Kiss the 2021 EDSF Witches - on to Toronto

We’ll win the Grey Cup and still have whining on this site. What a negative bunch.


You're reaching.
I said this team will have to ride it's defence. That's not whining

Winnipeg does the same.


Masoli's completion percentage was 64.1%. That's not good enough to beat the Argos or any West play off team. Such strange changes in play calling from game to game, no deep passes (not sure the yards on the TD pass to Banks).

The D Line won that game. Such great play!


I’m just talking about the whining. It’s tiresome. We just won a playoff game and are one win from a home Grey Cup.
Celebrate a bit.


Who the hell is whining?

There's a bunch of people suggesting that the Offense as it played today needs to improve.

That's not whining. It's paying attention.


Rah Rah

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Thats not whining, It’s seeing the big picture. For us to make it to the Grey Cup and beat the Argos on the road. We’re going to have to play better offensively


What's tiresome is the Masoli fanboys.

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I think it's funny that people are mocking Harris for having a 300+ yard game and losing, when that's the same thing Masoli was lauded for a couple of years ago. Some are even the same people...


I’m going to go celebrate. Montreal fans are probably more optimistic than our fans, since their quarterback threw for more yards.
What a bunch of whiners.

Literally nobody is whining. Hasn't happened.


Two coaching points that were extremely timely:

  1. The challenge on the No Yards penalty; and
  2. Having Adeleke take the snap for the safety instead of the punter.

Also, having the flexibility to play a Safety at CB/HB, use your rookie Canadian at Safety, and then having to move your SAM linebacker to CB when multiple DBs got hurt/were scratched. I didn't notice much of a drop-off in Defensive play in the secondary.


Condell better have some creativity left for these last two games or it will be very hard to win. Way too obvious setting up the runs with everyone lined up tight on the line at first and ten. Jackson just isn’t getting any holes. That being said his rush for the TD was an outstanding effort.
STE didn’t do anything. He just doesn’t have the quick cuts or initial speed. Missed a huge block going right on the play resulting in a bad sack. The O-line had it covered in numbers.
We must have some hot pass options. Our pass plays are taking way to long to set up. That was how the Blew team beat us last time. We need to flip that script. Acklin and Dunbar should be able to take the quick slants. Masoli must hit them in stride.

Great game by the D. Howsare and Davis were unreal. Need Ciante back to get the backfield set in their proper positions. Solid effort by Kat. Again, Tunde is playing his heart out.

Harris was missing the quick hitter option too. Just a bit too long with the ball. D-line was not giving him any time.

Good confidence builder for Domagala. Solid day.

Play by play with Smith and Forde is a disgrace. Don’t know where to start with those two…. Bring in Marshall.

On to Toronto.

It is time for redemption!



Wasn't a fan of that safety personally.
Made the game 11 from 13?

Calling out objective reality is not "whining"...

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Agree. It's chicken salad and no need for it to be.

Still 2 scores and a 2-point to tie. Although, memories of June Jones are hard to scrub.
The point I was trying to make is that he made a good decision to use Adeleke, not that he gave up the Safety in the first place.

Something I don't recall seeing, before, and I don't know just when the club did it. That is, issuing a different depth chart, sometime, between late Saturday morning and an hour before kickoff today. I didn't know that was permissible. The differences between this one and what was put out on Saturday -- C. Evans moved to the 1 Game Injured List, Adeleke moved into Evans' spot at HB, Autry and Gnahoua added as backups for the DL, and the "GTD" designation removed from Ciraco. So, in the end, they did declare a 45 man active roster with Carney, later, scratched, once again, as the Reserve..

But they'd need a FG post an onside kick vs the TD.

Meh. Just me.

Now snapping the ball with 11 seconds on the play clock from inside their red zone around the 3 minute warning is a joke.

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