Kiss the 2021 Witches Vol. IV

From my opening post in the PBP thread:
"If Watford stays withing himself and within the RPO play-book, the Defence plays as well as they did last week, and STs playing at their usual high standards, then I forsee a win."

Watford, for the most part, played within himself. He has, however, absolutely ZERO accuracy over 10-yards downfield.
The Defence won the game for us.
STs failed tonight, giving up a return TD and couldn't open any lanes for Frankie.
Hopefully this will be the last time we see this particular offence, and apparently Speedy is close to returning.
Ottawa is simply horrible, and they probably lost two QBs this game. Can't blame LaPo for that one, but you have to think that his days are numbered. I feel for the guy, because he's hampered by the complete idiot they have as a GM.


2 words …fantastic Defence

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It's not LaPo who should be shown the door but the idiot GM who was too cheap to pay a decent QB, hasn't found a decent replacement and let a lot of the offensive talent walk.


Once again, thank you D.

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Team has won 4/5 and lost by 1 point.

We've seen that 15-3 and dominating means absolutely nothing.

Win the east, get healthy.

They don't ask you how.

......and yet I bet there's going to be complaining.


We just played 4 games in 16 days and went 3-1
Now we get 10 days until we host MTL


Another ugly game and win especially in the third quarter when they couldn't move the ball AT ALL! Good thing the D was able to keep them in it and help with the scoring too!

I don't care how they win - ugly, pretty (hard to do with a 3rd string QB and much of the offensive fire power out injured) or otherwise , as long as they pick up the W - and against a division rival.

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I'd also like to add that many teams faced with this situation (3rd string QB and down 3 starting receivers) the last two weeks would be 2-5 and in serious trouble.

Team and coaching staff deserve a ton of credit for essentially saving our season.


Take the win and bet the under

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I think we know now why they let Watford only throw short passes. His accuracy on the long balls is just not there.

What Watford does do well is manage the game in such a way that he doesn't give the game away. Yeah there's a lot of 2 and outs but the main thing is he doesn't fumble or throw pick sixes.


Every reasonably knowledgeable fan knew this was going to be an ugly game and it was. Road game, short rest on top of everything else ..
Only inexcusable thing and remains inexcusable overall is placekicking.
It's a stumbling block.


Tonight he wasn't very accurate on a lot of the short ones either.

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Agreed, but although he's terrible throwing the ball downfield, they still have to try a couple of times each game. It was frustrating seeing the RB defence gradually cheat up to the line of scrimmage because they knew he wasn't going to try to go over the top.

Even though it's low percentage, they should have tried it a time or 2 in the second half, especially once the rain slowed.

Yes, there are no points for style, & I'm happy to get these 2 wins, but let's not forget they were against the two worst teams in the league; had they been better teams, we'd have lost them both. Hopefully, Masoli, Banks, Addison & Posey are back for Mtl.

Agree 100% that kicking must be addressed. Yes, the conditions were bad, but we left a lot of points on the field. There's no consistency, and no progression toward consistency. That can't be allowed to continue.

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Unfortunately, the GM hires the coach, so usually the coach goes first. Right or wrong, and it's seldom right!!

They sure do!
A day prior to the Calgary game, I wouldn;'t have bet a nickel on the Cats winning their next two games.


I agree.

They've been dealing with the changes week to week and are keeping focused on the games and winning.

Orlondo and the team are doing great and I can't wait for the players to get healthy.


All of the TiCats' schedule challenges are now behind them and the long injured list should soon be getting shorter. A nice break now, then 2 home games, followed with a bye week, and then 3 of their remaining 5 games are at home, and one of the away games is just down the road @ BMO. It would be difficult to paint a better picture for the road ahead. :grinning:


Right on. Hamilton continues to win despite injuries to star players. Once they get Masoli, Evans, Banks and those 2 receivers back, they should be bringing the Cup back to Hamilton.

You're right.

5 road games including Sask and Wpg.
2 games vs Toronto (2nd best East team)
Only 1 "easy game".

We had a ton of injuries, lost both our QB and our insurance policy QB.

We're 4-3.


It’s weird how (while ugly) we were in total control of the game but Ottawa gets that punt return TD, then we have a 2 and out and suddenly we are pooping ourselves thinking “oh no” here we go. But the reality was our defence was not going to allow a point and we had this one. It looked like we had the punt return covered and pinned deep.

Yes our field goal kicker was not great but it must have been difficult to kick in those conditions. I thought the first one just crossed the inside of the post and could of just as easily been called good. I wonder if there was a prob with the hold on the long one he hooked?