Kiss the 2021 Witches vol. I - AT LAST!

With 1:02 to go in the game, I'm calling it.
From @Crash in the BPB thread:
" This week on
The Oline played better for Evans.
Masoli would have won just as easily.
Evans starting field position....
Dunbar is better than any receiver Masoli had to work with...
Masolis competition was way harder
Am I missing any?"

VAJ, in this game, played like poop.
The D-line played VERY well against Stambeck, and took their running game out of contention.
I saw some VERY heavy hitting by our DBs.
Frankie with a great game both returning the ball and in defence.
I know it's his first game, but I kinda like this Dunbar guy.
Kalinic with another TE TD play.

Cue the QB contraversy...

There's no QB controversy. Going back to Masoli would be stupid. Coach won't do it.


This one was more like kissing a frog but it's still a W. :+1:

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I DO have to mention the pi$$-poor kicking game.
I don't know if it's the fact the Domagala hasn't kicked in forever or what, but he was horrible. Whitford punting is an experiment that has to end.


I did NOT want to start another "Burn the Witches" thread tonight. Whew!!!


Congrats to the Ticats
Congrats to @garney26
Congrats to @CoachE

Solid play by the Oline
Frankie is unbelieveable
No QB contraversy, Dane was excellent
Fantastic play by STE !!!!!


No QB controversy. It would be foolish to go back to Masoli. The O line is still a major concern though; you're not going to win a lot of games giving up 6 sacks.

Just happy to get the win going I to labour day. Up next Argos​:-1::-1:

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9 Penalties for 126 yards.
6 Sacks by Mtl means our O-line STILL needs a LOT of work.

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Manalo walking off on crutches.

Thought Murray played well in his first game. Yarbrough and Okafor not so much. Hopefully they get Vornkahl at LT and move Okafor to guard. They did do a great job opening holes for the run

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A win is a win.

QB question is settled. Statement made by Washington and defense. Salut. STs were quality.

Jeers: O line is still a huge thing. K/P is unacceptable bordering appalling.


Props to Condell for being a little more creative this week.


Condell on the sidelines was the biggest surprise, among several, tonight. The coaches and players did a much improved job preparing for and getting this very important "4-point" win. I didn't expect it, so pleasantly surprised and now, with some confidence, can't wait for Labour Day.


Think Evans doesn't nudge that process forward just a bit ?

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Dane is lights out with a little time in the pocket. Nice quick release, spread the ball around and got all the receivers involved. Not the best when on the run. Fix that O-Line and everything will be good with the offense.
Defensive backfield was outstanding. Rolle is working on his shutdown corner status, Evans is an outstanding addition and what can you say about Frankie. D-line will have some nice subs to keep players fresh when the regulars are back.

Looks like they finally got past the shell shock from the WPG game.

Final thoughts
Thank god for the Ti-Cats audio network. First Suitor called game that I didn't have to yell Shut the F^&$ Up at the TV

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Oline looked great run blocking, the pass protection still needs work.

Dline shut Stanback down and got some pressure on Adams.

Cross was like a possed demand on punt and kick coverage.

What have we learned? Throw to the 6'5 250 lbs TE. Especially when defenses forget to cover him in the redzone.

For all those who doubted STE, well you can eat crow. I will send you a recipe; bake, fry, BBQ, it's up to you.


Coach O was asked about that in the post game show and just said that it was decision that they made. Wouldn't say anything more than that. When I saw Condell on the sidelines, I wondered if Washington was up in the booth but then noticed him on the sidelines too. Seems to work well.

Evans was good but with all respect to him, Masoli had a lot more pressure in his face in the first two games with an OL that didn't play anywhere near as well - and this OL was far from perfect. Even Evans looked bad behind the OL in Sask. I think with the way the D and STs played, that game would have been won regardless of who was at QB.
Regardless, this looked more like the Ticats team that we were expecting to see on the field - even if I didn't recognize a lot of the names.

As for the penalties - MUCH better in the second half - only 2 for 20 0 compared to the first half!


Nothing wrong with STE when you combine him with a smash it up the middle running style like Hills. Those 4 carries for 20 yards from Hills make the defense protect the middle of the line. A much better run game plan overall but playing with the lead will do that.

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Yes. Yes i do.