Kiss the 2021 Witches vol.V

Short yardage is not the same as throwing the ball 25 to 30 times, but this would have been a good game to work him back in even if he was only 80%. At least they could have given him a quarter to get some rhythm back.


Again all the more reason to Start Dane. Unless they are going to go shoping for a new #1 in the off season.

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Agree 100%

You don't have to convince me. Ottawa/Edmonton would have been the perfect scenario to get him back and on a playoff run.
Yet here we are.

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I am now home. As much as I would love to read another 100 posts about a Masoli-Evans controversy, may I rudely change the subject?

I really liked the way Bennet ran tonight. He was more nimble than our other backs. Instead of just running into defenders it looks like he has a move to turn his torso just a bit to squeeze through a hole. His steps are also high.

Interesting to watch.


Agree 100%
Winnipeg will probably sign him next year he'll fit perfectly into their system.

Two interceptions for Simoni tonight! Kicker didn't miss any PAT or field goals!

Some injuries :frowning:

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Bennet was great. He ripped off quite a few really nice 8-9 yard runs. Sort of reminded me of Jesse Lumsden the way he runs. He should definitely get more playing time.

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Yet here we are…. 25/28 89.3% 320 yards 2TD’s 33 yards rushing.
Incredibly good game. He has started the perfect scenario to get him back to a playoff run.


The so-called fans that cheered loudly for Evans while Masoli was on the ground bleeding are classless buffoons. Even Dane was appalled and was waving his hands downward to get them to stop.


Or they want Masoli to start and give the team the best chance at winning?

Class has never been something Ticats' fans were known for.

That's a small minority.


That was cheering tonight when Masoli went down?

That was a loud cheer.

And when "back at quarterback, Jeremiah Masoli" was announced, deafening silence.

Certainly wasn't the small minority.


It wasn't quite like that but it was bad enough. Whem Masoli went down the crowd went silent. He was down for over 3 minutes. When the bench wad signalled that he had to come out then Evans was sent in and idiots began to cheer. When Masoli was announced to be back it it was after a break and the crowd was mostly inattentive like they are at that time.
I'm NOT defending the idiots but from the stands the sequence as a whole didn't seem quite as stark as I think you seem to suggest.


Agree to disagree my friend, either way the cheers were unfortunate.

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Oh yeah. The gang in my row were upset.

If you have the game on PVR check out Evan's reaction. The camera was right on him. Dane is a classy dude and great teammate.


Do you think it doesn’t occur to Evans that if he were ever the starter, those same fans would turn on him in an instant if he ever struggled?


Saw it live.
Also noticed when Masoli was hit somewhat late out of bounds down around the bench Evans ran full speed to argue for a flag. There's no question the two of them are close.