Kiss the 2019 Witches vol VI

Talk about a nail-biter.
Dane Evans with two TD drives in the 4th Quarter.
Speedy with 2 TDs and a 2-pointer.
Leonard, who had been (questionably) penalized all night comes up with the game-winning interception.
Still, FAR too many penalties with over 100-yds.
The Defence fell asleep for the third quarter, but came up big when they had to.

Dane Evans gets his first, hopefully of many, as our starter.

All I can say is “lucky”. Terrible 2nd & 3rd quarter and crazy the # of penalties. Could someone tell the coaching staff how to manage the clock better. It’s great to have the injured players back and Evans is coming along pretty well…congrats everyone…a win is a win…Cheers!

We had the wind in the first and the fourth when we had the most success offensively. BC had the wind through the middle two quarters when they put up most of their points aside from that opening TD drive.

They DEFINITELY need to clean up the penalties on defense and to some extent on ST. That was BRUTAL tonight and probably resulted in at least 1 BC TD because they got so many “free” yards.

Kind of agree on the “lucky” comment, but let’s face it…last year, the year before, the year before that, the…well, you get the point…they lose this game every time and twice on Sundays…

This team is different…different enough? Guess we will find out…

According to some people’s criteria, Dane Evans has just proven he’s an elite quarterback. After all, he just did what’s required of elite quarterbacks, completing a couple of drives to win the game.


Mike Filer made a comment a few weeks ago, I think it might have been after the Calgary game where he said there’s something about this team that’s different from the other Ticat teams he’s been on. It struck me at the time, because we had a great team in 2014 & 2015 that could have won it all but for some bad luck.

The good:

Never quit. Play hard to the end of the game and good things can happen.
Dane Evans. Looked far more composed than last game. Made good decisions and made his reads.
Cam Marshall on the few occasions he actually got the ball. Hard runner. Needs more touches.
Speedy. This guy is such a difference maker.
Some very creative plays on offense. Fun to watch!
Reinbold’s insanely creative and entertaining special teams. Great coach in his element.
Frankie! Frankie!
Orlondo’s sideline demeanor.
Ball distribution to different receivers.
It’s a win!

The bad:

Penalties were killing us. Uncharacteristic for this year’s team.
Couldn’t stop the run attack.
Couldn’t make the stop on second and medium to long.
Burnham was killing us and getting open all night.
Very tough game for Leonard after having a solid start to the season. The INT makes it OK for me ::).

The questions:

How long is Riker going to be out?
We don’t have another fullback to fill in for Kalinic. He was playing well and that changes the playbook considerably.
Will Condell feed Marshall the ball more?
Can Dane continue on his upward progression (I believe he will).

Yes I think I heard that and I’ve heard it more than once. I think other (Ticats) teams were pretty close but I think this team has a special closeness that will breed even more success. At least so far it seems to be working. We’ve beaten four different Western teams and the losses that we had were close games. The same could be said of some of our wins - like tonight - but this team seems to be able to find a way to win -most of the time - instead of a way to lose which seems to be the case with most other recent teams. They seem to be able to find the ability to make that one or two extra play(s) that make the difference between winning close games and losing them. Somehow tonight, in spite of some “off play” especially in the third by the D - they found the way to make the plays they needed to make to come back and hold off the final BC push or two. I wish they’d called a running play or two to use up some clock time when they got the ball back rather than having to punt the ball back to BC with just seconds on the clock. It did make for some excitement but also was a bit nerve wracking.

I just got home from the game and glad we won. Almost left early I was so disgusted with our play but decided to wait and see. Good call for once.

But I’m not at all thrilled with the Condell plays/play calling. Marshall was effective all night running the ball. Why would we get away from it. If there’s anything a rookie QB needs it is a solid running game to help him out a little.

And don’t get me going on the one yard passes to the sidelines when we need seven. Stupid plays that rarely gives us the yards we need.

I have faith in Evens. Not so much in Condell.

The defence was not great playing against what seemed to (at least up to this game) the worst oline in the league. Riley for the most part had time and White seemed to run at them consistently for good gains.

we got lucky tonight. We need to get much better.

Happy for the win.

Good night all ??

Something that’s been highlighted before with Condell is that he runs multiple plays in a game from the same look. So defences may see a look they’ve seen before, and expect it to go the same way, but the play goes a different direction. You see that especially with the crowded backfield plays, the ones where Banks is crossing in front of the QB. Those plays start the same, but never end up the same.

Could explain some of our slow starts. Setting up the defence for later in the game.

Not sure I like that approach, though.

Hey Dork…it’s only BC.

And how about Watford? First time on the field as a Tiger-Cat and he scores!
What I liked about it is that Orlondo did not waste any time getting him into the game.

I really think Orlondo’s sunny disposition on the sidelines pays off. It’s encouraging for the players and it shows in their never-say-die approach late in the game. I thought we were finished after the third quarter.
However, we still need to get those stupid penalties under control.

Well, well, definitely a very entertaining game with lulls in the middle.

We usually lose these types of games and I’m thrilled we are winning with bs luck.

As someone previously pointed out, WE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RUN OUT THE CLOCK at the end of the game. If this was June Jones, many would be all over him; Orlondo is making many of these mistakes but gets away with cause we are winning.
Against a good opponent this will cost us.

Best part of the team is the ST.; only blemish the missed extra point. The onside kick worked like a charm. Great Returns; limited run backs. Just awesome.

Dane and offence need to win without ST touchdowns. This week we got one, we won; last we didn’t, we lost. This 6-8 points is the difference between winning and losing.

What am I missing about the running of the clock? Coach O didn’t do anything wrong? I’ve read two comments on it now.

32 seconds.

1st down - kneel.

31 seconds - timeout BC

Second down - Kneel

28 seconds.(Evans waited and killed 3 seconds)

Clock runs to 8 - we punt.

Youre right. Nothing we could do when BC has a timeout. They played it right.

It’s like it doesn’t really mean anything. …apart from, you know, two points.

I would like to see stats on number of penalties called by Al Bradburys crew as compared to everyone else.they are taking the excitement out of the cant celebrate until after the review

I think Lions owner David Braley had his hand in the pocket of Al Bradbury in last nights game, Holly Mackinaw 110 yards in penalties called against the Ti-Cats and all the missed Holding calls on the BC O-line, give me a break. I usually back up the CFL officiating but not last night, they stunk!!

Duron Carter could have been called for taunting on numerous occasions but somehow Bradbury’s flag was stuck in his underwear he was too busy with his head cam on in getting shots for Rod Black, Duane Forde and the TSN crew!

As Rod said to Duane, “Yes partner this looks like an impressive BC team under Mike Reilly” Yah impressive at 1-7 now!!!


Have to give Okafor some props for stepping in after Ryker Matthews got injured, he played well.

Thought the last speedy td hit the ground and if we had more camera angles prob would have have been overruled but hey about time one went our way