Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol VIII

Thought I saw Wynn lining up at DE spot on some replays. Did anyone notice if he mostly played DT?

Three sacks is a lot for a DT.

The - last - 24 - seconds.

So the play that ran the clock down to 24 seconds was a 3 yard rush by Marshall. BC was called for UR. Hamilton declines meaning it is now second and 7 and BC calls timeout.

Why did Coach O decline the penalty?

If he had taken it, it would have been 1st and 10 with 24 seconds remaining. 3 QB knees ends the game. Instead, since the clock did not start until the snap of the ball, and since it was second down the Ticats had to rush Marshall again. Either a bobbled snap, a missed exchange from the QB to the RB, or a fumble by Marshall could have been disastrous.

If they had taken the penalty 3 snaps from the Victory Formation would have ended the game with little or no chance of a disastrous turnover.

I know things happen fast and furious at that point in the game, but, I think it showed Coach O’s unfortunate lack of strategic thinking at a possible crucial juncture. I hope he uses this as a learning opportunity for the inevitable future similar circumstance.

Now I will get off my soapbox as the extra altitude is making me dizzy. :o

I agree 100%. If you take the penalty they get their timeout back and you have to kill 4 seconds of clock over two plays.

24 - kneel (21 seconds)
Kneel - 19 seconds.
Clock runs to 0

He botched the end of the Sask game too.

If he took the penalty, the clock would not have started till the snap, and BC would have kept their TO…but declining it, he made BC use the TO so they couldn’t call it and possibly force a punt

But there would be 24 instead of 31 seconds.

They would t have been able to force a punt with 24 seconds left.

Three more downs to work with instead of two outweighs all other considerations. BC would still have to take a time-out on second down, but we could have used first down to burn a few more seconds. Throw in the extra 15 yards for the penalty and it becomes a no-brainer to accept it.

Odd decision. Didn’t cost us, this time. Could cost us in another scenario.

Agree 100%.

Forgot about the automatic first down…DUH!

Just checked the Play-by-Play page. Anthony Thompson of BC got called four times for a 15-yard no yards penalty. Hard to believe anyone could be so dense, or so incapable of estimating what 5 yards means.

I wonder if he was following a coach’s orders to take the penalty rather than allowing Frankie to get a big return? 250 return yards from two weeks ago is still fresh in BC’s minds.

If so, it’s a good example of a player’s impact extending beyond his stat sheet. Similar to teams avoiding a long field goal attempt if they are afraid of the return man. Or intentionally walking a batter in baseball, probably, if I understood that game.

My thinking was just as you stated that they were willing to give up the 15 yards rather than risk Williams breaking it. Their solution to the year of the runback and it worked last night.

I’m on the flipside, just inept losing football.

Also possible.

Command centre just intervened on a very borderline RTP call against Montreal, awarding Toronto a first down.

Evans gets hit, helmet to helmet all day. Not even a review.

Again, the mystery “upon review” call that command centre pulls out of thin air that no one can explain the why’s and wherefores.

Insanity. Just pick and choose when they’re reviewing things on their own vs challenge.

Just let command centre call the whole game then. Think of the savings.

As a fan, I’ve long been conditioned not to celebrate any play until I have scanned the field for flags, because flags are so frequent. It has effectively diminished the excitement I get out of watching football by a significant margin.

Now, because of uncertainty over when the CC may or may not intervene, even a flag-free big play is not that exciting anymore as I never know when it might be randomly nullified. Until you see the next snap, you can’t really celebrate.

Under your scenario 2 QB sneaks in the victory formation and one QB kneel in the victory formation would have run out the clock.

Play one: gain a yard, uses 3 seconds, 21 remaining T/O called.
Play two: gain a yard, uses 3 seconds, 18 remaining.
Play three: let the clock run to zero. QB takes a knee.

Game Over. :wink:

I mentioned this at the time in the GDT.

A very odd decision. Fortunately it worked out.

For those concerned about Evans’ passing efficiency and Banks’ troubles in the past couple of games, i recommend listening to Marshall Ferguson’s observations in today’s edition of the TSN1150 show ‘TiCats Now." While I enjoyed the entire half-hour, including John Salavantis’ educated comments on the game in BC, I found Ferguson’s comments between the 6:30 and 12 minute marks quite interesting and likely right on: