Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol XII

12 wins.
42-12 final.
What more needs to be said?

Oskee wee wee, mother f***er!

But seriously, great game. Never any doubt.

My only worry was since we spoiled Ricky Bobby’s big night two weeks ago in N/A (Northern Alberta) the EE might be out for revenge. Luckily without a bona fide starting QB the game was NEVER IN DOUBT.

How fitting, the guys put up 42 on Rob Hitchcock’s night. Gotta love it!!

WOW. How did I miss that one? Well played sir or madam.

One thing that needs to be said is…why was Dane Evans still in the game until the end…long after the win was a sure thing?
All it takes is an injury in garbage time and we could be in trouble.
Even if Masoli was ready to return it made no sense to me to keep Evans on the field that long.

Guess which QB was rated at 121.48?

60.05 Efficiency 121.48

Well for one thing on the last couple of drives all he did was handoff the ball to the RB. Although there still is some risk of injury, it would be very slight. Putting in Watford might have been the smart thing to do, but letting Evans handoff the ball was a close second imho.

Sutton is the man just for that line.

His 8.0 yards per carry average tonight spoke louder than his (non-deleted) expletive last week. :wink:

Great performance, solid win in all 3 phases. Sutton was a key pick up and they used him effectively. Keep rolling!

If we make it to the Grey Cup let’s start a crowdfund to have Ric Flair and every single personnel from the '99 Ticats give the motivational speech.

These guys feed on team culture.


Holy crap. This is uncharted territory.

It’s to the point where long time fans have to fight the cynicism and realize that no matter what, something is being built long-term.

I’m enjoying the play of Howsare. The guy has a motor that won’t quit and the speed to match it. His pursuit of Kilgore the whole game was impressive.

At the start of the season he would have been the lesser known guy on the D-Line compared to the other three. But he seems to have really made the most of his opportunity filling in for Tracy.

It was good to see that for the second straight week there was no real let up in the 2nd half. In some of the games prior to Winnipeg we also built up a decent 1st half lead. Only to then have the other team claw their way back.

Not anymore though. Orlondo and coaching staff do a great job of correcting deficiencies week to week.
Two solid victories across all three phases and all 4 quarters.

Nobody should have one thing to complain about this week. Not even the refs. ;D

Reminds of Gareth McIntyre

It’s hard for some.
Anything other than a Grey Cup will be met with “i told you so” and “we always do this”. Etc.

That’s true. But 20 years is along time though and no doubt frustrations build up.
It’s looking good though :slight_smile: