Kiss the 2019 Witches vol IV

Great win, finally beat the friggin stamps, but barely Against their backup, and coming after a loss to MTL… still a ways to go I think.

Most quarterbacks look good when they have oodles of time to throw. Mitchell is not a good scrambler. He is a bit of a jerk when he openly shows disdain for his fellow players on a missed opportunity. Always comes off as self centred and above an interview. Don’t like the guy.

Arbuckle was pestered all night from our D. Great to see.

I think Adrian Tracey should be recognized for playing a great game. Lots of pressure on the QB, at least one sack and caused a turnover after long catch and run on a play he never gave up on. Way to go Adrian! Hope to see more of that in future games.

The lack of CVZ really showed on the right side. Get better soon.

Speedy! Speedy! Speedy!

Very satisfying win.

4 - 1 to start the season. Beat Calgary. Going into a bye week with plenty of time to develop plays, get healthy and study film. We are good. Always room to improve and it will come. Very pleased at this point of the season. Slow starts killed us over the past few years. Nice to buck that trend.

Good assessment.

Plus, Tracey finally did not go offside in game!

Great start at 4-1. We would have all taken it before the season if offered to us.

While the Montreal loss is frustrating we were fortunate to come away against Sask and Calgary with wins. It balances out.

Don’t care how pretty they are. Don’t care how many INTs Masoli throws as long as we win.

WPG will be tough and we are not strong after bye weeks.

If we are a serious contender we come out and beat a great team at home.

Montreal beat Ottawa this weekend, so they may be a better team than we think.

AT has had his challenges so far this year. It was great to see him progress to this level! I too hope he keeps it going in future.

Yes this is Gerbear …I have sincerely apologized to Lenny and happy to be back talking Ticats.

Comments on the game :

  1. SpeedyB is lethal . Teams will have to alter their coverage teams when attempting 40 plus yard field goals as Speedy finds it easy to run past mostly olinemen on a missed field goal . I also felt the calgary that pushed Speedy when i was 5 yards out of bounds after the touchdown should have been unnecessary roughness.

  2. Rookie Maleek Irons look very good today catching passes and finding holes and knocking down tacklers . A great debut. With him and Erlington , I am sold on using a national at RB at this time . I’d still bring in Sutton for insurance as we have an abundance of nationals especially when Van Zeyl , Ungurer , Erlington, and Westerman are healthy. I’d probably use Sutton and Irons for now as a pretty good one two punch . i have a hunch that Erlington and Irons can be stars and ratio busters in this league .

  3. Our Dline played very well and though I have been very critical of Tracy , I have to say he had a great game . He must be working hard watching film and in practice. He made at least two excellent plays…one getting to the QB and the other helping downfield on a great tackle that I believe caused a fumble . J’Gared Davis had a good game as well and Wynn and Laurent pitched in well. They eliminated Calgary’s run game and kept after their QB

  4. I noticed the ticats were tackling hard and well and jarring balls loose or making the ball bounce out of the calgary receivers hands for incompletions and fumbles. Breaux stripping the guy by punching the ball out of his hands and then jumping on the fumble was classic. Simoni was crushing people as well and most of our db’s were as well . For example the fumble late in the game recovered by Leonard . Our defence was more aggressive than usual in tackling hard and dislodging the ball from the receivers on at least 5 occasions.

  5. Speaking of Leonard . I have been hard on him since he stunk last year . He has been ok this year aside from his poor tackling against Montreal’s Stanback. I think he had a decent game. I am not yet sold on him as our permanent strong side halfback as most teams pick on him all night long as they tend to stay away from Breaux and Brooks on the other side . I am not sure why Rolle was starting over Frankie Williams but both have done well.

6 . I am concerned over Chris Frey’s injury . Does anyone have any updates on his status. He is a special teams beast and the middle linebacker in waiting . It has now been 5 games when Justin Tuggle has been invisible with no big hits , tackles, big plays, sacks…he seems like the referee sitting twenty yards behind scrimmage
standing in the middle .

7 . Should we bring Bear Woods in to take over MLB ? until Frey get’s back ? Just a thought . Tuggle is below average in my eyes and we need a Rey Williams or Dean type who is physical and around the ball alot making plays …Tuggle is no where near the ball and very pedestrian .
Why might see Beverette make a leap onto the roster and I think he will shine.

8 . I am not too excited about Condells offence …mostly short passes …longest i think was 22 yards …and Masoli threw for less than 200 . I think Masoli is still doing well though.
9 . Since we have so many nationals to start …I would certainly replace Mike Jones with an import so we can go with Tasker, Banks, Addison , Acklin and Tucker …now that would be a very tough group to contain . All of these guys are above average receivers .

I guess it’s better to win ugly than not to win…what has happened to our offense? Masoli has always been a super slow starter…hanging onto the ball too long…takes far too long to find a receiver…it will come…but thank goodness for special teams and our defense is back…will take the win for sure!

I noticed that Hank was not on the panel again last night. He hasn’t been there for a Cats game since his rant after the Simoni hit. Wondering if it was his or TSN’s decision, or just a coincidence.

He's one of the top 3 in tackles for us so far this year

That's the least he should be for us he's the MLB.. he should at least lead us in tackles. Larry Dean always lead in tackles but created pressure sacked the QB stripped the ball intercepted passes too.

Yes, he's no Larry Dean. He is still not ready

There always seems to be a huge hole in the centre of our defence, with the DBs arranged around it, and Lawrence and Murray are often up close to the D-line, line of scrimmage, even in the opposition backfield. I think Washington is using the LBs much differently than Jerry Glanville did. Don’t see where Tuggle disappears to, I will have to look closer when I watch the game on PVR.

Top three in defensive tackles:

[ol]- Lawrence - 23

  • Tuggle - 22
  • Adeleke - 21[/ol]

He's third in total tackles because Adeleke has three special team tackles.

So second only to his fellow linebacker by one tackle, and one ahead of the safety, who often plays close to the line, more like a fourth linebacker. Sounds OK to me.

Keyboard Coaches SMH

Chris Frey’s tweet would suggest his knee injury is as serious as it appeared:

Chris Frey Jr?

God Has A Plan For Me

tough road ahead but I can’t wait to attack it and come back better than ever. Thank you to everyone who has reached out in support. A huge thank you to everyone in the @Ticats organization. I have the best teammates, coaches, and training staff behind me.

Well I mean my whole point was that leading in tckles is not a surprising or impressive stat for the MLB but yes I see he’s number 2 in that so uh… ok.