Kiss the 2021 Eastern Division Finals Witches - One More to Go!

Orlondo made a ballsy move to bench Masoli.
Should be Evans' team next week.
JaGared Davis, Don Jackson, JaGared Davis, Acklin, JaGared Davis, Adeleke, KATS, JaGared Davis, Papi White, JaGared Davis, Dane Evans, JaGared Davis ALL put the team on their backs.

Kicking is still an issue, hence the 2-point attempts after a missed PAT.

Ticats fans in the stands are literally in tears over the win.

Dane being incredibly humble in the post-game interview.


Play of the Season.

QB runs down fumble and steals the ball.


The obvious move...

You win one Internet for this.

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Still having a hard time believing this.

What a comeback. The whole team showed up in the 2nd half. How about the secondary, playing the whole game moved around?


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DANE is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Took the team on his shoulders and won!
This is his team now


Good win team. Next week awaits. You got this. :facepunch:t2::beers::grinning::football:

Must be Evans. D awesome again and Tim White punt return for a TD started us off.

All aspects if the team niw rolling.

Bring on the Cip.

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16-16 249 yds 3 total TDs. 0 Turnovers.
1 game saving strip.
In less than 3 quarters.


According to his dad, 18 total practice snaps in the past two weeks.
What was Masoli's excuse?


Chill dude. We’ve probably seen Masoli’s last start as a Cat.

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Defence held us in the game for the 1st half and turned up the heat in the 2nd

Offence came through in the 2nd half, especially by Evans...

Argos suck in perpetuity!!!

On to the Grey Cup!!!!


Congrats @CoachE your son played like a man on a mission.


I’ve said it before. Dane has got the “it” factor and proved it today. What a performance. I’m still in shock. Greatest half of football by a Ticat QB I have ever seen.

At some point when I have sobered up, I will have to admit that Evans is indeed QB1.
Congrats Grover

Yes but not based on past games.

The Ticats still need a kicker to make a real championship team.

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Special teams, especially punting, was terrible today...Gave up way too much field position on punts today...

Happy for everyone associated with the Tiger-Cats, particularly the older players, and younger fans, who now have another chance, this time in the best of settings, to win a Grey Cup. I'm happy for those who've wanted to see Masoli replaced, all season, and for Dane Evans, who played close to perfect, at the perfect, long awaited, time. I do feel some sadness, though, for Jeremiah, who I know will be happy with the team victory and another chance to be a champion. I so admire how those two guys support and care about each other. I do have, at least, a couple of WTF questions from the game, but will save them for maybe tomorrow. Oskee-Wee-Wee all! Enjoy the evening. Get out and enjoy the week. Take it all in. I'm an old, life-long TiCat fan who can assure you that great TiCat memories last forever.