Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol XIII

New team record with 13 wins.
452 yards passing by Evans (with some help from Hayden Moore).
Undefeated at THF so far. We end the season with a home game against the blew team. Even playing our subs, I want an undefeated season at home. This includes the Eastern Final…

13-3 with 2 games remaining.

In 45 years of watching this team, I never thought to see this.

This HAS to be the year of the Cats…for as long as I can remember.
Our best season since 1952 was in 1998 when we ended up with a 12-5 season.

When we last won the Grey Cup in 1999 Grey Cup we had an 11-7 record and ended up in 2nd place in the East.

Can’t wait to see Sutton run over people in the playoffs. He is the final piece to our Grey Cup puzzle.

Another great win by the team! They did get off to a slow start and Evans made some questionable and even lucky throws but they got the job done. D locked down the OTTRBs for the most part in the second half only allowing 1 FG - in fact not allowing a TD at all! A few big plays given up but in the end they came away with a solid win and that’s what counts. Thirteen wins … and counting! ;D

CP (Canadian Press) discriminates against us. We won the division last week when the AllWets lost yet every standings chart they produced since then show the Ticats having clinched a playoff berth (X) not clinched the division (Y).

Am I overly sensitive about this perceived slight? Hell yes.

Does it matter? No.


Solid win. D played great. Offence was solid. Big yards from Evan’s. Sutton was a beast.

I think the RB system by committee we employ is working very well for us, instead of one poor soul getting pulverized it spreads the punishment between three or four. We were losing RB every game for a while there. ;D

I know Evans threw up some big numbers on the game but he looked pretty shakey in the first half and had 1 intercepttion that could have been 3. Acklin made an incredible jump ball catch on Dane’s shuffle pass and Mike Jones,Acklin, Addison and Banks all made great sideline catches helping Evans out. Addison alsi had to come back to the ball and out fight the defender to grab the ball on the long pass.
Evans also had a few over throws to Jones and Addison.
I still think Evans has alot of room for improvent to become an elite QB.

We were out punted and out kicked in this game. Their punter was amazing.

Frankiw Williams had an off night returing kicks.

I thought Orlondo should have ganbled on 3rd and 1 and 3rd and 2 in their red zone. It would have been good practice and a test for our short yardage team. Also, if we failed then they get the ball near their goal line.

I see that “Smilin’ Hank” said this was a hard game to watch and Dane Evans struggled . Evans threw for 452 yards . ::slight_smile:

Hank’s becoming the Suits of the east . Just hit the mute button when you see his lips moving !

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

Always gunna be those fans. “Yeah we have 13 wins right now but a real team wouldve had 16” ??

I noticed in today’s Toronto Sun that CP has changed the X to a Y. I guess the blew team fan was not working today.

The only depth chart surprise, for this game, was Jalin Marshall listed ahead of Marcus Tucker in the 3rd SB spot. Marshall, dressing for the 7th time, had quite a day, finally getting on the stats board – a 50 yd. pass and run play followed, next play, by taking a wildcat hand-off 5 yds. for a TD. He caught all 4 passes thrown his way and was second, only, to Banks in receiving yds. with 85 and returned a couple of kicks. We can add #7 to the growing list of no-concern next-men-up on this deeply talented roster, which includes the likes of Evans, Rolle, Howsare, Daly, Shortill, Irons, Okafor, Bennett, Likely, McGough, Dean, Gibbon …

There was definitely a few throws Evans would love to have back.
There was a series in the 1st half; on first down, the ball almost got picked off and on second down the ball did get intercepted.
It appeared that the sun was hitting Evans in the face and he inappropriately threw the ball anyways. Hopefully its a learning experience. He completely settled down as sun went down and game progressed.

He was a little short on the long Addison catch, if thrown further would have been a touchdown.
Either this is the furthest Dane can throw OR this was a design of the play ( to throw to a spot); few weeks ago a similar pass was intercepted by Eskimos, so better to throw to a spot where reciever can get it.

