Kiss the 2019 Witches vol V

Masoli gets hurt in the first quarter.
Dane Evans comes in and managed the game well.
Roll with two INTs.
We beat the best team in the West.
Are we a good team yet?
I say so…

We are an amazing team. Hope Masoli can come back soon.

D and ST wins tonight.

On the Masoli injury. It seems his leg/knee got caught up in an area of the turf that looked liked it had been recently brushed to remove prior ads or Forge logos etc. Who decides if the field is playable ie after brushing are all the rubber pellets evenly distributed to present a safe playing field. Can anyone advise?

Agreed. Evans looked pretty nervous early, but did enough to take care of the ball & get the win.

Would hope he’ll only get better with more time & reps.

Glad the coaches don’t listen to guys like Gental Ben. Great game by Shorthill.

And Irons and Tracy

Dane Evans:

52% passing - 0 TDs - 1 Interception - 94 yds

Hopefully, 4 days of starter reps will help, but D and STs preserved this win. Evans-led offence was anemic. Had Masoli played the game… not even close.

If he’s out with an ACL for an extended period or even the season, we’re screwed.

[url=]GentleBen[/url] [url=]Jul 25 2019, 03:20 PM [/url]

From where I stand , Shorthill, Mike Jones, Tuggle, Leonard, and Irons should not be starting.

Shortill- 9 Defensive tackles

Jones - 2 catches 25 yrds

Tuggle - 6 tackles

Irons - 9 carries 45 yrds, 4 receptions 20 yrds

honourable mention

Rolle - 4 tackles 2 INT’s

Ben also traded Evans this week.

Great win tonight for the boys, stadium was buzzing on that last drive.

It was hard to see the Masoli injury from my seats and they didn’t show a replay, but just wanted to point out Forge have no ads or logos on their field during games. They scrub off all the football stuff and paint on soccer lines that’s it. You can see the faint football lines during soccer broadcasts. I can attest that the seams around the old ads when I played on Ivor Wynne turf were ATROCIOUS. Pretty sure they were stitched into the actual turf it was a mess.

Feel for the grounds crew who’s gotta deal with the turf and really don’t think there’s a great solution, the turf was eating players long before soccer arrived at THF unfortunately … hybrid natural grass like BMO would be the solution I think, but unfortunately a very expensive solution. Ironically Winnipeg would also be dealing with the same transition with Valour now playing at IG, then Ottawa with the Fury and BC with the Whitecaps. I’m not sure what the safety protocol is but there’s been a few players I can remember during Forge games that have gone down awkwardly as well.

I’m just praying Masoli isn’t looking at a tear and can return around Labour Day. If we lose him, I don’t like our chances despite how great the defence played tonight. Still, hats off to the boys very happy with the W and 5-1 start to the season! ???

He also had 1 rushing TD

Why are we screwed?
They just beat the best of the best without him.

Because the majority of the points came from Masoli.

8 points came from Mazoli

The defence kicked the @#$$#@ out of them.
The win is their’s and there is nothing wrong with that.

You’re right that’s my bad. I gave him credit for the defensive almost score.

Would have been an interesting game without that first drive.

Unbelievable effort by the D.

Fantastic special teams coverage.

Tremendous coaching by the Cats staff on D, specials.

I thought Condell’s overly conservative play calling would sink the O with Dane in there and it did.

Good on Orlondo for keeping the faith on the sideline and unifying the players to the end.

Davis, Tracey, Shorthill, Rolle… etc. Standing ovation to you.

They gutted it out. I just about puked when I saw Masoli go down, but they didn’t quit.
I think they lost most of a quarter due to shock. I know I did. But they played through and won.

These guys proved a lot tonight. This is a special team.

The black pants are a curse, we won but those black pants are horrible. Pretty sure they cause injury.