Kiss the 2021 Eastern Division Finals Witches - One More to Go!

Watching it on tv, it was almost like a home game. A lot of cheering for the Cats. Awesome to hear.

Sensing "maybe, just maybe I backed the wrong horse."

I read all the bickering back and forth about Masoli vs Evens throughout the season but didn't chime in.

I wanted Evans as the starter from the outset, I was willing to give Masoli the benefit of the doubt but the Montreal game and the last 2 games vs T.O. proved that it was time to move on. I'm convinced we would have been in first place if we had gone back to Evans after his injury.

All that to say, it is clear now who our #1 is, I appreciate Masoli, he seems like a wonderful person but it's time to give Dane the keys and let him lead this team for (hopefully) many years to come.


"Maybe contrarian QB opinion based purely on spite wasn't the way to go"

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"I always said we needed 2 QBs."

Guess practice is over rated, life of a Back-Up - hahaha


Appreciate it - very excited for them - Davis and Papi kept us in it til the O got going - great team win!!! #1More


Random thoughts:

Couldn't see the strip from where I was sitting - much of the action was at that end of the field, so I'll be watching on the pvr tonight.

What a tale of two halfs!

David was a man possessed - he was gassed on the bench in the second quarter but was a man possessed in the second half. It's shouldn't be possible for a man that size to drop back in coverage so effectively- but there he was.

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Coach E…. Dane is no backup. That’s for sure :+1::grinning:


and how many quarterbacks would get into the play that far down field???

Sciannitti is a jerk to even ask.

please….let the coach enjoy the moment,…he probably wants to look at the game film…and the west final first…

Dane proved that back in 2019…

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The game film?

your son got us to the big game….played an amazing game….he AINT no backup!!!!!!!


the game video……

What I meant was....

He needs to watch the game film?

that is his job….to ask….

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yeah… see what went wrong in the first half

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