Kiss the 2021 Eastern Division Finals Witches - One More to Go!

That wouldn't be a reference to the dead horse that had already been beaten far too much over the course of the season, would it? : )

Dane had the advantage of watching the game from the bench ...and when he came on there was an air of confidence. Even when we didn't get the first down we were getting positive yards...and I believe he will be our starter next year....

I know my sentiment is not going to be popular...but I would start Masoli next week and if he struggles then put in Dane.

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OK Ralph…




BTW- how did Dane do in his last Grey Cup appearance??

How did Masoli do in his?

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A backup no longer

Should not have been a backup in the first place.

Tell your son we love Him!!!

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Masoli will not touch the field in a ticat uniform again...

He might well be on the field doing short yardage as Dane was doing when he was starting. I'm fine with that.

Great TEAM win in the second half. I said when Papi White had that return TD that it might well be the turning point of the game and it was. The offense FINALLY go rolling after that and the D continued to dominate as they had in the first half. If not for them, the game would have been almost out of reach but they held the boatmen to FGs which made it easier to catch up AND take the lead. They'll have to play that well and better next week to finally win the ultimate prize! Being at home with the fans cheering them on should help even against a tough opponent.
Enjoy the win everyone!

If that performance did not earn Dane, the start. Than nothing will…

Did you see how the entire team picked up, with Evans at the helm. I like Masoli, nothing against him but Evans is the better QB

Well said, my friend. Well said.

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I was at the game, I would say 2/3rds of the fans were ticat fans


Man, you guys were so lucky to be there!! The players were feeding off the Ticat fans energy

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After two weeks ago combined with our start it was tough being a cats fan in BMO


Oskee wee wee


Underrated Play of the Game.

Fake FG at 12-6.

Next play. 12-12.


Was J.Davis’ pass defence in the end zone against speedster Foster considered underrated? Saved us 4 points.


It's up there too.

Ja'Gared Davis playing Delvin Breaux
Dane Evans stealing the ball
Fake FG

Lancaster always used to say there's 3-4 plays that determine a game.


I was just watching the replay. Davis even had the presence of mind to push Foster to the ground after the knockdown, just because he knew he could get away with it.

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Davis was outstanding in so many facets of the game ...he is the MVP of the playoffs so far.
Today so many great performances by so many players.
At one time an Argo fan beside me says in jest "where is Speedy" (they were bad mouthing and calling him, a snitch)...very next Play, Speedy caught a pass a 10 yard pass and rumbled for 30 yac yards with defender hanging on him.

Oskee wee wee indeed!
I looked at him and said "there is Speedy"!


My guess is that Evans will start, but Masoli will be put in for a couple of drives, with some designed QB draws, just to keep the Bombers on their heels. Think back a few years to the semi against Montreal.


Or the peg against us 2019 GC