Kiss the 2019 Witches vol II

We served up a FIFTYBURGER to the blew team.
Thomas-Erlington with over 100-yds running.
Two 2019 draft-pick rookies with TDs - Irons and Kalinic.
Simoni with another INT.
Speedy with a missed FG TD return.
We won every facet of the game.

Correction - SIXTYBURGER.

just think what the ticats could have done with an ELITE qb :slight_smile:

Wow! Is Toronto that bad or is this a sign of things to come?

olive the above

Fixed it for ya’.

Score on the CFL site shows 64 (in grey numbers) to 14 - wonder if Rico scored that TD before the clock ran out - thought he did.

Anyway - great job by all phases of the game for the Ticats.

I think TO will be better - still adjusting to coaches/schemes but we’ll see. Franklin didn’t impress nor did McBeth so if they can’t do any better than that, it’s going to be a L…O…N…G season for the leaky boatmen!

Well you know they just HAD to play their scrub QB in the final quarter to look at all respectable! ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley:

Let’s hope we can do the same at home next week. This many points should put the fear of god into Montreal!?

Well I don’t think the larks are any better than the boatmen - regardless of their performance last week. Might not put up as many points but we’ll see. Pipkin is out and he was responsible for that near comeback in Edmonton last week!

What I think is something that bodes well for this year, is that they seem to have fixed something I complained about last year. I thought the offense was excellent, but what let them down was the defense and special teams. With 3 return TDs in 2 games so far, it now seems like we’re clicking on all three phases.

The Blue team was so bad that I don’t think we can reach any worthwhile conclusions about how good we are yet. No point in yukking it up until we play Montreal and Ottawa.

But I like our chances. A 2-0 start …and our offence is showing some promising new looks. Masoli is doing his job well. STE had another great game. Lots of great individual performances this afternoon.
And it sure looks so far like the investment in Orlondo over the past couple of years is paying off.

I was very pleasantly surprised. Was on pins and needles all day, so the game was a relief. Good to see the offensive output minus Tasker, and STE looked great.

2-0 and onward.

I didn’t look it up, but I believe what I heard on the telecast – “A 2-0 start for the first time in 15 seasons!” I hope this traditionally slow-starting club hasn’t peaked too early. ::slight_smile:

Certainly had no expectations of anything anywhere near today’s outcome. But, every once in long, long, long while everything comes together in one memorable outing.

My fav. stat of the game… the Ticats only gave up 12 yards rushing the entire game!

We could conceivably be 4-0 after the two Montreal games but the real measuring stick won’t happen until Week 5 when the Calgary Smugpeders roll into town.

If we can wipe the stupid grin off of BLM then we will actually make a statement.

The Argos were a combination of major suckage and a complete comedy of errors.

The game was a complete rout by the 3rd quarter and usually the winning team starts to dial it back with conservative playcalling and resting their starters. Yet the Cats were still scoring at will. Hell the Argos were even helping the Cats to score based on that last Pick 6 by Rico.

I doubt a home opener like that at BMO Field will help boost their attendance.

Looked like he tossed it right to Rico who was running down the field probably to make the tackle. Instead he just kept on running right into the end zone! LOVED IT!!

Ok, who here predicted points would be scored by Kalinic, Irons, Rico Murray … and Ortiz?