Kiss the 2019 Witches vol IV

Beat the Stamps for the first time in 8 years.
Special teams - especially the return teams - were incredible.
LH had a punt blocked (not his fault), and didn’t have an illegal punt or kick all game.
Speedy with 3 TDs.


I think my heart attack is over now that the game is. Gotta learn to stay calm. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I said - OSKEE WEE WEE!!!

I was still nervous with 14 seconds left. We always seem to find a way to lose against the Stamps.

Banks finally got his revenge for the stupid illegal block in the Grey Cup years ago. What a game for him! I’m sure he won’t be happy until he gets the ring, but he really stepped up this game.

Come on Boyzzz if Mitchell was playing we would have been torn a new one! #16 has the most heart on this team period happy yes ! But plenty of holes in Coach O’s playbook.

Hadn’t even thought of that but I’m sure it gives him a little extra motivation every time they play Calgary!

Yes we often find a way to lose against Calgary but with that GREAT punt by Harullahu pinning them deep I was pretty sure they’d hold them off.

I think we can put to rest the notion that this team is not well-coached and can’t regroup.

Orlondo always looks calm on the sidelines even when things look bad. But he and his coaching staff seem to be on the same page. I thought they did a great job of play calling in the last 10 minutes with no game-breaking penalties. And the players, sparked by Brandon Banks, never gave up.

The bye-week has come at a good time. 4-1 is pretty good when it includes a win over Calgary. But Winnipeg will be a challenge. Can’t wait for that game.

If I had to choose to win 1 game between last weeks game and this weeks game - I would say beat Calgary.

Crazy things did happen.

Completely thrilled with the win!

Coaching hasn’t got in the teams way.

Fantastic fourth quarter of football by both teams really.

Glad the good guys pulled through

Ottawa has to be the next streak to fall.

MUCH more disciplined play by the team tonight - yes a couple of dumb penalties but they didn’t hurt themselves with penalties all night.

The D was GREAT - got enough pressure on Arbuckle to put him off some of his throws and a few sacks to boot. Also forced and recovered a couple of fumbles.

STs had their issues at times but also got us about half the points scored.

Offense did struggle but that was partly very good play by the Calgary D. They did finally find a way to move the ball.

Overall a very good total team effort - not always pretty but an ugly win is worth the same as a pretty win!

Well that streak isn’t nearly as long - but it’s time to break it too!!

Kudos to Masoli for engineering that game-winning drive.
It took 3.5 quarters to do it, but we finally established a running game in the 4th.
Two penalties that caught my attention were the spearing call against Adeleke and the UR that DB the DB had when he shoved a receiver into the advertising system.

The first was, IMHO, a bad call; Forde said that TE did everything he could to avoid the late head contact, and I agree with him.
Breaux with his UR penalty reminded me of IWS and our DBs sending recievers into the “boards” on the south side stands. I forgive DB for this, as he is a very physical player, and should strive fear into the opposition.

My TV remote almost went through my new 4K screen when Masoli threw the INT in the end zone. He seemed locked onto the receiver, allowing the DB to undercut the ball. I give him credit for not letting it bother him afterwards.

I hope Van Zyle heals up over the bye week, because Palmer was horrible tonight. It -seemed- like the O-line was having a bad night, but, from what I could tell, the recievers were not getting open - at all. Both defences had amazing games.

Sending good thoughts to Chris Frey. The guy has a great motor, but that knee injury looked severe. I am not a doctor, but it looked to me to be an ACL injury.

Anyone know what happened to Brooks?


Calm yes. But he looked shocked and in disbelief after Masoli threw the pick in the end zone.

Why would he be shocked Masoli throws INT at the worst times against the stamps.

But tonight Masoli salvaged himself by that last game winning drive.

A special thanks to Eric Rodgers; whose been a ticat slayer for many years including 2014 GC. He dropped 3 (THREE) balls tonight to help us.

mitchell is a mediocre quarterback at best. He has been fortunate to be behind a good defense but he is nothing special.

^^^ True dat!

No, Mitchell is an excellent QB, but we now seem to be able to do what it takes to make him look average…rush the passer. Mitchell is brilliant when he can stand there without concern for how clean his uniform is or will be and throw wherever he want to go. He gets antsy when he gets hit…and we would have hit him tonight…