Kiss the 2019 Witches vol III

Another blowout game, this time against Montreal.

The only issue I have is the 3 INTs by Masoli.

Also, these crowds just look embarassing. I don’t care about the everyone’s in the concourse excuses or anything. This league dies if the crowds keep looking like AAFL games

3-0. We are 3-0. That never happens lol

400 yds and a win. They offset.

Just showed the last three times that the team started 3-0 they lost in the East semi final or final! No Grey Cup appearance. Of course that doesn’t mean anything for this year - this is a completely different team.

6 points out of 6 points they should have got.
All that matters.

No, the league dies if people stop going to the games and stop watching on TV. I suspect that the owners don’t care if the ticket buyers sit in their seats or stand in the concourse, they’re still at the game, buying food and beer, and probably buying team clothing to wear to the games. And TV viewers make the broadcast contract more lucrative.

Does it really matter what the crowd looks like?

IIRC the last time the Ticats were 3-0 was 1993, but they finished 6-12. But that was a much less capable team all-round.

  1. Finished 9-8-1 under Kollege Koach.

Agreed. Seems the last couple years we just made excuses for why we weren’t getting the points we should have.

How’s the field position doing anyways?

All star level retro noticing.

It is doing great now that Reinebold is back and we actually have a return game that has us starting past our 40 yard instead of under our goal posts like last year.

My issue with the INTs is that they are the same poor decisions/underthrows that he has always made.

I was at the game, and the crowd looked pretty good to me. Empty in the high seats, but I bet a lot of people buy those seats because they’re cheap, and then hang out in the concourse all game. My section was packed and very loud (mostly courtesy of some very drunk people who smuggled beer and whiskey in, but still very… passionate).


3-0, and can still play better,
Has anyone said anything about our Special Teams under Reinebold! He sure has got them going!

Check 3 posts up from your own.;D

Fun with Stats

Most misleading stat of the game: HAM had 4 TDs on 20 runs, and only 1 TD on 32 passes. (Conclusion: should we run on every play?)

Paradoxical stat of the game: It’s not often you will win a game when you lose the turnover battle (5-3) and the time of possession battle (36 min to 24 min).

Lopsided stat of the game: QB sacks - HAM 6, SSK 0.

In the “this won’t last” category: We scored as many points tonight as our opponents have in all three games combined.

Quirky stat of the season: Speedy B currently has more rushing yards (30) than any player from TOR, CAL or BC. Granted, TOR and CAL have only played one game. But then again, Speedy B has only had one carry.

Best trend of the season: LH had 9 punts against SSK, 3 against TOR and only 1 against MTL.

Bonus stat: number of helmets popped off on Masoli TD runs against MTL: 1

One more Bonus stat: We are up 6 points on the Stamps in the standings. ;D

Huge part of our 3-0 record. Williams had a stellar night on returns. Our kick cover teams have also improved greatly.

The D has also impressed me. I was concerned over losing Dean & Unamba, but adding Davis & Wynn was huge.

For comparison purposes, I went back & looked at the 2004 schedule. We beat BC 38-36, Wpg 32-22, Calgary 41-34, then lost 5 in a row: 34-6 to Argos, 51-30 to Edm, 34-14 to Mtl, 33-24 to Sask, 49-11 to BC.

This season also featured an unsatisfying 30-30 tie on Labour Day. Yecch.

It’s kind of foolish IMO to compare teams separated by so much time & turnover, but the 2004 team just edged past their opponents, unlike this year’s team. They got hot starting in October, losing only to the Argos, who ultimately ended our year in the semi final.

Here’s the link: