Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol X (Ti-Cats vs. Eskimos post game thread)

It took a bank-shot of the upright on a last-second FG, but the team pulled off the victory.

That should never have been that close, if the first half was anything to go on.

This team look almost unbeatable in the first half of the last two games and looks like it couldn’t win a game in the 2nd half. Something has to give here because going down the stretch we are going to have to put four quarters together to win games in the playoffs. This seems to come down to in game adjustments by the coaching staff NOT necessarily on the players…

If they play this schizophrenic next week, it probably isn’t going too go very well.

So 5 of our last 6.

2-1 since the predicted dreaded 4 game losing streak.

Playoffs clinched.

Sights set on the East final.

Perspective: we were written off when we lost arguably our best player.

The road to the Grey Cup runs through Hamilton.

I’m an old dude and my heart can’t take much more of this. I think I may have left a little sumthin’ on the couch watching this;D.

East still “wide open” ?
Asking for a friend.

There will be many posts re lack of 2nd half offence: I concur. CATS have to play better after the half

Is there a simple explanation for these second half implosions? It seems to start after a bad series of plays, and then it takes a long time for them to regain their composure. Perhaps they need to hire a consultant with expertise in visualization. It seems to work for other pro teams.

The witches we’re kissin’ tonight, I’m sure are on fire!
Nevertheless, a win is a win and this one counts big on the, getting shorter, road to wrapping up first place. A home playoff game is now guaranteed.

My simple explanation (s).

We have a QB with less than 10 starts in his career.

The other guys get paid too.

That is all.

HTC. “We’re in huge trouble we need help. We’ll fly you in. Money’s no object.”

CONSULTANT : “Sounds pretty dire… I’ll do what I can but it may be too late to salvage season”.

HTC. “We’re 10-3”.


Kiss the Witches ‘X’ - We have an ‘X’ on the standings too, now that we have clinched a playoff berth!
Oskee wee wee after midnight.

They still had energy during the last minute of play for once. The time zone 2 hour difference didn’t hurt because the team was in Alberta all week. I just wish they would let me relax too at some point during the game.

Sorry, I don’t think it’s that simple. It’s not just the QB situation, but it’s also our O-line and D that seem to fall apart in unison.

So Hamilton.

Can you not get over it man? I admitted I spoke out of line and was wrong. Why must you and your gang continue to beat a dead drum. Your like a cyber bully looking for someone to pick on. Were all fans of the same team. I have no issue with you but you aparantly feel the need to keep hammering.

A good night, just doin’ his job, for Frankie Williams – 5 DTs, an INT, 3 KDs – in addition to being, again, the game’s top punt, and KO, returner. Also, a couple of really hard take downs.

Maybe, but like many others, I’ve been waiting a very long 19 years for a cup winner (in an 8/9 team league), and we hope it will come sooner than later (before I croak). Perhaps I’ve been spoiled since I grew up very close to Civic Stadium as an avid Ti-Cat fan during their heydays of the 1950s-60s where our team usually performed for a full 60 minutes.


Still, after losing Masoli that kinda feels like playing with house money.

We have as good a shot as anyone to win the Grey Cup.

Personally barring injury all that matters now is the game Nov 17th.

I don’t believe a word of it.
If true you would have an informed perspective and be treasuring every moment of 10-3 because you would remember all the laughing stock and lean years like I do.