Kiss the 20201 Witches Thread vol. II

teams have always allowed select media to take pics Just not fans

Correct. Usually the media has a sense of what to publish and not to.
In the past there were people (even on these forums) that posted what they "saw" or some pictures etc.


I got away with sneaking some pics at the open training camp practice but then one security was guarding 3 sections and was clueless he didn't even bitch at people to keep there mask on . But i only took pics of players on the Sideline not actual plays with my cell .

Would take one poor photo choice and one repeated incident, rumour /gossip online and it's smell you later open practices.

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Teams only had one open practice during training camp other wise fans have to relay on photographers there or reporters for info

How does anyone know what burt can do

There is some Boston College clips on YouTube

All college clips on drafted players make the player look like a superstar. We know he was a good college player. So was every player ever drafted.
That said I would love to see a double tight end sequence in the CFL. From a protection point of view , a running game POV, and as a passing game POV.

Sadly a Quad injury is preventing him from playing right now

:sunglasses: For all we know, this Burt guy may not even play a game this year :roll_eyes:

Another first round, #1 pick a joke ???

Not a joke at all. Give him a break.

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True since him not playing is injury related not skill related

We will never know what kind of skills he has until he plays.

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Let’s assume the coaches and GMs knew something of the fellow (besides YouTube) before they drafted him.

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We've had some bad first rounders over the years


Every team has my friend. Surprises me.

Lots of stars in sports didnt go early


Some players take longer to develop than others....perhaps now Mike is getting more reps...more game time....he may even be taking his job more seriously...maybe it took his departure from Hamilton to wake him up....

And some never do.....Chris Bauman....