles, it's pretty conclusive.

Glass half full: Masoli accuracy. Jackson. Banks interest level. Defense pads stats.
Half empty: It was EDM. Kelly. Bertolet.

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Don Jackson looked good at RB tonight.

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First 100-yd rushing since last season.

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