Kiss the 2019 Witches vol I

It LOOKED like a standard Tiger-Cats season opener in every way except one - they won the game.
Masoli was off with a few of his passes, but the team found a way to win.

More than a few passes. Happy feet and low throws on numerous occasions. Hope it’s rust.

Ugly Win, but I'll take it


Frankie Williams is the MVP

Yup a win is a win - better second half especially by the defense who did a much better job stopping the run. General consensus is that offenses are often slower to click than the defenses. I think with the coaching changes, especially the late change in OC for the Ticats. Looking for the O to begin to step it up in the next couple of games.

Listening to the 5th Quarter for the first time in probably 2 or three years, and Zamperin is suggesting a FIVE game suspension for Simoni (getting some support from callers too). Five games in an 18 game season is ridiculous - unless it’s a consistently dirty player like Kyries Hebert (who thankfully isn’t in the league this year). Since the league is willing to “pardon” a player who runs over an official, I don’t know why they’d be handing out a multiple game suspension for a late hit.

I wouldn’t be surprised, given the new rules to protect QBs especially, if Simoni is handed a one game suspension but given that he has no history (can’t recall that he’s even been fined for questionable plays), any thing more than that would be an over reaction.
I don’t agree with him making that hit on Collaros who was already sliding, and given that there was already a tackler there, he didn’t need to make any contact at all.

Glad that the D finally settled down, stopped taking so many undisciplined penalties and stepped up their game in the second half.

A pretty crappy game that was nearly won by a third string qb. Defence couldn’t stop the run and Masoli couldn’t make a decent throw if his life depended on it. Throwing off his back foot and horrible throwing mechanics. Tuggle was man handled for most of the night. One move that I thought was odd was dressing number 20 a backup kicker. Are you kidding me, they could have dressed anybody but a backup kicker. The run game and passing game needs a lot of work if they expect to compete. I was not impressed with the play calls or the tempo of the offence.

Nice to see that closing speed by Adeleke.

STE looked good.

Our run defense needs to be better.

Absolutely Grover.

Grotesque time management at end of half and last posession.

By half-time I found myself wishing for the Run & Shoot. There always used to be somebody wide open 20 yards down the field. Now with Condell’s playcalling the offence seemed to be sputtering and out of synch.

Hopefully it is just growing pains.

Sask has a great d line and secondary. Sometimes the simplest explanations are the correct ones.
Jones offense had identical level of success last year against same defense.

Except we lost both games to them last year.

And that’s the truth.

Still, Dork is right. Our offense had the same level of success against them last year.

15-yard penalty for noticing things.

Each team is MANDATED to dress a so-called “Global” player for every game.
After training camp, only one of the Globals that managed to make the roster - and even that, he’s on the Practice Roster - is a DE from France.
Frankly, a Mexican backup kicker makes the most sense in this situation.

Good context.

We did stop the run. 3rd and 1 and we stopped them. Massive play.

Sask ran the ball 32 times. More than they passed. Held them to about a 5 yard avg per carry and 17 total points. 7 of those points came on the penalty enhanced first drive.

What did you expect to see, no yards rushing from the #1 RB in the league?
Defense was great last night.

Nobody’s complaining, like when the Cats themselves, so often, have called a hand-off run, which starts 5 yds. back of the scrimmage line, on a play with less than a couple of yards to go.::slight_smile: The Riders did that more than once last night.

Not that it matters but number #20 is worn by backup RB Maleek Irons . The Global player and backup kicker Gabriel Amavizca-Ortiz that you speak of was wearing jersey number #14 .