Kiss the 2021 Eastern Division Finals Witches - One More to Go!

What did you think of punt returns? (Meant to be a reply to Welder)

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Masoli looked wooden in that 1st quarter. It was definitely the right move by Orlondo to pull him but the offence was still sputtering for most of the 2nd quarter even with Evans. The turning point was the Papi White return TD. Suddenly everything was clicking on both offence and defence. A master class performance by Evans. Also on defence Davis, Adeleke and Kats played like they were possessed.

This team can now ride this momentum back to the Hammer. We got this. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wish I could be in Hamilton, where I was born and raised. I’ve been living in Arizona for 14 years but I’ll be cheering on the team( watching espn2) for the big game. Go Cats Go!!!


Cliches are true sometimes. "A game is decided by a handful of plays"
Evans strip.
Third down gamble.
Brescasin drop.``


One was EXTREMELY good....

As I said, the punting in particular was terrible today...I'll bet the average was under 35 yards...

Papi White had the return, not Tim White. You can't tell a 4 and a 12 apart?

Don't be a d*ck about it


OSKEE WEE WEE, I imagine the remaining tickets for the Grey Cup will sell out quickly!


:sunglasses: Now all I need to make this day complete, is for the other MLSE teams to lose also today namely the leafs and the Raptors !! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: :rofl:


You are most correct.

I can also tell the difference between a real fan and just some joker.

My point was it started with White's td punt return and our team never looked back.

And keep Dane as the starting QB.

We should be celebrating we are in Tge Grey Cup.


Papi White punt return TD, or Dane Evans running 70-yards to strip the ball from a fumble returner - which one was the play of the game?

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I would say the punt return...

Everything seems to have been built of that play alone...

Did Tor have enough time for a major ?

Dane Evans stripping the ball was as impressive as anything else that happened in the game.

The punt return TD was completely unexpected and opened the floodgates.

I pick the Evans play mostly because it came first

Enough can't be said of Don Jackson's huge contribution to the offence. Along with consistent QB'ing, a serious running threat has been missing for way too long from the Ti-cats' game.


Seeing Evans get that ball back instantly gave me hope for the rest of the game

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Seeing him enter the game gave me hope.


Lawrence in the post game interview said seeing all those Hamilton fans made him feel like a rich guy with two houses.
Big shout out to all who made it to the game


Escapes pocket and drills one to B on the run. If one is a fan and didn't sense something ? dunno what to say to you.

He was a man on a mission today