Kiss the 2019 Witches vol XV

We beat the blew team as we are supposed to.
We are undefeated at home for the regular season.
We finished the season at 15 wins and 3 losses - the best season ever for this team.
Two more games to go…

Oh what a feeling, what a rush.

congrats to cats for a great season, ……now’s time to get serious and finish the year in style.

Moore threw 4 picks and we still won. ;D

Wow. Kiss the Witches XV. … 15 wins. Never thought I’d see this happen! Every year in pretty optimistic and predict 10-12 wins, and end up a little disappointed when we inevitably don’t reach that. We have had such a habit in the past of giving away close games and losing the ones we should win, either by poor coaching decisions or player performance.

This year, none of that (although, that Calgary game with the blocked FG at the end did make me a little nervous that old Ticat find-a-way-to-lose team was back). Players have stepped up when needed, played to the best of their ability, and Orlondo had been an amazing coach. COTY for sure.

Now though, we just need 2 more wins. 2 more wins, and thus Ticat team will go down in history as one of the best ever. Congrats to all our guys on an amazing regular season!!

15-3 on the year, 9-0 at home. Somebody pinch me.

So awesome.

Way to go Cats! Best record ever…wtf. Keep it going in the EDF. I want to go to Calgary!

Just back in our room at the hotel after a little visit to the bar for a celebratory drink to toast the Ticats win -# 15! !!! Alittle bit chilly at the game - at least one can get a bit warm on the concourse at half time - and certainly not the most engaging game to watch with so many of the starters just milling around on the sidelines but all that matters is the Ticats won - in spite of the picks and penalties (seemed to be a few more of those tonight too). Didn’t realize that there were four picks on the night or does that include the fumble too? Wasn’t really keeping count.

Congrats to the team on a GREAT season. Two more games to win! Never mind some larks fans think they’ll have no trouble beating us since we only beat their backups last week! Let’s see if they can past EE first!

Outstanding year, now to finish it off in style with a Grey Cup.

2 more wins.

Indeed. I would love the Cats to smash the Alouettes in the EF and then beat the crap out of the Riders in Calgary. What a beautiful thing that would be ?

Someone needs to tell Jordan Moore (#36 mlb) not to help the blew team player up off of the ground. He is a rookie though, so I do cut him a little slack. :wink:

SIX, actually! Were it not for the Argo penalties that wiped 2 off the board!

I just hope it does not permanently crush his confidence. He looks like he has a big upside like Evans and Masoli before him. I think he was trying too hard - putting too much pressure on himself to succeed for the team. It is not how adversity affects you, it is how you respond to adversity that is important.

If he should happen to read these words I hope he takes them to heart.

He was definitely enthusiastic! I liked his style.

A few thoughts

  1. Good to see Lirim with the (almost) walk-off winning FG. That could be necessary again this month, and he hasn’t exactly been rock-solid.

  2. Argos’ placekicking performance was perhaps the worst in recent memory. Missed a convert plus two FGs from inside 30 yards. That team needs fumigating.

  3. Our QB depth is arguably the worst of any of the 6 playoff teams, assuming Fajardo is good to go. (In November 2019. Not saying there is no hope for the future. But damn, Evans had better stay healthy.)

  4. Our overall depth is encouraging. Sit four of five O-line starters, and come out of the game with 1 sack allowed and a 100-yard RB.

  5. After QB, the biggest drop-off from first string to second string may well be at safety. Adeleke had better stay healthy.

  6. Did Cameron Marshall play himself into a starting RB role for the playoffs? He was running as well as any RB we’ve had all year. Decision is easier if Sutton is banged up at all. Could come down to how well they each do the things I don’t really watch as closely, like pass blocking.

  7. I hate to say this, but no matter which players we put out there, it seems like our offence is good for one solid half of football per game. Hopefully it’s enough.

8 ) I wonder why we keep revealing trick plays like that fake FG/onside punt when the games are meaningless? Perhaps to give the other teams more to worry about. Or perhaps Reinebold has a dozen more up his sleeve.

  1. Luke is back. As Rod Black would say, he looked “Taskeresque” out there. Will be very valuable in the playoffs, especially if Acklin is not ready to go. (I assume Tucker can slide out to the wide-out spot?)

  2. This was another of those “lucky” wins we have been churning out this season. Somehow the close ones have mostly gone our way. While I prefer a beat-down, it is nice to see us finally catching the breaks that would have gone against us in previous years. I suspect it is not a coincidence, and can be explained by some combination of talent, attitude and coaching.

Someone needs to remind him that there is a 12th player / 5th DB in Canada, and he plays middle safety…three of the picks were to the middle safety that he didn’t seem to see…

I agree that he did a lot to like…time to coach him up

I liked the way Watford came in and drove the team 50 yrds downfield
for the last second game winning FG! :slight_smile:

That was my thought as well Philly C. Looked like Moore threw it right to the Argo, as if he had no idea that the defender would be there. And the two IC calls were fortuitous, as Moore didn’t seem to even glance that way before throwing.

Not the first, and probably no the last US trained QB to not account for the 12th man. He’ll learn.