Orlondo was not kidding, when he said “we are not going to play scared”.

Looking for the game on TSN on Demand and it is not posted, only the Stamps Winnipeg game. Anybody know why this would be the case?

Lirum had a tough game. A blocked punt and missed chip shot of a field goal. It’s becoming a bit of a trend the last month or so.

As long as the offense continues ro put up big numbers, then any kicking yips should be survivable in the playoffs…I hope LH gets if straighted out before then, we’re gonna need him!

A few thoughts on the game.

  1. That’s our third consecutive win of 20-plus points. Combined margin of victory is 72 points - and two of those three teams were still fighting for playoff position. Gotta like the trend.

  2. Total offence: 569 yards to 162. We out-gained them by 3.5 TIMES the yards! Led by our starting QB who threw for QUADRUPLE the passing yards of his counterpart - which is something you don’t often hear.

  3. Second 400-yard game for Evans since Labour Day. Compares well to a stat that I heard celebrated a couple of weeks ago when Bo L. Mitchell threw for the third 400-yard game of his career (in a loss to MTL), after only six years as a starter.

  4. Stats aside, I thought Evans regressed a bit. The previous game felt like the best he had played. Last night he was back to throwing the ball up for grabs and underthrowing open guys on the deep routes. I think he could still use more reps in the next couple of games, and more coaching. It was Davis Sanchez who said after the game that Evans had played one of his worst games, and that he wasn’t seeing the field very well.

  5. Sutton looks to be getting stronger each game. His 40-yard catch will give defences something else to think about. I was encouraged to see only three carries in total by our receiving corps (one of which went for a TD, and of course I withheld my criticism of gadget plays in that instance).

  6. Nine Ticats recorded a catch last night. Perhaps a new high-water mark? Five receivers had 60 yards or more. (OTT had no one with even 50 yards. I also see that OTT’s leading receiver Busta Rhymes was held off the stat sheet. And Sinopoli sure looks average without a star QB chucking him the ball.)

  7. The DPI call on the toss to Banks was a bit of a gift. The defender was just following Jones on his route when Banks ran into him. Instead of OTT getting the ball back down by 3 midway through the third quarter, we went up by 10 and never looked back. (We are kind of lucky that the refs favour the Cats so often.)

  1. Special teams is a slight concern. Another punt blocked, just because we were out-hustled. In a close game in late November something like this could be a difference-maker. LH has not been especially reliable on FGs. But that short kick-off was a masterpiece, as was his coffin corner punt.
  1. Defence was superb. Kept them out of the end zone all night, even though starting position on OTT drives included the H39, H22, H40 and H54 yard line. Those four drives accounted for the four OTT filed goals. On drives where OTT started on its own side of midfield, their total scoring was zero.

  2. Simoni had twice the tackles (eight) of the next closest Cat, even in a game where they had to pull him out with a minor injury. Now leading the league with 91 defensive tackles, seven ahead of the next guy (Muamba) who plays MLB and has played two additional games.

Epilogue: Sorry in advance to those who don’t wish to see any negatives brought up after a win. Obviously I’m thrilled with the season so far. But my eye is on the last game of the year. I am assuming we will play CAL at home, and we have never beat them with BLM starting. We will need to play damn near perfect to win that one, so I’m watching for silly mistakes and poor execution.

Interesting stat, mentioned in a question posed to Coach O., post-game:

Jalin Marshall, yesterday, became the 18th Tiger-Cat to score a TD this season.
Another club record?

And, a sad anniversary note – yesterday was a year, to the day, since the teams met in Ottawa and Speedy B’s 2018 season came to sudden end. Remembering that day makes Banks’ accomplishments this season, even more outstanding.

Expat…great post.

I might add that at one point in the game (I don’t remember when) Sutton was behind the bench for quite a while with his head in a 40 gallon drum. Likely gave back everything he’d eaten for lunch. Looked pretty bad on the sideline for about 15 min. but then went back in and had a great rest of the game. Tough, tough guy?