Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol XIII

So … not bobbing for apples I take it? (Always hated that as a kid. I hope that activity has died a natural death.)

Pretty sure the throw to Addison was into the wind, which caused it to hang up.

The blocked punt wasn’t Lirim’s fault . #22 Tuggle missed the block on the right side . The missed field goal might be the result of Rod Black’s “ferocious winds”.

I’m not making excuses for Lirim . I think he’s kicking much better this year . The onside kick was perfect, as was the call from Coach Reinebold .

Pat Lynch (breakfast tasted much better this morning and thesun was much warmer on my face . Wins do that for me)

Was quite a wobbler. I was wondering if it was tipped at the line, or maybe his arm was hit just as he released it, given that Evans always seems to thrown tight spirals.

He struggled with the wind a bit yesterday. The overthrow to Addison that would have been a TD but there was an offside called against us was with the wind & it sailed on him. Evans normally hits that throw.

Have to agree with ExPat, and, dare I say it, Gerbear! :slight_smile: I thought the team came out flat, and Dane had a poor first quarter and somewhat shaky first half. I was surprised to see his almost 450 passing yards, but, when you look at the stats, about 200 of those came on 4 passes. The other 250 came on 38 or so throws, a lot of them poor throws. Not stellar numbers by any means.

I never felt the game was in doubt, and over-all, the second half showed a much improved effort. But I have to say, a good team would have pounced on that poor opening by the Cats, and might have put them into a tough hole.

Happy for the win, happy for the record, but if they don’t solve this habit of crappy play to open, following a bye week, the EF may be a shocker. Sorry to be the bummer on the bandwagon folks.

Week 1… Ottawa beats Calgary in Calgary.

TSN puts Dominique Davis in the Hall of Fame. Marcel Desjardins a genius.

Seems like so long ago.

Gurus at Nissan Power Rankings saw through it all…never had them higher than 5th

Actually I think that was the worst start after a bye week that they’ve had this year. First game after the bye week #1 was vs Winnipeg when Masoli went down but he got them off to a fast start and Dane and the D did enough to get the W
First game after bye week #2 was in Calgary and I don’t quite remember but I didn’t think they got off to a bad start that game and very nearly won it. As I recall, they held the lead for much of the game.
If this indeed is the worst that Evans has played - at least recently - then I’m encouraged because that’s an anomaly and not the norm. Let’s see how well the gets going in Montreal this week - which is a better team and more of a challenge - especially playing them in their own barn. But then they managed to handle Winnipeg on the road and EE so no reason they can’t do it again in Montreal.
I was a bit concerned in the first half but figured they’d pick it up in the second half which they did. Was actually a bit surprised by the number of yards on offense.
This team is good at correcting mistakes so I’m sure they’ll be working hard to fix any minor issues that occurred yesterday.

  1. Anyone recognize who that player is taking part in the locker room dance, wearing the gold glasses
    and head band ?? :smiley: :smiley:

Can’t place who he is ??

Jalen Marshall, I think.

  1. Thanks, I think you’re right.

That video is halarious !!

Jocularity , indeed . 8)

Pat Lynch ( hilarity is a good thing)

I think Evans can be the real deal. Sometimes throws too hard. The more reps in game conditions will improve his touch and allow him to read D better. Sometimes goes for the big throw when other lesser options are staring him in the face. Time cures all. We are fortunate to have him.

CFL Top Performers of the Week (19):

#1 - Dane Evans
#3 - Tyrell Sutton

Looks like another serving of crow for me, I really did not think Dane had all that good of a game. Granted, both his yards and his percentage were great, but I thought he looked a little tentative and shaky through most of the first half, especially the first quarter.

Joke’s on me! :slight_smile:

Mistake free and effective plays on every attempt…the new standard for HTC quarterbacking.
Masoli’s departure is well timed.

So, Dane Evans had a bad game, but still manages to throw for over 400 yards, wins both player of the game and top performer of the week in the cfl. Go figure?

if Evans cant live up to our expectations its his problem not ours.

What a terrific win but it was only against a down & out team. We will have to fine tune our game facing Montreal and the big boys out west. That large number of yards you may think should result in more scoring…seem to sputter at times against laughable Ottawa . I’m sure they will gauge the intensity of play depending on the opposition. 13 wins & hoping for more…awesome!